Best Brady Bunch Characters


The Top Ten

1 Alice

More mature than the Brady parents, she is down to earth and kind. She has the funniest one liners, complementing the other characters.

2 Cindy

The actress wasn't in a very Brady Christmas. So young but So wise.

3 Marcia

"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! "

4 Greg

Greg is humorous, a leader and the glue for the many children in the Brady household! He has many qualities rolled into one character! That being said, I like every character on the show!

5 Jan

Jan deserves better! She is always getting the short end of the stick! :(

6 Bobby
7 Peter
8 Sam

Go Sam! When I in America and 80s re-runs is on, when I visit from mexico, I like seeing Sam cut ze meat and string along dee woman maid slave

9 Mike

The best Brady of 'em all, best actor on the show, best character on the show
And how is Jan on the list, JAN SUCKS!

10 Carol

Since I whached that show every one looks like her

The Contenders

11 Cousin Oliver

So sweet and cute way better than stupid bobby

12 Eddie
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