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1 Pearl

From the forum series beginner set to the pearl masters and reference high end sets, pearl delivers great sound quality, shell and hardare quality and they're not so expensive, I've tried out all of the pearl sets and each of them sounds amazing. (best one is the masters and the free floating snare drum )

Tama is good but I use pearl and I like it and I think dwdrums are better than Tamma not pearl though

I really love pearl.. Trusted for uncountable years of service )
We've been using it for our mini concerts and its very-good music makes our performance 'the best'.

I have been drumming for 44 years now. In that time, I owned and/or gigged on the following Equip., in order; Cornet (entry level kit that was made by Pearl), Gretsch w/Rogers hardware, Premier, Ludwig, Sonor, and Yamaha. But I came full circle back to Pearl (Session Studio Classics w/ Masters MCX snare and Sensitone Brass snare). They are very high quality in construction so I get very consistent tone from drum to drum. And their hardware is rugged, stylish and well designed. Because of the high quality shells/bearing edges, tuning is easy and I can quickly tune the drums to the gig venue and get great results. In the studio as well.

The drums have very good attack and nicely controlled decay - these qualities make the drums more versatile to use in more types of genres (Jazz to Rockabilly, Rockability to Blues)and they project really well. The other brands that I had, did not have that kind of broad versatility.

in my humble opinion, tonal quality ranking of what I ...more

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2 DW Drums

All the other companies make great gear. However, the attention to detail that goes into EVERY DW Drum kit, is what makes the difference. John Good, has come up with some amazing ways to get drums to sound the way everyone wants them to. They are VERY pricey (my new 7 piece, drums only, comes to $5,000 - and I got a screaming deal). But I believe the quality is untouched. I have owned 1 Yamaha kit, 2 Pacific Kits (PDP), and a Taye kit. I am super stoked about my newest adventure.

Like I said, the other companies in this list make great gear too, just not as "perfect" as DW in my opinion. I spent MONTHS looking for a new kit. DW, came out on top, but a close second were Mapex and Tama. 3rd was the Yamaha PHX, 4th was Gretsch. Pearl and Yamaha kits were further down the line. Pearl has always seemed "mass produced" to me, and so does a huge portion of the Yamaha line. While I know people will tout about the Pearl Master Series. I had a friend who owned a set. And while he had ...more

I have played every major manufacturers drums over the past 29 years. DW is the most innovative company in the industry today, and has been since the late 90's. Their kits have the best sound and are the easiest to tune of any brand I have tried. Specific endorsees usually are not a good measure of a company as with the top drummers it is a business decision not a personal choice. I am not an endorsee, just a real experienced professional drummer that chooses to buy DW because they are a vastly superior product.

John Good is a mad genius! DW drums are the most innovative and best sounding drums that this world has ever known in the history of music. The work that is put into making these wonderful instruments is so in depth and so precise. I love a good pearl kit, but I feel like they are more of an "assembly line" or massed produced product. You can watch any videos of any other brands and it doesn't seem like half of the work is performed on any other brand than DW. DW drums are definitely built with love and are matched by no other.

Anyone who says all tama, SJC, ddrum, pdp,mapex etc. drums are better than DW are tripping hard-core. Because DW pays so much attention to detail and quality it's not even a joke. Everyone keeps saying that this pro uses this and they pro uses that. But guys and gals, it's not about who plays them it's about the sound quality and tone. Yes, they are VERY expensive, but understandably, because diamonds are also expensive, but of course they are, they have quality properties to them. a lot of other drum companies make great gear and drums no doubt but DW is untouched when it comes to quality of sounds tone and consistency.

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3 Tama

Lars Ulrich's favorite drums
I mean is there is anything else to say
I don't think so

I've been with Tama for years, in my own personal opinion they are the all round best drum company. They are built very strong with many attachments anyone can get. You can get custom made or just a basic set. I started with a simple 5 piece swingstar and now its a crazy set I play with my industrial band and sessions I do. They are just built to last that's why I've had mine for 13 years, not to say Tamas Iron Cobras are built just as strong and last forever. Just my own opinion, my best friend plays pearl which is just as strong but I stick with Tama baby.

TAMA king of Drums World... I got a separate place in Drummers world by my TAMA. Its Simply DRUMS=TAMA, Nothing more can get near to TAMA. ITS the Best among the Best..

It amazing!

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4 Ludwig

Don't forget Ringo from the Beatles. The set is awesome! I've used a Ludwig for the past 3-4 years. It's still standing. It still sounds great and I honestly love it! Pearl, DW, and Yamaha are good, but nothing beats Ludwig! - Lycanhropy21

Ludwig has been the standard to which all others have been compared to beyond the years of so many percussionists currently playing. Popularity is determined by high-profile performers which in turn tend to drive polls like these. Ludwig suffered when they also offered for sale their second tier of quality sets. However in my opinion, the best built with the best tonal delivery is still that of the Ludwig top line.

Ludwig has to be the best hands down. The most original and innovative drumsets to date. Not only is the sound a perfect, authentic, fluffy sound but the kit finishes have to be the coolest. From Bonham to Starr to even Jack White, Ludwig is the name of drums. Even the standard kits aren't comparable to the basic sounds of wannabe noise-cylinders. Ludwig has been at the top since 1909 and it always will be.

Buddy Rich changed to Ludwig and they didn't sound anywhere as fine as the Slingerland or Rogers kits he played previous. I'm Sure that was about the $$$ He finally ended up playing what he started with. A Radio King set.

Number 1, Ludwig has its own unique sound. Nothing else like it ✌🏼

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5 Mapex

Amazing drum kits! They've got probably the best Snare Drums out of all the drum brands, in my opinion, and nearly the best toms too. Although their cymbals suck but that's what Sabian is for. MAPEX - LethalTortoise

Great sounding kits all round, even for a beginner or even a professional! There drums sound really good but again like some others will say, their Cymbals need a bit of work, but hey, that's why there's Zildjian and Sabian Cymbals there! If you can find a good deal on a Mapex kit, go for it! There probably also one of few drum kits that you get a lot of value in for what you pay for

It is a amazing drum brand. I've tried many other drums and to me I think mapex is the best. My current drum set is the Mapex Meridian Maple series. The mapex drums provides great sounds no matter wood you prefer.

Mapex ROCKS!

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6 Yamaha

Yamaha drums are by far the best sounding drums I've ever played (besides dw), yamaha's higher end drums, such as the maple custom series, produce a really deep, fat, warm, resonant tone, that I really haven't heard from some other companies. The durability of the drums is outstanding due to the fact they use the diagonal seem system which keeps the drums from warping. Yamaha also uses the airseal system which takes all the moisture out of the drums and keeps it out so you don't have to worry about humidity affecting the sound. I was really shocked to see Yamaha so far down the list, in my opinion Yamaha should be up in the top 3.

Yamaha drums are by far the best sounding drums I've ever played (besides dw), yamaha's higher end drums, such as the maple custom series, produce a really deep, fat, warm, resonant tone, that I really haven't heard from some other companies. The durability of the drums is outstanding due to the fact they use the diagonal seem system which keeps the drums from warping. Yamaha also uses the airseal system which takes all the moisture out of the drums and keeps it out so you don't have to worry about humidity affecting the sound. I was really shocked to see Yamaha so far down the list, in my opinion Yamaha should be up in the top 3.

I'm using Yamaha ( power recording custom and hip-gig ) for about years and I won't change brand ever.
Useless to say which brand is the best, it's all about the sound you are looking for and to the style of music you play.
I think the top model of any brand is good.

Only company with aluminum die cast hoops, which provide a controlled sound without choking resonance. Their newer Absolute Hybrid Maple is one of the best and most competitive kits they’ve ever made in its price range.

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The rev from avenged sevenfold use this brand too.! Its very brilliant set up..!

Great drums sound clear and just as good snares and toms as DW or any other brands. They sound clear and good and I have a PDP rack and it is more customizable that any I have used before.

I have had a CB 700 5 Piece, then moved up to a Tama swing star. I've been without a set for 4 years now. But I think after looking around I have fallin in love with the PDP 7 Piece. I hear and see nothing but good things about the PDP and very affordable. I have my mind made up, PDP for sure!

PDP is a great brand in my opinion because I have a a kit which sounds great and the quality is great!

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8 Sonor Drums

Sonor is best for jazz music or even other music. It has good tone quality. The shells and the drums itself is excellent when it comes to durability and it is the drummer's drum.

It isn't so expensive yet its not cheap but it's price is affordable and the quality is so brilliant. Maybe other brands like pearl, yamaha, tama and other are far more bigger manufacturer of drumset but Sonor is far more better that those drumsets.

acdc plays with sonor, sound is perfect I love it. this is an excellent brand and its quality is very high which is reflected on its sound

Sonor drums are pricey but you won't find anything that is done without the utmost attention to detail.. Also I have noticed over the years the their drums all have very clear fundamental tones that are musical, not just loud and booming but musical and that is something discerning musicians want from their drums...

#1. From the horst link drums of the 80's to the SQ2. Pearl is the worst. Junk.

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9 Gretsch

I have many kits over the years from pearl, to yamaha to tama to ludwig and many others, but none have compared to the sound that Gretsch produces. Their kits are cheap and the sound is just as good on a cheap Gretsch kit than on a expensive pearl kit. The shells are some of the best I've had the pleasure of listening to, and their tone is pitch perfect. I've talk to many drummers over the years and most agree that Gretsch is either the best or second best make ever. Gretsch kits can accustom any type of music from Jazz to heavy rock.If you're a beginner I would recommend a Gretsch kit, their sound quality and feel would welcome a beginner easily. Their German engineering rings true when you hear the mighty beats of a Gretsch kit.

While not the least expensive, Gretsch Renown's can go up against any kit in the marketplace. When I purchased my kit, there was a DW kit for twice the price next to it on the floor. I was amazed that the Gretsch kits tone seemed to be superior to the the DW. I tune my drums low and w/ Aquarian Performance 10 heads, I receive many compliments from sound engineers commenting on the quality of sound they produce. Just for jazz, I don't think so. These drums sounds like absolute thunder when properly tuned. Best of all, the American name is a true survivor. Gretch... Their slogan says it all... "That Great Gretsch Sound. "

Gretsch drums are top of the line when you pay for the the top shelf stuff.. Also their Renown line is in my opinion the best value in a drum today... They are just shy of the USA kits but for half the price and some rock musicians may even prefer the Renown line as they project incredibly and have all the features that the to USA collection has.. They are pure class and the die cast hoops focus the sound so that when you mic them live you have great control of the sound... Classic looks and elite sound... Worth every nickel...

I play a Gretch

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10 Premier

"Best underrated drum brand"

Played premier all my life. Never really thought of changing. Was given a Mapex shell pack through the summer, so will give those a go in a gig environment. I have been a drum teacher for 22 years now and am truly amazed when youngsters get an electronic kit for Christmas. The sounds are amazing and when used with an iphone / ipod the world of drumming is truly opened up.

Keith Moon, among many other drummers have used this brand of drum. I had the pleasure to play a Premier set a few weeks back, best set I've ever played.

Excellent drums for 40 years

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11 ddrum

Pearl is good, tama is also good, mapex good had already passed, gretsch is the best in jazz drums, but yamaha really sucks, their hardware is actually good but their drum aren't they should do bikes not drums. I prefer ddrum cause is not to expensive and gives us very nice kits with wonderful sound.

I was a pearl player but switched to this brand... Great tone

Up and coming with a commitment to creating classy drums. Started without knowing what they truly wanted. Now moving in the right direction.

Can't say much of their acoustic sets. But the electronic ones are amazing!

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12 Wuhan

They are great my dads uses them all his life

13 Pulse

I believe pulse is underrated. The quality and sound that you get from this drum set is uncomparable considering how cheap they are to buy. Many people think that because they are less expensive means that they are cheaper, not the case. Make sure to give pulse a chance. I've played on a Yamaha Custum Stage and a standard pulse is better sounding and has higher quality

Just a great intermediate drum set

8-Piece Brand New $400 MSRP $1,099.

14 Pork Pie

I heard the Pork Pie kick drum and the depth of tone that it had and knew I had to have it. I then heard the snare sound and that finalized my decision. I bought a set 3 years ago and have never looked back. I have had Pearl, Tama, Ludwig and DW sets and the Pork Pie set blows them away. Their custom built drums are signed and dated and their service is amazing. They also have the coolest finishes. Check out the rosewood/zebra wood kits. Fantastic

Fantastic drums. Hands-down the best snares in the world in my opinion.

These have great snares. Should be at least in top 20

Had a USA Custom for years and love it!

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15 Ahead

Hello reader

16 Jinbao

Not sure why jinbao is even on the list. It's cheap and you get the quality you paid for.

This is also one of my drum set, I think it is good because I make it more better within just change all the toms and snare heads, and update all cymbals...

Jinbao Indian price

I am also having this kit because I am bignner and I have updated all the symbols

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17 SJC Custom Drums

SJC has the best service I've ever experienced with an instrument company. Yes, they may be expensive, but they are so worth it. Their custom designs are absolutely amazing, and it seems like there is nothing they can't do. Their customer support is absolutely perfect. Their network for artists, and personal artist relations managers are amazing. I've been talking to SJC for a while, and they treated me like I was an endorsed artist, before I was even endorsed. The SJC family is just perfect, and I have nothing bad to say about them. If I had to say one word to describe them, I'd say perfect.

To be honest I was not happy when I got the latest email from SJC drums. A custom SJC kit had been my dream. And when I finally got the money for one I got their app and sent them A FEW quotes to get an idea of the price and what I wanted. Later that week I received an email to stop sending quotes unless I am buying a kit which I was going to. They don't know if you will or buy a kit or not. They can't expect me to buy a kit without getting ideas of prices and examples of what I might want. So for THE SAME PRICE AS A SJC CUSTOM KIT I GOT A HIGH QUALITY DW SET!

SJC is the full package: Quality drums, Outstanding customer service, Amazing artist support. I feel like I am truly part of the family and they make it a great experience buying their product. Like no other drum company out there.

Sjc is the best drum company ever I love sjc drums they hooked me up with some pretty cool drums

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18 Aquarian

Just started using this head on my bass drum. I sounds pretty good. I like the muffle it comes with as it save me the trouble of doing it myself.

The Super Kick 10 is by far the best head I have used. Better than the Remo Power Sonic Power Stroke Pro & Power Stroke 3 & 4 in my opinion. Have not tried any Evans heads on my bass because I love the Aquariun SK10. The Super Kick 2 is also a great head. Pity they do not make the Super Kick 10 any more

19 Crush Drums

I played Pearl exclusively for over 20 years of World touring with a Pop Superstar and if Crush had been around back in the 90's I would have switched immediately! I only discovered Crush a couple of years ago and since then I sold all my Pearl kits and now have three different Chameleon series kits (Two ash and one bop) These drums are really modern with great attack and body. I specifically love the Chameleon Ash series as much for their sound as for their beautiful finishes with the black hardware!

The best sounding drums I've ever heard in my life! Amazing warmth and price point can't be beat by anyone else on the market! I can see Crush easily entering the top 10 in a matter of years! Beautiful sound with an amazing price point!

I have a sublime E3 Maple kit. The finish is beautiful! The sound is equally as impressive. I've played a bunch of local venues and I always have drummers from the crowd coming up to me to compliment me on the sound and appearance of my kit. I have not received one negative piece of feedback. It is truly a professional grade kit and a very reasonable price!

Love Them! This company single-handedly reinvigorated the acrylic drum market! And created the new standard in that department!

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20 Spaun

AMAZING got a custom series set used cheap! Blown away. 8ply maple. If you have the money buy them!

I have had the pleasure of playing many brands of kits. They go in this order, from my youth to current and their current state of gig time.. 1) 1968 Ludwig psychedelic red 4 pce. In protective storage! 2) Gretch. Sold. 3) Ludwig "mutt" kit. Traded for an assload of Remo Rototoms. 4) Pearl World series 9 pce, red. So AWESOME! Will NEVER EVER lose them. Many miles on them, now in "protective" storage with the Psych Reds. 5) Spaun Custom birch 5 pce.
My Spauns are so dynamic. Low end color with a subtle and variable high "thack". My kick was thunderous out of the box, actually the whole kit was unbelievable out of the boxes.

Got a nice set been sitting in storage for about 10yrs,costume made,two22by24 kicks,14by8 snear,12by11,14by13 toms,16by16floor,Brocken glass glitter finish,visually,sonically stunning

21 Pro-Mark

The most durable sticks that you can find in the market

Pro Mark is awesome, I own their 5a drum sticks

Love them

22 Fernando

This kit is yet to be the cheapest to be found in the market specially in Asia, but it won't fail you for the sound. Their beginner kits are good sounding even the high end ones. The only down side is the hardware from the lower end kits including the free drum heads. Just replace it and everything is good to go.

Because this is my drums

This drum is cheap and for me one of the best starter set, heads is remo coated... just tune it and put o-ring... and upgrade the stock cymbals...

Great sounds... even for a starting kit with a remo heads...

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23 CB Percussion

Good quality, Great Price

Amazing value for money was my first real kit, still have it, great starter kits!

I have a1984 model cb set played it for years always lubed lugs and polished chrome on it,bought pearl maple awesome for gigs, but still have cb setup with aquarian heads as practice set sounds damn good worth every penny.

Great value for a great price.just put some new heads on it and enjoy playing! Can obrtaine the sound with more expencive kits.

24 Dixon

Gives these drums another decade and because of their quality and affordability they will be the top drum provider in the world. Then they will realise how big they are and sell their good products for higher products and everyone will hate them and they'll die.

The wood work on the kit is good, which helps in delivering good quality of sound

The Dixon drum sets are great. I love the sound quality better than any other brands that's why I recommend dixon drum set thank you.

It is awesome for the price and sound quality!

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25 Truth

Have a look at what these guys can do in regards to not only sound but the presentation of the kit itself. Any design you can think of these guys can pull it off.

My cool dream sets punchy and low

Grate looks good wood good sound right way to go for metal bands

Jared dines

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26 First Act

Its all beast

27 Rogers

Are you kidding me 92! I've got a buddy rich headliner kit with a wooden dyna sonic snare nothing gets close!

I started off on these drums. This is a line that needs to make a big comeback.

My first kit 1980... Wish they still made them!

Legendary brand, special product!

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28 Percussion Plus

I've had mine for years. I love it


I had a percussion plus drumset for a long time they were great sounding drums of course my new pearl drumset sounds better but I got a close sound out of my percussion plus set so yeah if you want a percussion plus drumset I would recommend them if you don't want a name brand set

29 Dave's

Perfect sound nice to use and good - shakers4141

30 Slingerland

I played Slingerland in three rock groups from 1967 to 1972. They had great sound and the shells stood up well to hundreds of gigs. The chrome snare was the best.

Has Slingerland been forgotten? This was the kit to have in the 70s. Great sound and durability. Buddy Rich used these. An old reputable company. Top 5 for sure.

Did not see them on the list. I know they were quality drums and were used in many jazz bands

I have a 1968 kit...just beautiful and it will outlast me!

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31 Sound Percussion

Inexpensive. BUT 5 lugs per head, and thin heads. Decent shells. Made in China like all of the best toys.

Sounds a bit tinny, but overall a good set

I own a SPL drum set, the quality is good and the price is amazing. A very good beginner set.

I love my spl set decent for the $ great starter set

32 Orange County Drums and Percussion

Drums are underestimated - can be played for all styles

Drums of choice for Chad Sexton of 311.

AWESOME! Travis barker uses ocdp and he is an awesome drummer! Its not the best but should at least be on the top 10

OCDP used to fabricate awesome drums. But when GC bought them and started to make them in China the sound quality took a noise dive. I own a custom OCDP set that I've used in recordings and touring for the last 14 years, they always produce great sound and have stood the test of time on the road.

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33 C&C Custom Drums

I bought a clear acrylic from Mr Cardwell a few years back... The snare exploded after 3 gigs and the build of the kit looked like a 12 year olds first shop project. When I sent the snare back to him for some explanation and not only did he NOT return the hardware I purchased from said drum. He told ME that I must have been abusive to the drum. The man is of low quality just like his kits... Jake on the other hand at least "tried"

Awesome studio sound quality for the price. $ for $ BEST

C and C drums are real nice. They have 6 ply shells and every thing is custom.

Orri from sigur ros uses c&c sounds epic

34 Chancellor

NYC drums! I love it.

I love its snare drum..(Y)

35 Basix

Great instument.. you just have to make a little improvment but it should be much batter than label such as Pearl or Yamaha.. Tama and DW are much batter but they are also more expensive...

The Best

Good sounding drums at affordable price...This one is a Classic plus CLP05 model...Drumheads are by Remo UK...the hardware are also good...have to purchase Sabian SBR cymbals to complete the set..

36 Gabriel

The best drums from Greece

Drums ONLY HANDMADES from Greece

High quality drums witha a huge variety of wood to choose from.And an extremely intresting tone and full sound whick makes Gabriel irresistable and appropiate for any genre of music!

37 Taye

Makes some really great products, especially their snares. Personally, one of the best sounding snares I've heard.

They actually build many of the kits higher on the list!

I have a kit of the taye originals with the maple hoops, and they are a spectacular set designed by Ray Ayotte. I realize these are the big dollar kit, but the comments I get are always from people wanting to know more about them. The lacquer black sunburst finish is insane and the black chrome hardware is absurd. I've owned, dw, ludwig, pearl, premier, rogers kits over the years, and only the dw kit has spawned responses equal to these...

Got a Pro X Taye kit and it sounds great.

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38 Stagg

I think stagg is just as good as pearl and sounds as good I have them for a while and I don't plan on getting a new set.

Great price and durability

39 Maxtone

This drums hadware is really great!... its really similar to tama.. as I have played in tama and maxtone and the hardware is really great!

Best drum in low prices

25 years set,everyday play with amazing sound,without problems...

40 Peace

Peace is just amazing their affordable, but pro!. Their drums always have that snap. Don't believe me search kin rivera on youtube and youll see what I mean!

They are the best. How the hell is Peace at 51? Sounds great and very affordable

41 Brady Drums

These are the best in the world bar none. Solid one piece shells made from Aussie wood. If the secret gets out the owner whose name is Brady will need a bigger shed. The real deal.

Great sounding high end drums hand made in Western Australia. Definitely worth the money.

Not high on this list because most people haven't heard them and they (like Dunnett) don't have the advertising dollars like the majors to make the masses seek them out. But one only has to listen once, to be converted. Drums made by a genius.
After all it is a well known fact that many famous drummers who are endorsed by the majors all have a Brady snare hidden in the closet.

42 Drum Sound

Looking for a different sound, this is the best option, if you really want to be different to all, look no further, DS Drums is the best drum.

43 Roland

My church has a electro drum set witch I love to use so Roland is what I would get for a electro drums

44 Natal Drums

Watch this Name, detailed drum kit awesome pro quality and sound.

Fast rising UK brand, great reviews, solid, detailed build, watch out DW!

45 Supra
46 Le Soprano
47 Millenium
48 PowerBeat
49 TJS Custom

Custom made to order in AZ by hand.
At least 25 drummers from Arizona use them regularly.
DW quality...but less expensive

50 Remo

I absolutly love the sound of this drum, no sweat it's the best numero uno drums out there

Maganda yan

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