DW Drums


Wow, what a debate...but the Winner is DW Drums. The attention to detail is phenomenal. I remember the first time I played on one. The tone blew me away. The ease of tuning is amazing. The range of each drum is remarkable. John Good, has done something special with drums and I for one am glad I get to play on them. Tama is a second choice of mine for the B/B kit. That kick is no joke...but as a whole drum set, it doesn't play as good to itself as the DW does. It can do it all.

DW was the first for everything John Good is the most creative drum maker ever. His perfectionism is incredible hands down dw is the best.

DW have an very impressive attention to detail with great build quality and amazing sound, they deserve to be No1 on this poll however people tend to dismiss other kits from there own. They also give you a massive amount of control on how your custom kit, at a price. But if you reaLly want a top quality kit, drum workshop is the way to go.

By far the best quality drums in my opinion. It is amazing how much time and effort John Good and the rest of the Drum Workshop (DW) crew puts in to there drums and hardware. One downside of DW in my opinion is the price. But they are well worth the price. Another feature of DW that I find great is there artists. Almost all of my favorite drummers play DW. I currently own a Yamaha set which is okay but nothing compared to a DW.
I am looking into buying a DW Collector Series 4 piece set in an orange to yellow burst finish.

Dw is the best drum. It is as cool as all get out. It comes with the best quality. It has the best sounds. I mean just the basic set is 2 times the price and quality. God blessed John good

I own a pearl Masters Studio Birch Kit. My friend Came over to shed with me on his DW. When I heard the DW for the First Time I almost Cried. I was so jealous because I was amazed by the sound quality, especially the Toms on the Collectors. I know DW Kit are very pricey but its worth saving for. I am now selling my Pearl masters for a DW. Any Pearl Fans Interested? Inbox me on aaron. Hayford@hotmail. Co. Uk

DW's attention to shell construction is second to none. I am very impressed with John Goods wisdom and creativity in the drum making process. The drums do sound fantastic but I content that other factors etc drum heads, tuning techniques, low mass lugs and other aspects also contribute to the drums sound. I'm my opinion It all boils down to personal taste as to tone and tamber of drums. But keep in mind of course that the drums don't make the "drummer". HAHA.

I personally think dw is the best myself they sound really good as a set and the snare is not as crappy as viper snare or something like that they have very good snares and I really like these sets they have really good sound and I have used them a couple of times only and I love them

DW: Super heavy - duty drums and hardware. Beautiful sound. These drums are made to last and most important, sound great. I have been a Ludwig player for 45 years. DW's commitment to customer service and availability to the consumer led me to these drums.

DW is limitless with everything they do. In matter of fact they have more options in wood, finishes, and hardware. They have the best sound than any drum brand. Any one whose not playing DW or PDP is wasting your money and serves no purpose in drums and drumming

DW's attention to detail makes playing these drums more fun. From sound to quality, they are superior. This is a drummer's drum company. I feel Ludwig is on it's way back. Ludwig now has better attention to detail and quality too. They are a second choice at this time.

Come on, everybody knows that DW is best than anything! I've visited DW's factory, and what they do is more than AMAZING, every detail is in it's place, forgive me, but Pearl and Tama are NOT as good as DW *w* by the way, I use DW

Ok. It makes me sick to see that Pearl is number 1. Come on people pearl?! Seriously?! I don't wanna live on this planet anymore. DW is the best and should be number 1

I have 3 Yamaha Recording series drum sets and 1 set of Yamaha Maple Customs. But I just purchase a set of Exotic DW Collectors series drums and by far these are the best drums I've ever played on. My drum teacher had ever set from classic Gretsch kits to GMS, etc. And nothing ever sounded as nice as these babies.

I just feel like sharing my personal opinion:
Sticks: Vic Firth
Cymbals: Zildjian
Drums: Pearl
Hardware: DW

I still like DW overall though... GO DW!

DW Drums- they are made extremely well, and made in the USA, and the best combination of Classic Series and their hardware and pedals make DW drums the BEST!

I say Dw should be ranked as #1, I've heard some pearl kits, and they sound amazing, but I still see that Dw sound better, the sound approaches me more than any other brand. just saying'.

I have owned drums by Pearl (Export), Dixon, Gretsch (US Made), Ludwig (Super Classic Maple), and PDP/Pacific (Platinum Series), and I am very familiar with Tama's Starclassic product, none of those kits have the sound, tune-ability, build quality, attention to detail, and constant innovation offered by DW. I now own 2 DW kits, one for the stage and one for the studio. It is very hard to imagine a situation in which I would find another drum brand I could be as satisfied with.

They may be overpriced, but tune very easily and have great resonance and tone. They have great finishes and are amazing with every detail. The company is almost entirely custom so you get the sound you want. In addition to their revolutionary sound, DW makes revolutionary hardware that is favorited by almost all drummers.

DW has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. Always reliable. Even the lower-down branch companies are fine! Tama and Pearl are both great, but I prefer DW and DDrum.

I have always used DW and they have just the most crisp sound, I love them so much I've already pre-ordered my 5th kit

DW drums are the best drums. Almost every rock/metal drummer use these drums, especially Jimmy The Rev Sullivan!

Amazing. I have a custom kit and I would never trade it for anything! I have always used a DW and compared to everything else it rules!

I have a performance series drum kit and wow! I am so glad I bought this over anything else. The color of the shells just pop out. This is the winner right here.

In my opinion DW is the best brand hands down and I'm only 15 I've been playing drums all my life