Ludwig USA kits are an absolute classic. The new Atlas series hardware can stand with the best of them. Just about everyone in the world has heard a Ludwig snare drum... assuming they've EVER heard music played.

There are many great drums, but Ludwig is an absolute classic.

Younger players have never seen the Tama "Star" and the Pearl kits from the 60's... Those companies worked up from the bottom... they were the "generic" drums of the day... Ludwig was the kit we all used to aspire for... and many of us still do. No disrespect to the other makers.. there's lots of great drums out there. Ludwig has too many FIRSTS to forget them. A legend in the percussion business.

I've played them all and have concluded that Ludwig drums have the best sound and tone. They are very well made and dependable. Of course, many companies now have good build quality too, but few have that level of tone and soul that Ludwig kits have. And they have an incredible feel. If you can afford it, I highly recommend their 3 ply Legacy series (both the maple and mahogany versions of it) which sounds and feels better than anything out there at any price (even better than anything 3 times its price), and all their other U.S. made lines like the Classic Maples and latest Club Dates which have fantastic tone and feel too and are unbeatable at their respective price points. Just go play them and see what I mean. There's a reason Bohnham got that great tone.

Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Steve Vai. Enough said.

My first real set was a 60's blue sparkle Ludwig Club Date. When I got older I switched over to Tama because that was what my drum teacher had. Played the Tama set in several bands. Now I am older and switched back over to Ludwig. Love the look and sound of them.

I love the beatles and I've always been a big fan of ringo star and I've been a drummer for 14 years and ludwig has always done the job for me I've played other kits in the past and they have sound great but my hearts with ludwig.

I just bought a Ludwig and it is awesome! You can't beat the sound it's amazing and so powerful! I played on Tama for 15 years but now that I've switched up to lugwig I don't think I'm going back to tama. I know Ludwig's been around for a long time and a lot of professionals use it and now I see why, and did I mention the quality is excellent! Sorry tama :-(

Even their lowest listed kit on their site (Ludwig Accent) sounds amazing and sells for only about $450-500. Get some Zildjian with them and they're breathtaking. Ludwig Element Birch.

Ludwig has that fat, warm drum sound. Their snare drums are the standard for which other snare drums are measured. And Ludwig shells are largely made is USA, not China.

I have a Ludwig set since 1967 and still going strong. The best drums hands down are definitely american made. Just ask Ginger Baker if you don't believe me.

Ludwig: great sound, quality... Great everything. All famous drummers use it

Easily the best SOUNDING sets out there. Many other toms sound dead, but Ludwig always has spot on tom quality. Also, amazing snares! Love it!

I have played in a lot of drum sets from yamaha to dw to pearl and many more but Ludwig is amazing their drum kits have a sound no other drums can match also because the greatest rock drummer in the world john Bonham used Ludwig and his kit sounded amazing great job making drums Ludwig

Ludwig has that legendary sound that other brands have tried to copy but can't. I love the pioneer series

Like the other ones! Ringo Starr played Ludwig drums. Their snares sound great and their floor toms are phenomenal. They are pretty pricey but worth it.

No other company can match the Ludwig sound. Everyone tries to copy them- especially their snare drums, but there's only one.

Best quality in everything. Amazing sound. Built to last. Best musical investment I've ever made.

Nothing sounds like a Ludwig kit. Their bass drums and snares are the standards by which others try to meet.

Ringo Starr, Buddy Rich, Mitch Mitchell, Charlie Watts (yes, he used it a few occasions in the beginning of the Stones career), John Bonham and many others used this brand and it was one of the most used brands by all the revelutionaries

Ludwig 3 ply maple/ poplar /mahogany super classics I love my sizes of kit drum set.

I remember my father coming home with a champagne sparkle 1969 Ludwig, at first I didn't like the set because of the look and being a kid of the 80s it didn't seem to fit the style of music I wanted to play, but when I started picking up on rudiments and technique a little better the set became the grounding force in my beginnings of playing drums. Later on I remember trading my set and getting Mapex Saturn series drum set which only lasted a couple years until falling apart on me! 30 years later I've come full circle and bought a Ludwig Keystone champagne sparkle set with a 13 inch rack 24 inch bass drum 16 inch floor Tom and 18 inch floor with a 402 14" x 6.5" snare... In all the drums I've owned through the years ranging from Yamaha to DW to Tamma as well as Mapex, I can say in my heart Ludwig will always have a iconic sound that no other drum can duplicate!

Recognized for years as some of the best kits around, Ludwig gets a bad knock due to soem of their entry level equipment being seen as "Ludwig quality." Their higher product lines, Ludwig USA, are still among the best.

Ludwig has always been the "Cadillac" of drums because of sound, quality and appearance.

I own 5 different Ludwig snares and they all sound phenomenal. Easy to tune, sound incredible in almost any setting and are reasonably priced on the used market. If you don't own an acrolite yet, you're missing out.

Ludwig's USA made drums are an industry standard. True class.

A lot better than the competition - a trusted classic.