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21 Dixon

The Dixon drum sets are great. I love the sound quality better than any other brands that's why I recommend dixon drum set thank you.

The wood work on the kit is good, which helps in delivering good quality of sound

Great sounding set of drums and won't break the bank. Excellent quality.

Great sounding drum and won't break bank for it!

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22 Truth

Have a look at what these guys can do in regards to not only sound but the presentation of the kit itself. Any design you can think of these guys can pull it off.

Grate looks good wood good sound right way to go for metal bands

Look at the artists who play with Truth Drums as opposed to those who play Yamahas or Sonors. No comparison. Truth should be number 2, directly behind Tama.

My cool dream sets punchy and low

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23 First Act
24 SJC Custom Drums

To be honest I was not happy when I got the latest email from SJC drums. A custom SJC kit had been my dream. And when I finally got the money for one I got their app and sent them A FEW quotes to get an idea of the price and what I wanted. Later that week I received an email to stop sending quotes unless I am buying a kit which I was going to. They don't know if you will or buy a kit or not. They can't expect me to buy a kit without getting ideas of prices and examples of what I might want. So for THE SAME PRICE AS A SJC CUSTOM KIT I GOT A HIGH QUALITY DW SET!

Handcrafted custom drums, made in the USA. They literally bring your dream kit to life. Unbeatable quality, innovation and Artist support.

I got a sjc kit and it was sound of my life

The Sound Quality as well as the Design of SJC drums are always in. Customs Gives a lot of new Ideas, Material Quality are in good condition, whether it's a Stock or Custom, Jared Easterling of Fit For A King uses SJC Drums.
The Designs are stunning, and the Studio and Live Sound Quality can be considered as dynamic.

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25 Dave's

Perfect sound nice to use and good - shakers4141

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27 Sound Percussion

Inexpensive. BUT 5 lugs per head, and thin heads. Decent shells. Made in China like all of the best toys.

Sounds a bit tinny, but overall a good set

I own a SPL drum set, the quality is good and the price is amazing. A very good beginner set.

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28 C&C Custom Drums

I bought a clear acrylic from Mr Cardwell a few years back... The snare exploded after 3 gigs and the build of the kit looked like a 12 year olds first shop project. When I sent the snare back to him for some explanation and not only did he NOT return the hardware I purchased from said drum. He told ME that I must have been abusive to the drum. The man is of low quality just like his kits... Jake on the other hand at least "tried"

C and C drums are real nice. They have 6 ply shells and every thing is custom.

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29 Crush Drums

The best sounding drums I've ever heard in my life! Amazing warmth and price point can't be beat by anyone else on the market! I can see Crush easily entering the top 10 in a matter of years! Beautiful sound with an amazing price point!

Great sounding and beautiful acrylic drums, have owned my kit since they were available.

Best new drum set there cost a lot but worth the money you guys should check them you

Excellent sound!, excellent build quality! Great drums for the money!

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31 Stagg

I think stagg is just as good as pearl and sounds as good I have them for a while and I don't plan on getting a new set.

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32 Orange County Drums and Percussion

AWESOME! Travis barker uses ocdp and he is an awesome drummer! Its not the best but should at least be on the top 10

OCDP used to fabricate awesome drums. But when GC bought them and started to make them in China the sound quality took a noise dive. I own a custom OCDP set that I've used in recordings and touring for the last 14 years, they always produce great sound and have stood the test of time on the road.

I bought some beautiful blue sparkle Newports from guitar center in Fort Collins CO. And they sound amazing. I always played Tama which are great drums also but the Newports are pretty impressive. A good friend of mine has some Tama Starclassics that he plays in his band and when he played mine he was amazed. Should be in top 10! ROCK ON OCDP!

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33 Brady Drums

These are the best in the world bar none. Solid one piece shells made from Aussie wood. If the secret gets out the owner whose name is Brady will need a bigger shed. The real deal.

Great sounding high end drums hand made in Western Australia. Definitely worth the money.

Not high on this list because most people haven't heard them and they (like Dunnett) don't have the advertising dollars like the majors to make the masses seek them out. But one only has to listen once, to be converted. Drums made by a genius.
After all it is a well known fact that many famous drummers who are endorsed by the majors all have a Brady snare hidden in the closet.

34 Roland

My church has a electro drum set witch I love to use so Roland is what I would get for a electro drums

35 Basix

Great instument.. you just have to make a little improvment but it should be much batter than label such as Pearl or Yamaha.. Tama and DW are much batter but they are also more expensive...

36 Gabriel

High quality drums witha a huge variety of wood to choose from.And an extremely intresting tone and full sound whick makes Gabriel irresistable and appropiate for any genre of music!

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37 Slingerland

Has Slingerland been forgotten? This was the kit to have in the 70s. Great sound and durability. Buddy Rich used these. An old reputable company. Top 5 for sure.

I played Slingerland in three rock groups from 1967 to 1972. They had great sound and the shells stood up well to hundreds of gigs. The chrome snare was the best.

Did not see them on the list. I know they were quality drums and were used in many jazz bands

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38 Natal Drums

Watch this Name, detailed drum kit awesome pro quality and sound.

Fast rising UK brand, great reviews, solid, detailed build, watch out DW!

39 Maxtone

This drums hadware is really great!... its really similar to tama.. as I have played in tama and maxtone and the hardware is really great!

40 Taye

Makes some really great products, especially their snares. Personally, one of the best sounding snares I've heard.

They actually build many of the kits higher on the list!

Love my ProX kit, replaced the heads and Bam! Very solid hardware, great sound, I will purchase a Studio Maple in the future but no regrets--non!

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