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41 Le Soprano
42 Kumu
43 Gammon

This is a total joke. You've gotta be kidding! This stuff is crap, and it breaks after one hit. I know you might be cheap, but for this price its not even worth it. Keep saving man, if you're a beginner go with Percussion Plus.

Gammon drums produce a really nice easy sound, and the snare is really unique! The cymbals get easily dented, but the crash really sounds great.

I own a gammon there not that bad

Base drum warped didn't know that could happen!

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44 Exl Drums
45 Leedy Drum

Oh it gives a good sound

46 RMV Drums V 1 Comment
47 Rogers

Are you kidding me 92! I've got a buddy rich headliner kit with a wooden dyna sonic snare nothing gets close!

I started off on these drums. This is a line that needs to make a big comeback.

My first kit 1980... Wish they still made them!

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48 Remo

I absolutly love the sound of this drum, no sweat it's the best numero uno drums out there

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49 Axl
50 Drum Sound
51 PowerBeat
52 Peace

Peace is just amazing their affordable, but pro!. Their drums always have that snap. Don't believe me search kin rivera on youtube and youll see what I mean!

53 DC California Drums

I've never herd of it I bet there great

54 Supra
55 Dunnett
56 TJS Custom
57 Global
58 Millenium
59 Granite
60 Odery Drums

One of the best, much similar to Pearl, or DW.

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