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61 Granite
62 Odery Drums

One of the best, much similar to Pearl, or DW.

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63 Wolf Drums
64 Ellis Drums
65 GTX

New generation drum set

66 Peavey

Very nice sounding drum sets

I have one of the Peavey International 2 drum sets, and it sounds amazing

They are very awesome drum sets!

67 Sakae

The sound, u can't underestimate it

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68 GMS Drums

Fantastic bearing edges, fit and finish. Beautiful tone and projection. The best drums I have had the pleasure to play.

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69 DB

It produce nice sound and its easy to get

70 Pork Pie

Fantastic drums. Hands-down the best snares in the world in my opinion.

These have great snares. Should be at least in top 20

There snare sound amazing no sought about it

Had a USA Custom for years and love it!

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72 Gatton
73 Groove Percussion

Great for start up,

Pearls were bad and groove percussion helped a lot

74 DXP
75 Craviotto

The absolute best drums on the planet - steam bent shells - the tone is unmatched- log into youtube under memphis drum shop and listen to Craviotto drums - mind blowing.

Solid shell drums that are meticulously crafted and sound amazing. You just need a second mortgage to purchase them.

76 Thunder Percussion

I'm not sure if they make them anymore but they're sturdy, well built and pretty inexpensive. I got my 5 piece, 4 years ago for $250 and I'm now in the process of putting a custom paint job on it.

77 Carlos
78 Arbiter

Moody Blues drummer Graeme Edge uses it

79 Q Drum Co.

Check these out before your next list is published. Your missing one the finest drum companies in business today.

Best looking and best sounding drums made anywhere. Should be #1

Can't believe you don't list Q Drum Co. Probably the finest sounding and quailty built drums around anywhere.

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80 Simmons

These are electric drums and are great, this brand also creates the rock band drums

Great drum kit. Quite enough to play late at night without disturbing others

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