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101 Westbury

First kit I every bought - made in China. The general construction is a little cheapish looking and performing, I.E., stands are then, the screws threads stripped way to easily. The hat chronically loosend up requiring constant tightening. Didn't know any better until I go a Yamaha recently - much more sturdy construction. The Westbury sound wasn't bad really, so if you can get it for the beginner at a good price, then okay.

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102 Rolling

Rolling is a one of the greatest

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104 Groove Percussion

Great for beginners and sound really good. I don't know why they are down here at 73.

Great for start up,

Pearls were bad and groove percussion helped a lot

Had this kit for many years, its perfect for begginers, back up drum kit for practices and its pretty durable drums

105 Apollo

Served as my beginning set. Great for beginners.

106 X-Trek II
107 World Tour
108 Allegra

Great sounding and looking drums. Allegra has no tonal match, period. The problem they face is market penetration.
Ask around music row in Nashville. Top players know about Allegra. Gadd has Allegra snare drums even though he is loyal to Yamaha -- another great brand.

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109 Ashton Music

I have an electronic ashton and it is good besides the stair and the ride and crash cymbals

110 Yellowstone
111 Tempus
112 Huntington

It is really cheap and sounds good

113 Viper
114 Gardner
115 Steven Swiss Custom Drums
116 Silverstar

My brothers friend owns, one sounds great

117 Fortune

Custom-made kits by a true perfectionist. Sonically outstanding with beautiful finishes. Most musical drums I've played in my 40+ years.

118 Superior Star
119 Davis

This are the good looking and perfectly match to your band and it comes with a great sound to enjoy your drums

120 Majestic

Best lug configuration ever. Offset lugs will not strain the shell. Ever!

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