I have played early pearl kits made in Japan the quality was unmatchable then but over period of time Tama and ibanez guitars set the standards to near perfection. I played drums for pretty long time premiere was another good make in 70s. I started as drummer and ended up playing lead guitar now one again I have started playing drums and bought this Tama silverstar series drum kit, Tama has given a whole new dimension to drum sound construction build quality and sound is unmatched like ibanez has destroyed Gibson and fender in 40 years purely on merit sound build and to top it all the price is so good. That was yesterday its gone Tama has risen from nowhere to stand right on top cause of innovations they do, they keep surprising you with their quality and competitive price. In my 43 years I have played almost all brands of guitars starting from fender mustang 1960s model but ended up with ibanez jem series. Recently I had the choice of buying mapex pearl Ludwig Tama PDP by DW drums ...more

Tama is unmatched and the best, besides DW coming in a strong second. Tama drums have the best sound quality, durability, long lasting and all at a competitive price, there easy to tune to. Tama and DW sound a lot alike in my opinion but however the price is very different, whole paycheck DW's versus half paycheck Tama's. Bottom line is you're getting your money's worth out of both kits no doubt in that and really its whatever your preference is but mine is always been TAMA=BEST and always will be, there the king of drums!

Tama's quality surpasses the best of the rest in my opinion, I had a Tama kit back in the mid 80's and loved them, but wanting to try other brands as one does as a progressive musician I found myself consistently returning to the Tama sound, not saying other kits I tried are not good, far from it, there are some superb kits out there but I guess I've become wired to the Tama sound and reliability from an early age.

Tama offers pro features on there lower end kits such as Die-Cast Hoops, heavy duty throw off's, and rival the higher end Pearl/PDP/DW lines. Their Heavy Duty Hardware is costs less and has many of the same features as the highest end Pearl/DW lines, at half its price. Tama is in it for making Amazing drums, not about weaseling you out of your money. Best of all, it's guaranteed nothing will ever break.

I am using Tama for years and it just sounds incredibly good! The snare drum is so dynamic! I thing that I love on Tama is the design and the colors, its just so charming on the stage, especially the hardware that looks really solid and durable. All I can say to TAMA is: You are the best!

Tama consistently provides a solid, dependable product. Great sounding drums, high quality hardware, and reasonable prices have kept me a Tama aficionado for 30 years. I've owned Rogers, Ludwig, Pearl, and Tama kits. In my opinion, Tama is the BEST by far!

All I can say is if you have not played Tama star classic babinga, then hopefully I can explain the beauty of this drum. If you are serious about the sound of your drums, be it live or in the studio. DO NOT spend a dime until you've tried these drums. You owe it to yourself because we all work very hard for our money, and we deserve to get our moneys worth. I've played them all, and this is where it ends for me.

Tama is amazing. Rich sound and amazing hardware. Can get pricey but in the end its worth paying for something your gonna keep for a long time to come.

The best drums ever. Pearl is also good. But Tama is on an another level, it's mainly feature is that good quality with a reasonable rate, Pearl is like excellent drums and a very high rate. So I would suggest Tama if you are money saving!

Dollar for dollar the best drum kits money can buy in all different price ranges. There entry level imperial star is better than other mid to upper brand kits. Beautiful kits and built to last.

TAMA the strongest name in drums, the sound is very powerful, intense, the rack are perfect and very resistance! The pedal is good the snare so and so but with a rem can become very good!

I use a tama drum set in my band! Very reliable drum set and they all sound great! Strongly recommend getting a tama drum set if you're a drummer (;

Some of the worlds best drummers use tama like lars ulrich drummer from top metal band Metallica and dave macintosh from fast impact band dragonforce

TAMA is really amazing, John Dolmayan uses the TAMAs and he has a warlord snare drum. TAMA is expensive however, so I have a JAMM by Canon percussion. - moose4life19

I still have my first tama set since the fourth grade and it is a great set I change the heads once and the set still look new

When I play a pearl or mapex or any other respectable established brand it's like driving a standard run of the mill nice car. But when I get behind a star or any one of tamas top line kits it's like driving a Maserati. Can't wipe the smile off my face. Tone, craftsmanship, feel and attention to detail, value for money with product support. By the way I have been playing for 30 years and tried many brands. enough said... Just Tama!

Amazing drums! They have a high quality sound and feel to them. Wouldn't buy anything else!

Best drums in the world
Nice punchy sound
With nice birch shells nothing can beat it

I'm 12 and have been playing drums for 5 years only on my Tama Imperial Star it is great and does not have any flaws

Still playing 1985 Superstars. Hard to beat em live or studio. Hardware is bulletproof.

I'VE been using tama for about a year and I still love it I'm never going to change to another brand.

It's tama that makes the drum world so full of joy to play today and tomorrow!

I own a kit of Tama drums and they have a perfict sound. PS try the warlord series snare drums. - schwanie

The durability and functionality of these kits are unsurpassed by any other kit out there.

Chad Butler from Switchfoot uses Tama