Best Brands of Snack Chips

The Top Ten

1 Lay's

like they say, you can't eat just one - leppaberry

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2 Doritos V 1 Comment
3 Tostitos

So freaking awesome, trying to stop eating Tostitos is harder than trying to quit smoking.

4 Pringles

Original and Sour Cream and Onion flavors are the best!

My 2nd favorite, Nacho cheese flavor is the best!

The only chip company that doesn't sell air

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5 Munchies
6 Sun Chips

sun chips are the best! they are pretty healthy

Sun Chips are the best!

7 Cheetos
8 Fritos

Bbq fritos rule.


9 Ruffles
10 Old Dutch

The Contenders

11 Miss Vickies

Just thinking about the sea salt and malt vinegar makes me hungry!

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12 Humpty Dumpty
13 Kettle
14 Cape Cod

Made with Sea Salt for less Sodium - anthonybecerra

15 San Carlo
16 Old Vienna

old style chips great taste - anthonybecerra

17 Jay's
18 Zapp's

great brand for that salty taste - anthonybecerra

19 Poore Brothers
20 Herr's
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