Best Brands of Snack Chips

The Top Ten

1 Lay's

like they say, you can't eat just one - leppaberry

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2 Doritos

One of my favorite chips!

3 Tostitos

So freaking awesome, trying to stop eating Tostitos is harder than trying to quit smoking.

4 Pringles

The only chip company that doesn't sell air

Original and Sour Cream and Onion flavors are the best!

My 2nd favorite, Nacho cheese flavor is the best!

Best but most expensive too

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5 Munchies
6 Sun Chips

sun chips are the best! they are pretty healthy

Sun Chips are the best!

7 Cheetos
8 Fritos

Bbq fritos rule.


9 Ruffles
10 Old Dutch

The Contenders

11 Miss Vickies

Just thinking about the sea salt and malt vinegar makes me hungry!

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12 Humpty Dumpty
13 Kettle
14 Cape Cod

Made with Sea Salt for less Sodium - anthonybecerra

15 San Carlo
16 Old Vienna

old style chips great taste - anthonybecerra

17 Jay's
18 Zapp's

great brand for that salty taste - anthonybecerra

19 Poore Brothers
20 Herr's
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