I have a Nevada 1.7 and it is the best bike that I have. I can go anywhere with this mountain bike with my friends and I have no problem about it.

I have the Nevada 1.9 26" 2014 it awesome durable and light, it's the best mount bike I have ever had. - large_mouth_bass

I got a Fuji bike when I was 6 and now I am 12. I have been mountain biking and also bike a whole lot on the road. I have not replaced anything, and it still runs PERFECT! Best bike I have ever had

My Fuji 29er never lets me down and performs lightyears ahead of 26ers. Excellent components for the price, durable, fast, comfortable.

I love my Fuji bike they work great and they're affordable I ride on the road and on mountain conditions they're also smooth riding

Great Price, Great Quality, Very under rated. Best bang for your Money compares to those twice its price.

Fuji is a great bike. I have the outland 1.1 and I love this bike. the suspension is great and the bike itself is amazing

Owned a Fuji mountain bike for 18 years and although it is lacking in technology it is as solid as day one.

Amazing quality and performance, never get bored!

I had fuji 1.0 2011 model and it's a very good frame as I already used it many times!

I have a 05 Fuji rc diamond full suspension mountain bike, I hit pretty hard snd advanced trails and I smoke most my friends just wish the rear suspension had more traval because I've bottomed it out to to point the it damages my frame real bummer really just added more pressure and have to keep it to the stiffest point so it won't bottom out but besides that it's a really amazing bike in my opinion but then again I haven't really owned any other quality bikes but like I said my buddies have good quality bikes and I smoke them up hill and down!

Great bike I've had my fair share of hard crashes and I always can pick my fuji up and keep riding

The best mountain bike out there I have a Nevada 1.9 26" it's the best mountain bike I have ever had.

Fuji's mountain bikes are getting better every year. Great brand!

FUJI, I came I've tried I've conquered the trail with it!.. works great!

I got a Nevada 4.0, it's a wonderful bike, cheap but very good looking!

Marvelous bikes, they deserve more fame than actually have.

I have Nevada 3.0 it is more comfortable bike for cross country.

I have a fuji Nevada very nice light n fast I loved! !

Great bike getting new one for Christmas

Reasonable smooth and good components

The best bike I have ever got in my life

Hi, I just bought fuji absolute 2.1 hybrid.

Why isn't this #1? Or at least in the top 10?

I have Nevada 29 1.4. very good bicycle