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Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer that is recognized as the world's largest bicycle manufacturer.


I'm 6.2" and am currently riding on a large giant reign 1 and it is amazing. It is super light, durable and agile. Not to mention that is probably one of the best all mountain/enduro bikes that doesn't drain your life savings. Trek, specialized (grumble grumble)

I have a giant boulder se and it is tough as nails I have ridden on many trails and done things that would destroy any other bike, and I haven't had to fix or replace anything except tightening up the brakes or replacing a blown tube. The bike also has amazing suspension and it is also very lightweight. Overall I love this bike and will never go to another brand.

Have owned a Giant Mountain Bike since 1995, and have Never had any problems with it. Have ridden it in Michigan on Ski trails in the Spring and Summer, and I have suffered more than the bike ever did. Also have ridden it in light snow in the winter, and it is great. Yes, it was expensive, but am glad I spent the money. If I had purchased a less expensive bike, would have had to of replaced it at least once, if not more.

Just got the 2014 Giant Revel, and compared to my 2012 Revel, it takes my cycling to an Amazing level, I could never imagine. For the price of only R4999 I could not have asked for a more amazing piece of machine than this bike, smooth on the incline, and super fast on the descend, if you don't believe me, try out giant, there's no comparing... My first bike as a GT Avalanche 1.0, great bike, but giant's smooth feel, smooth acceleration, I just don't want to drive any other bike.

I purchased this bike for my nephew. As he is autistic, riding a bike is one of the few things he enjoys. For the first few days he was loving it, you could hear him a mile away going nee nor nee nor. But one day... He fell off and threw a tantrum, what he did next amazed me. He took a huge bite out of the seat. He tore it apart like an angry shark. Next he bit the stabilisers. Giant, you bikes are easily consumed

Giant makes great bikes. I have been riding an Anthem X for the past 2 years. The ride is incredible, very stable and plush but also stiff enough for racing. I am a huge fan of the Giant bikes, even their road bikes are incredibly nice.

I got a entry level giant talon 27.5 4 and it is an amazing bike. Giant does great on all levels of bike. Giant bikes are worth a lot more than they cost. My talon is 700 dollars and is probably worth a 900 dollar trek or specialized

Great Bicycles! Meet all my expectations. I am really happy with my purchase, money spent was reward with nice frame and components! I have tested under heavy terrain in mountain and it is amazing!

Giant is my favorite bike maker because of its low cost and high quality.
I want to use giant forever.
Please vote giant.
If you are beginner, you should buy giant.

Just bought my new XTC 29er 2. By far the best bang for the buck with some of the highest quality components already on bike. There is a reason why Giant is ranked number 1! I compared my Giant to equally priced Specialized and Trek and I got the best components on my Giant!

I'm 13 and got a giant defy road bike and a mountain. Bike but can trembler the name the road bike cost 1,400 great bike and mountain cost like 3,000 wroth it great bikes my fave

These bikes are awesome! I found a Giant Iguana (bike) abandoned in my driveway and have loved it ever since

I own two Giant bike a Revel 1 29ER and a Talon 4 27.5, and both are a treat to ride, yet so different from each other. Very light weight, sturdy, robust and engaging to the rider. Giant All the way All day, everyday!

Giant xtc frame is really very good

Great, A large selection of bikes from recreational to performance bikes at good prices. They look stunning and they have women versions. They're well built and well equipped. They are also very popular.

I have a Trek and Giant all mountain. Giant is the best for me, the performance, the feel, the ride and so much more. I wont replace my Giant All mountain Bike!

Dude my name is Eagleman and I will get a Glory 2,Stp Yukon, and I will become sponsored because I am such a good downhill biker but I can't do can can scorpion 360 flips of step up drops but soon I will learn. I have a fox shirt and sometimes I wear it when I mountain bike. The Ellsworth dare is also a cool bike. It has a spring rear shock.

I realize giant frames are the best, weather its low or high end bikes, not to mention of its high quality components, the comfort of riding and most of all the head turning appeal of my giant revel!

Giant, oh what a bicycle brand having this kinds of specification do means a lot of money. So comfortable to ride, last time I was using trek and cube but giant is really awesome. karim, Bangladesh

The best bike I have ever had and ever will have I am taking cycling seriously when asked which bike do I want to use without a single moments notice I said giant

I've got a Giant Iguana since 2009 and I've ridden it in long distances as touring bike without any problem. I love it

I am using a Talon best in the range

I have a " Giant Trance X3 2013 " And it is amazing! The forks are very smooth, the rear suspension works amazing going downhill, and on the climbs, it hardly goes down, which makes it so good! The gears are perfect also.

I bought a Trance 650B last December. I just can't put the right words to describe my feelings when I'm hitting the trails with my Trance. Excellent perhaps... Still not enough! Maybe I'm exaggerating, but its true, its an amazing bike!

Giant is the best mountain bike brand around. But they sure are expensive.