I was managing a bike shop for a few years at the beginning of the millennium and after 3 years selling big name brands, when the time came to get a nice hard tale for myself, I went with KHS.. why? One simple reason, more for the same price! They all are good frames with the same reoccurring interchangeable components varying models.. Aside from Cannondale (or so it was at the time). Buying a bike is like buying a PC from newegg: you pick the case you like and then you look at what's inside.. buying a Cannondale is (or was) like buying from Apple.
With KHS the formula was less fluff/flashy advertizing but more competitive prices.. also, buying as a retailer straight to the source and cutting out the middle man (ie me), I got to see their "no bull" approach which was comforting. I beat the hell out of that bike and it never barked at me once!

Excellent bike. I have the alite 500 its very good. I will change fork in the future. I love this bike!.

A good budget bike, but can also take trail punishment as its high end counterpart, only the company should invest more on bike's accessories apparels and gears to make it popular so people can have good value for their money

My KHS Soft Tail Team Issue Series is an amazing bike. Came with top notch components SRAM X9 and Fox fork. It is just sad that KHS dropped the soft tails in the US after I bought this in 2006. It has been a bullet proof bike on rocky terrain.

These bikes keeps on coming, everywhere I bike, there's always KHS, and they don't have any complain like me a proof that this bike is a must have for everyone.

I have KHS xc604 I really like it.

Been using his for a couple of years, and I have no regrets. Still in good shape, and performs well.

Very nice, cool colour, would recommend higher spec if you want one. Don't go low spec khs

Value for money and highly recommended for new beginners...

KHS is excellent in quality and reliability. Long way to GO!

KHS 150.. Good Frame.. God Bless every one.

Great bike, reasonable price & high end components. Rides like a dream, no problems. Try one - you will not be disappointed.

I have a entry to intermediate level KHS XC bike and it has been great! It's lasted all the trails I've ridden in the last year including black diamonds that were definitively not meant for my bike and I've raced on this bike with no problems. Great value bikes!

The best brand in the world, good quality and affordable love my khs

This site is misleading by saying this is a list of the best. It's a list of the most popular. There's a huge difference.

I own a budget meal khs bike and it rocks more than other budget meal bikes of its class.

They make great high value bikes.

Very nice brand has high quality bike. Never failed me on the road or trail.

I have a khs xc-104 I love it. KHS offers quality and a great price. It's a great bike for what I ride in southern Utah. It's good for some downhill and quick drops. Also a good climber. KHS is a brand worthy for top 10

Excelent product! I would compare KHS to a BIC pen: simple, efficient and fits all pockets!

Its not heavy and awesome color

I race the SixFifty Team and love every second on it. Very responsive and balanced frame. Unfortunately not very common out there and not recognised for what it's worth.

Good value for money! Give you value for money components on my entry level hardtail

KHS is one of the best bike! No doubt about it. Sharp and very durable. I have my KHS alite 150 and its pretty good.

I am riding the KHS Alite 300, and its good entry mountain bike. Great value for money