Merida is great and make cycling fun and comfortable. High quality bikes.

I love the merida I ride it to school every day and it is amazing. I also have went up millions of mountains it is great the suspension on it is amazing and the saddle is soft

Merida does not concern the weight of their bikes in the process.. Because its all about the durability, excellent geometry, and design.

Such underrated bikes and are up there with the bigger brands awesome bike

I bought a starter Merida Big Seven 20, entry level bike. So far it has been fantastic, worth the money!

I have ridden the Giant and Scott Merida blows them off the park the big 99 carbon is a weapon

Merida offers a good blend of good components along with quality frames and and factory made tires. It rides good and is pretty reliable.

Merida is amazing, I ride it to school, to town, to the woods and on the bmx track. It is just amazing how good it is.

Got big 7 40, great for City and trails, great value for its price

I have the 2016 Merida and its is so good and I'll probably keep it forever it's so good

The best frame. I feel comfortable and nice. Fights on and off the road.

Very satisfied, runs great, durable and reliable! Highly recommend!

I got my Merida Big Seven 300 and I'm so happy with the performance. It is light but very durable.

My 9yo merida was still in best shape no parts has been replace. I'm 57yo and I love to go up hill.

I love Merida Big 7 300, I love my first bike.

Affordable but great for beginners like me,...

Merida bikes are the best I have an old Merida Miami and its great!

Materials and parts are great! Nothing much I can say with merida!

A great bike, a great deal. Not as expensive and a great quality.

I have a specialized bike but I wish I had a Merida bike

Merida is awesome and it's the best bike for uphills.

I have a merida big seven that I you's in trailing

I have one and it's so amazing using merida bike...

Merida is the best! The best cycle I've ever rode

Great bike if your looking for a good down hill race bike get a merida