Good Bike(s), no doubt about it, but (in my opinion) the components and feel that make top tier Bikes what they are are missing.

Seriously mongoose is listed above norco? What I have never been on a better bike then a norco

I own a Norco Storm 7.1 and it's awesome! Solid, durable, light and the most comfort I've ever had riding a bike. Norco should absolutely be in the top 5 brands on planet earth!

Canadian made quality bikes. I've owned two now and loved both of them! - j3sinclair

Awesome bike. The Norco sight 7.2 is great value for money and love it

Been using Norco Range 7.2 Carbon.. awesome!

Nitro 7005 aluminum frame still kicking!

I've owned a norco brand bikes it's good for going uphill.

Best bike brand based in the best mountain biking in the world: the north shore

Been rocking my Norco MTB for almost a year, durable, excellent looking and absolutely comfortable to ride in any terrain. No complains with my bike and now I'm planning to get a Norco full suspension downhill bike

Norco is the best brand :o how come its number 25 I have norco aline it's better than Fuel EX 9.9 29 I had the Fuel one but I sold it because norco is better

I have a green Norco, personally I prefer mountain bikes than bmx

Norco bikes are awesome and best of all they are built in Canada

Great for both trails and road biking..

Had a norco for 14 years and still love it best bang for the buck. !

Love the sight and will purchase one in the next few weeks

Best company but way underrated

I have 3 norco bikes, various ages, still working very well.

I too am a norconian fluid storm charger nitro and sight best bikes can't afford a new aurum but would probably sell my car for an aurum

Great Bike I own a norco storm 7.2 and it's the greatest bike I have ever ridden. Super durable and just all around awesome. don't know how norco isn't in the top 5

Best bike ever hands down every one of there bikes are awesome.
Every one is epic

Are people on crack? Norco this low? I have had a Sasquatch for 5 years and still haven't been able to break it. Bikes handles almost everything this 270lb. man can throw at it. Hats of to Norco!

Nor on is the best value for the money. Great looking bikes, solid performance, and fantStic selection.

Best bikes out there, second only to Specialized. Just check out their lines...

One of the best MTB brands there is today! These bike are EXTREMELY durable, yet SURPRISINGLY light and still have QAULITY prices. The only reason they are not up with Trek and Giant is because this Canadian company is not known as well.

Made in Canada for Canada