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281 Komax

Very nice design and affordable bike

Nice design and very good bike

282 Surly

WHAT THE? Surly should be closer to the top ten than this. I have owned a LHT for 10 years, I have ridden it fully loaded across Australia (6000km's) and all up it has done over 12'000 km's. The only thing I have ever had to replace was the chain, due to it stretching. Which is fair enough after being heavily loaded for 6000km's. Surly adorn their frames with top end components for reliability and I have never broke a spoke, even from riding over rough ground fully loaded. Surly still care enough to make steel framed bikes and anyone who has done a lot of riding will know steel frames absorb more of the bumps. It is a beautiful bike to ride, smooth and comfortable. Surly put a lot of engineering and thought into their products.

I have owned many different bikes over the years and still have six hanging in the shed, Giant, Wheeler, Indi 500 (steel frame built commuter), Peugeot, Haro and my Surly.

I love my Surly LHT.

But at the end of the day, horses for ...more

Seriously? These guys are a small(ish) maker but they were pretty much one of the first brands to come up with the fatbike (the pugsly) and the 29er plus (krampus). They make other great models too. I have a karate monkey and my father has a krampus. They are good bikes, pretty basic (steel hardtails) but the makers know what they are doing in making these bikes.

283 Milazo
284 Repco
285 Sinister V 1 Comment
286 Boss

poop - poopin

287 AN Design
288 Concord
289 Superior V 1 Comment
290 Ballard Pacific

I purchased a 26" Hyper Shocker... It is an incredible ride indeed! Shimano-eqquiped, easy adjustment for speed and friction, mountain and overall incredibly durable. I love it! It's a really smooth ride - it's not hard to get great momentum going right away. An incredible product that every store should have several of! But, then again... I wouldn't have an epic bike to brag about, would I? I very much suggest you purchase this bicycle if you are currently unhappy with yours or just looking for a new ride. - Andy - ThePickaxe2

291 Apollo

I have had a bloody good run out of apollo bikes had to now in New Zealand would buy another

Very cheap, but very poorly made and spec is not good and very heavy.

Worst bike I have ever bought. All the parts are like chocolate and I have replaced all the parts. Waste of £300. I have a Trek solid steel frame that has no suspension and feels better that the apollo. I am getting rid of it within the next few weeks.

BeSt bike I've ever used

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292 Hero

Hero cycles are the best cycles I love hero cycles and I also have a cycle of hero torque drive is the best

Hero is worst

Good for every one, comfortable

Hero best - Aryan007james

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293 Niner Bikes

Niner bikes have the best geometry period. I have rode Gary Fisher, Cannondale, Specialized too but I always go back to my Niner. Fast as hell and climbs like a beast. Niner bikes should easily no questions ask be in the top 10. Go ride one and see for yourself!

Still new in the market latest model

The best bike I ever had. Rode on Merida, Giant and Norco, but nothing match Niner's performance

Just demoed the jet 9 rdo carbon. I now know what it feels like to be 14 year old girl at a Justin Beiber concert.

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294 Schwinn

Schwinn should actually be in the top ten. This list is probably not the most accurate seeing as how people equate quality with price. Watching the Tour de France and buying a bike based on what is being raced does not determine quality of bike.

My son races with a schwinn and does well for a beginner. I hope to get a better one in the future but for now he uses the cheaper one.

I bought my Schwinn Hybrid last year and have had no issues with it yet. I lucked out because it's a 500$ bike but the store placed the wrong price tag of 55$ and had to honor it. I truly got a steal of a deal.
I ride my bike on rocky Mountain roads to streets and it handles like a dream. I will always stick with Schwinn. Thank you guys for making an awesome bike.

Got my rocket 1 2017 the best could ask for

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295 Polygon

So people think that just because polygon bikes are cheap, means they are rubbish. But this is all wrong. I recently got their entry level duel suspension bike and I absolutely love it. It is great quality and feels great, no regrets and I would totally recommend this bike to anyone. So done spend 3 or 4k on a fuel suspension bike, just get a polygon, as they are just as good if not better, for a quarter of the price.

The best Indonesian Product with international quality

I just bought this mountain bike, and man it's good. I would recommend to ANYONE

The price is very affordable but good quality

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296 Huffy

Recently bought a Huffy Elite 2013 model... use it for recreation and fitness. Gear shift is a breeze and suspension soft. Disc brakes are not that effective. Platinum grey and bright red combination looks stylish. The bike is light thanks to the aluminium body.

Laugh out loud. Haters living in denial. You know over half of us have all owned a Huffster (Huffy) in our lifetimes. It is the worlds best selling brand because its cheap, yet nobody votes for it because they want to sound rich or cool. You guys all vote Trek or whatever yet have a Huffy in the garage. Sad.

Very nice and comfortable bike

They're the best, I've got one and I love it

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297 Mongoose

I had my mongoose mountain bike for 3months and it drives me crazy. I just love riding it because it is incredibly comfortable to ride any trail you go. It is a lot more affordable. And stylish among any brands

Mongoose is a brand for sporty people, not pros. Keeping in mind that not all their bikes are manufactured for a competition-like performance, they still offer a solid feel for an affordable price for not-so-picky riders. Their bikes are pretty durable, considering how much I've ridden mine continuously for numerous years to everywhere from state parks and forest preserves to bike trails. It still performs perfectly with no need for large fixes. The brand itself has nicely styled colors, which is hard to come by with other mountain bike brands, and is definitely a great bike for families or people that like to keep active

Certainly the best bike I have ever owned. I am not an avid biker by any means but with shocks in the front fork and a shock absorbing recoil spring mounted on the frame makes riding a lot more comfortable than my old Huffy.

Anything is better than a huffy. But both brands are walmart bike which all suck.

Mongooses are complete junk, everyone I've ridden has either had a break problem or a handle bar problem. - Specialized32424

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298 Hercules

The most I like bicycle because good riding

Rodeo is a good riding 21 speed cycle this is the best

Wow 21 is the best one among hercules bike

Value for money bicycle

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299 Haro

If you can find one buy it! Best mountain bike of all time! Bang for the buck, one of the best frames out there, high end parts, unbreakable!

I bought Haro 'cause of the price. Went for Flightline 2010 model, limited Croatia edition. Invested and received is more than great. With some modification gear wise it has become a real muscle mountain bike. Been riding it now for a year and can't wait start of the new season.

I'm ten years old it's my first time riding this bike and I think already it's the best bike ever. - antoni360


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300 BMC

Really surprised that BMC isn't in the top three. They have the best mountain biking team in the world, and they are the best bike component makers in the world. Their bikes are just gorgeous.

Next to Santa Cruz (by a hair) BMC bikes are the best. Their made over seas and they are pretty good bikes. And I'm not talking about cheap Chinese labor overseas either.

Alloy frame are ultra light and great for big guys too. BMC sizes are on the large size so check if you can fit on one size smaller

I love amazing after using BMC, other brands do not like more

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