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301 Roadmaster

I love this bike... Its also my fist, not expensive-but well built. Smooth ride.

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302 Genesis Genesis Genesis are an English rock band formed at Charterhouse School, Godalming, Surrey in 1967. The most commercially successful and long-lasting line-up includes keyboardist Tony Banks, bassist/guitarist Mike Rutherford and drummer/singer Phil Collins.

Great durability and good performance. Everyone should have a genesis bike. Dual disk brakes, double butted frame and 27 speeds to make a perfect bike.

The bike is great, it has great performances... I use it in difficult conditions and has proven to be a great!

I have a genesis dual track 2 and it is absolutely amazing. I think it should be above bianchi at least.

The best ever

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303 Firefox

Firefox is an ultimate bicycle brand which gives people comfortof money and the cycle too! But I don't know that why the HEll have they put it at 50 position! I want you all to vote! Thanks

The best brand of cycles in its CLass

Affordable price and Good quality!

Its indias no1 imported cycle company,then why it took at this position

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304 Mosso

Design is contemporary. Very lightweight and durable. Affordable but the performance speaks more than the price. Used it for 3 years, not considering a change for now. It ifs not broken, don't fix it

Best mountain bike in the market. Lighter than other expensive brands. I have mosso 2608, it is very smooth and reliable. The color combination and design are simply the best.

I have the Mosso 2620 series. Absolutely feels lighter than other expensive brands. Nice on the climbs, power transfer is well felt thru speed. I recommend this frame for XC riders and recreational riders too.

Got the 668fr full sus

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305 SGM

SGM is nice specially when you upgrade it with high-end components. It's the best when you want a ride and have low budget. It comes with ordinary parts. I just voted this to support SGM but still the best for me is GIANT. Because its balance with durability performance and lightness is the best. They have the best tech. Only the price is not the best... Happy riding!

Budget bike. Relaxing to ride

3 years stock front shocks, they last long plus abusive riding no crack yet on frame.i'm lucky to have one...

Pang matagalang gamitan. Yung samin mag 4yrs na wala pdin napapalitang piyesa everyday ginagamit.

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306 Orange

Some people that are voting on this for brands like Huffy or Schwinn clearly are not knowledgeable AT ALL. Orange is a legitimate mountain bike company, designed in Australia, manufactured in the UK; strong, reliable and beautiful. This is what defines mountain bikes. Orange should be recognized as a competitor for the big companies; Specialized, Trek, Giant.

I have owned an orange Gringo for 12 years. This is an entry level bike but has never missed a beat in all the years I've rode it. Have rode friends more expensive bikes but the don't feel as good. Love my Orange but time for an upgrade and don't see any sense in going for another brand!

Fantastic downhill bikes. Super lightweight, strong, durable. A bit on the pricey side but they are worth the money. The best bike I've had... BY FAR!

Have got a clockwork 29er simply put best hardtail 29er on the market forget the rest buy an Orange simples!

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307 KTM

Own a KTM Ultra Flite. Good and solid frame yet light in weight. For a company that initially started as a Metalworking company, they sure show their expertise in their frames. For those with doubts, try a KTM yourself and you would know what their MTBs are all about. They may be more known for their dirt bikes but its quality and expertise shows across their different business segments.

I owned a KTM Carbon Race. Extreme Light yet solid and very fast, perfect for Mountain ride. The bike is matt black and certainly a head-turner. Thanks to KTM team for making this wonderful bike! And please keep them coming!

Are you serious?! How come this brand isn't on the top of the list?! It is just to AWESOME!

This brand should be number one on the list...

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308 Focus Focus

I bought Focus whistler 27g. I've got the best bike for low price. I'm enjoying while riding every day. It is pure German product and I think it is gonna last for a long long time.

I have Focus Cypress and I am very happy with this bike, there is no better bike

I love my focus whistler, I'm from the Philippines but I love German bike.

I have focus whistler core, ultimate bike 👍🏻

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309 Da Bomb

I have a the bomb arrow bike with black and white color. I like the design good for drag race its very comfortable.

I love the bomb bikes because it's has a unique bike parts and component and stability strength.
I love it because so many bike and almost same all user of bike and for me I don't like my bike have the same.
I built a the bomb bike parts by parts and I happy for that.

Great styling and technology! I can't believe I have to scroll down pages to see this brand :(

I have a tora bora xc HT which I bought on sale, love it. Very unique and quality is premium, I already used brands like GT and KHS which are good. but I believe this brand deserves a better rank on this list.

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310 Oscar

Worst bike ever, especially Oscar's mountain bike last time it was still good but now become rubbish. Affordable price, poor design, low quality especially wheels.

Oscar should be number one! Dang!

So far so good, lower price and good for off road.

My first bike.. Good for beginner.. Very light..

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311 Commencal

Meta 5.5 carbon! Good downhill and on the climb.

Meta - best bike I've ridden. Really good build quality

Commencal supreme v3. The best downhill bike

Awesome performance great looking bikes

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312 Pacific

Nice good. Worthed. Best design, best value...

Low Price and perfect! You should buy.

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313 Infinity

Nice bike. Bike for strong men

Excellent quality and easy to use even for first timers. Perfect shifting gear. Two thumbs up!

This is my bike! Not just that its because I own one BUT thinking about QUALITY and PRICE. Perfect choice!

Nice bike for first timers like me

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314 KHL

Frame not bad, but a little bit heavy

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316 Next

My grandson age 10 loves his mountain bike mainly rides on the rode but does work well at the beach. So far seems like a good bike

I have a Next and a Specialized. The Next is heavier but is very reliable and was 1/3 the cost of the specialized. Good value for the money.

Awesome mountain bike have one myself great speed which is what I look for so it's got my vote

Awesome bikes! Strong and beautiful, especially for the price - Co0lk1d25

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317 RAND
318 B Twin

Very good bike, and lesser price because they don't do advertising and marketing and save the cost and operate at lesser margin, benefit for customer. Life Time warranty says the glory story of quality.

I own a btwin rock rider 5.0 and it is really crazy to drive but I can't understand for what the hell have they put it in the 62 place please all vote

Value for money.. Way cheaper than it's fellow brands but amazing quality they give. Trustable brand for beginners and professionals!

I own their Rockrider 340 and it's simply amazing for price ride quality and should blindly go for it! Cheers!

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319 La Sovereign
320 Core

It's just mountain biking

The first Bangladeshi high end brand. Awesome aluminum body

Great frame design & best pricing with better components. :) Like this bike

Best bike ever...

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