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301 Repco
302 Sinister V 1 Comment
303 AN Design
304 Concord
305 Superior V 1 Comment
306 Ballard Pacific

I purchased a 26" Hyper Shocker... It is an incredible ride indeed! Shimano-eqquiped, easy adjustment for speed and friction, mountain and overall incredibly durable. I love it! It's a really smooth ride - it's not hard to get great momentum going right away. An incredible product that every store should have several of! But, then again... I wouldn't have an epic bike to brag about, would I? I very much suggest you purchase this bicycle if you are currently unhappy with yours or just looking for a new ride. - Andy - ThePickaxe2

307 Tyrell V 1 Comment
308 RAND
309 La Sovereign
310 Montague

Have had a Montague Swiss bike for more than 5 years and ridden over 27000chmiles mainly on cycle paths.
Can highly recommend this bike as it is built with standard components which can be easily replaced/upgraded.

311 Clark
312 Bacini

Very cheap for a great ride

313 Mavic
314 Radius V 1 Comment
315 Storck
316 FWD (Forward Designed in Rusia)
317 Patriot

Very good bike. Unbreakable, easy to ride, low price. Bike survived the accident at speed 87 km/h.

318 Soyater V 1 Comment
319 Oyawa

Having it for 8 straight years. Cool bike, low price. Offroad, Onroad, no difference, in all of them there is nothing to beat it.

V 1 Comment
320 Shark

Nice body frame it looks simple but guaranteed quality..

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