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321 Aleoca

Always with my Aleoca bike cheap and its good

Very good bike and reliable.

Best bike ever, period. Naa...

It works well.It design is flawless.I not to sure why it is at the bottom of the list

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322 Bacini

Very cheap for a great ride

323 Nukeproof

My Nukeproof Mega AM Comp is the best bike I have ever owned, literally amazing!

Nukeproof bikes got the best geometry! I own Nukeproof Mega and Nukeproof Scalp! Best bikes I ever used! Hands down!

Mega Pro, great all round bike, I love hitting the trails on it.

Have NP mega pro..and a customised gt avalanche nuke is a pleasure to jump on for a blast over any terrain with confidence..happy trails all

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324 Wheeler

Very high quality feeling when riding. Pretty design and durable body with high quality parts. Highly satisfied.

Wheeler mountain bikes are sold in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, not sure if they are known anywhere else.

I been have scott and specialized and now I buy wheeler that's bike I so easy a very fast you have very good control with him

Terrific bicycle, I think it should be in top20. It's is the Germany brand.

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325 Mavic
326 Radius V 1 Comment
327 Storck
328 Element

Affordable, Sturdy, versatile good looking bike! With ECS system to reduced vibration

329 FWD (Forward Designed in Rusia)
330 Patriot

Very good bike. Unbreakable, easy to ride, low price. Bike survived the accident at speed 87 km/h.

331 Soyater V 1 Comment
332 Oyawa

Having it for 8 straight years. Cool bike, low price. Offroad, Onroad, no difference, in all of them there is nothing to beat it.

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333 Shark

Nice body frame it looks simple but guaranteed quality..

334 Tomahawk
335 Phoenix

One of the most renown brands... cheap... But quality product

I'm just a beginner but phoenix suits me well unless its rims and the gear mechanisms.

Good quality and its cheap best for beginners

My first MTB, frame is good but a little heavy...

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336 Iran Docharkh V 1 Comment
337 Trinx

Still not that popular though since it's just a newcomer, that is if I'm not mistaken. And that's the reason why it's listed far from the best. But for quality and performance, I can say it can be of the same level with the best. Trinx will rule someday!

Bang for the buck bikes. If you're looking for budget but quality bikes, Trinx is the way to go.

Cool and easy to rides...

Great deal, cheap but good quality, tough frame.

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338 Xcross

The best bike in the world

Nice bike... It fits me

Like my xcross 2014

339 Nekro

Best bike for everyone. It kenda tyres work very smoothly and nice grip it has. Nice to ride and comfortable for everyone.

340 Calle
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