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361 Oscar

Worst bike ever, especially Oscar's mountain bike last time it was still good but now become rubbish. Affordable price, poor design, low quality especially wheels.

Oscar should be number one! Dang!

So far so good, lower price and good for off road.

My first bike.. Good for beginner.. Very light..

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362 Wheeler

Very high quality feeling when riding. Pretty design and durable body with high quality parts. Highly satisfied.

Wheeler mountain bikes are sold in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, not sure if they are known anywhere else.

I been have scott and specialized and now I buy wheeler that's bike I so easy a very fast you have very good control with him

Terrific bicycle, I think it should be in top20. It's is the Germany brand.

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363 Element

Affordable, Sturdy, versatile good looking bike! With ECS system to reduced vibration

364 Aleoca

Always with my Aleoca bike cheap and its good

Best bike ever, period. Naa...

Works well at 1st but I easily damaged. Not too good but at the same time, not too bad.

It works well.It design is flawless.I not to sure why it is at the bottom of the list

365 Apollo

I have had a bloody good run out of apollo bikes had to now in New Zealand would buy another

Very cheap, but very poorly made and spec is not good and very heavy.

Worst bike I have ever bought. All the parts are like chocolate and I have replaced all the parts. Waste of £300. I have a Trek solid steel frame that has no suspension and feels better that the apollo. I am getting rid of it within the next few weeks.

BeSt bike I've ever used

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366 Niner Bikes

Niner bikes have the best geometry period. I have rode Gary Fisher, Cannondale, Specialized too but I always go back to my Niner. Fast as hell and climbs like a beast. Niner bikes should easily no questions ask be in the top 10. Go ride one and see for yourself!

Still new in the market latest model

The best bike I ever had. Rode on Merida, Giant and Norco, but nothing match Niner's performance

Just demoed the jet 9 rdo carbon. I now know what it feels like to be 14 year old girl at a Justin Beiber concert.

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367 Roadmaster

I love this bike... Its also my fist, not expensive-but well built. Smooth ride.

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368 Pacific

Nice good. Worthed. Best design, best value...

Low Price and perfect! You should buy.

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369 Schwinn

Schwinn should actually be in the top ten. This list is probably not the most accurate seeing as how people equate quality with price. Watching the Tour de France and buying a bike based on what is being raced does not determine quality of bike.

My son races with a schwinn and does well for a beginner. I hope to get a better one in the future but for now he uses the cheaper one.

I bought my Schwinn Hybrid last year and have had no issues with it yet. I lucked out because it's a 500$ bike but the store placed the wrong price tag of 55$ and had to honor it. I truly got a steal of a deal.
I ride my bike on rocky Mountain roads to streets and it handles like a dream. I will always stick with Schwinn. Thank you guys for making an awesome bike.

Got my rocket 1 2017 the best could ask for

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370 Next

My grandson age 10 loves his mountain bike mainly rides on the rode but does work well at the beach. So far seems like a good bike

I have a Next and a Specialized. The Next is heavier but is very reliable and was 1/3 the cost of the specialized. Good value for the money.

Awesome mountain bike have one myself great speed which is what I look for so it's got my vote

Awesome bikes! Strong and beautiful, especially for the price - Co0lk1d25

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371 Huffy

Recently bought a Huffy Elite 2013 model... use it for recreation and fitness. Gear shift is a breeze and suspension soft. Disc brakes are not that effective. Platinum grey and bright red combination looks stylish. The bike is light thanks to the aluminium body.

Laugh out loud. Haters living in denial. You know over half of us have all owned a Huffster (Huffy) in our lifetimes. It is the worlds best selling brand because its cheap, yet nobody votes for it because they want to sound rich or cool. You guys all vote Trek or whatever yet have a Huffy in the garage. Sad.

Very nice and comfortable bike

The old huffys were not too bad. I'm talking about the ones from the 90's with the american flag. Steel frame, aluminum rims, I loved it. But thw new ones are junk. I've been mountain biking for 25 years. I'm no professional but id take a shwinn over a huffy any day.

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