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41 TRS

Cheap but reliable, qualities are up to the standard, good bike for beginner especially when you still in learning stages.

Affordable and has qualities for beginner.

Very good quality equipment on bike with reseonable price

Best bike for beginners
Good for muscles building

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42 KTM

Own a KTM Ultra Flite. Good and solid frame yet light in weight. For a company that initially started as a Metalworking company, they sure show their expertise in their frames. For those with doubts, try a KTM yourself and you would know what their MTBs are all about. They may be more known for their dirt bikes but its quality and expertise shows across their different business segments.

I owned a KTM Carbon Race. Extreme Light yet solid and very fast, perfect for Mountain ride. The bike is matt black and certainly a head-turner. Thanks to KTM team for making this wonderful bike! And please keep them coming!

Are you serious?! How come this brand isn't on the top of the list?! It is just to AWESOME!

Excellent bikes. I own a KTM peak xt.

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43 Cliff Runner

I have had one for 10 years and it is still as good as new, I have not replaced anything but tubes.

44 Turner

I have been in the industry for a long time and I have a Turner. Nothing compares, ride one and you'll put it on the top!

Read reviews on turner bikes, or ride one yourself, and that's all it will take.

I am 13 and have a 15 year old turner burner it is still going strong!

I have owned a Turner for 15 years and still love it.

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45 K2

These are great bikes, great value, cool frames

I have worked for a number of bike shops and companies, and spend a lot of time riding. That said, I have tried numerous bikes: Raleigh, Kona, Specialized, GT, Haro, etc. And of all of them, K2 is definitely right at the top. Sometimes they get a bit of a bad rap because of some of their economy lines you find at places like Sports Authority and Dicks. Those are ok introductory bikes made specifically for those companies. However, their primary lines that they sale via The Hub, and other K2 shops is definitively a legit bike.

Ya k2 is really good. They make strong durable bikes and have pro detail and you can tell a lot of attention is put in to them, if you don't believe me go buy one for yourself.

K2 makes good bikes.

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46 Boardman Bikes

Very good bikes, great value for money with forks and drivetrains you would find on a much more expensive bike. The frame is amazing, with smooth weds like carbon fibre. Best bike brand

Nice bike, beautiful look

Awesome machine just eats up the miles with ease. Could never be without it now. Absolute first class machine.

Best bike I've ever owened

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47 Firefox

Firefox is an ultimate bicycle brand which gives people comfortof money and the cycle too! But I don't know that why the HEll have they put it at 50 position! I want you all to vote! Thanks

The best brand of cycles in its CLass

Affordable price and Good quality!

I have tremor d.its very comfortable. Very good 👌

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48 Ellsworth

I have two Ellsworth bikes, a Moment and an Evolve and I love them. They climb well, the suspension stays active during breaking, and they rock on the down hill sections I ride here in the Rocky Mountains. They are pricey but I plan on riding them for a very long time!

I have an Ellsworth joker and It is one of the best full suspension bikes out there. Great forks and back suspension. Light. Tough. Great brakes and components. And very very reliable. Ellsworth makes the best bikes out the. Ellsworth is number 1

Ellsworth bikes are. Light. Tough. Smooth. And Reliable. The brakes, suspension, and other components on them are great. Ellsworth is best out there.

Ellsworth are,without out a doubt, the best bikes out there.

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49 Concept

Very stylish good for beginners and kids

Very excellent bike in rough roads

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50 Muddy Fox

Bought anarchy 200. Very cheap but the quality is superb as well. Should be ranked higher

Good solid bikes at good prices

Really good bike brand any of them are worth the money


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51 BMC

Really surprised that BMC isn't in the top three. They have the best mountain biking team in the world, and they are the best bike component makers in the world. Their bikes are just gorgeous.

Next to Santa Cruz (by a hair) BMC bikes are the best. Their made over seas and they are pretty good bikes. And I'm not talking about cheap Chinese labor overseas either.

Alloy frame are ultra light and great for big guys too. BMC sizes are on the large size so check if you can fit on one size smaller

I love amazing after using BMC, other brands do not like more

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52 NS Bikes

Always good maintained bikes for a fair price.

53 Marzona

I've had my marzona speed play for almost 5 years now and is still running.. been using it everyday as my transport.. frame is so reliable that you can make use of it on the trails or on urban road.. although the bike it self is not that lightweight as other high end brands but the durability and stability is pretty great..

Its was the best bike I ever have cheap but very durability

Great bike especially for its durability. A bit heavy but still its great

Worthy bike.

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54 Haro

If you can find one buy it! Best mountain bike of all time! Bang for the buck, one of the best frames out there, high end parts, unbreakable!

I bought Haro 'cause of the price. Went for Flightline 2010 model, limited Croatia edition. Invested and received is more than great. With some modification gear wise it has become a real muscle mountain bike. Been riding it now for a year and can't wait start of the new season.

I'm ten years old it's my first time riding this bike and I think already it's the best bike ever. - antoni360


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55 Nakamura

I have nakamura grade 5.29.I find a great bike. It is very easy and well equipped to her money.

I had a ccm handel bars broke so I got a nakamera monster 4.2 witch is the best bike ever it has cytec shimono and other huge name compny components

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56 Kranked

Nice reliable bikes both on roads or off tracks and I've got 2 urban republic and the kranked factor both are great no complain! Ciao.2

Nice bike just very performance and fun on mountain all shimano pieces and very good suspensions good price for good quality

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57 Commencal

Meta 5.5 carbon! Good downhill and on the climb.

Meta - best bike I've ridden. Really good build quality

Commencal supreme v3. The best downhill bike

Hornyest bikes there is

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58 Geometric

Not really a fan, until they came out with the raptor carbon series. Extremely great geometry and superb design. Simplicity at its best! The mono colors shout, for a carbon frame, it is really robust. This beats my previously owned scott scale, mosso 7509, santa cruz chameleon.

Geometric is a very nice bicycle for the money what we pay & quality built with very good performance

First decent mountain bike I've purchased! Great build and quality. The only limitations is me, time to upgrade. Definitely first choice when I am purchasing my next one.

Geometric is the best. I will not go to change it.

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59 Da Bomb

I have a the bomb arrow bike with black and white color. I like the design good for drag race its very comfortable.

I love the bomb bikes because it's has a unique bike parts and component and stability strength.
I love it because so many bike and almost same all user of bike and for me I don't like my bike have the same.
I built a the bomb bike parts by parts and I happy for that.

Great styling and technology! I can't believe I have to scroll down pages to see this brand :(

I have a tora bora xc HT which I bought on sale, love it. Very unique and quality is premium, I already used brands like GT and KHS which are good. but I believe this brand deserves a better rank on this list.

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60 Bulls

Great Bikes... Money for value!

Very lightweight and sturdy!

No nonsense bikes. Great quality for the price.

Great bike

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