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41 Ghost

Ghost make good frames that can survive a massive beating good specs and rides smoothly

Awesome bike, looks great too

After using Trek and Specialized I went for Ghost just to try it. When Ghost bikes first launched in our country I went and got the SE 2000. The bike was really balanced and perfect for commuting. Now I got another Ghost SE 4000 (2014) and it simply beasts all other Brands on this price range. I would highly recommend Ghost other then Trek or specialized.

Great bike... for all types of pavement and roads

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42 NS Bikes

Always good maintained bikes for a fair price.

43 Muddy Fox

Bought anarchy 200. Very cheap but the quality is superb as well. Should be ranked higher

Flimsy shadow of it's former self!

Good solid bikes at good prices


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44 Marzona

I've had my marzona speed play for almost 5 years now and is still running.. been using it everyday as my transport.. frame is so reliable that you can make use of it on the trails or on urban road.. although the bike it self is not that lightweight as other high end brands but the durability and stability is pretty great..

Its was the best bike I ever have cheap but very durability

Great bike especially for its durability. A bit heavy but still its great

Worthy bike.

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45 Nakamura

I have nakamura grade 5.29.I find a great bike. It is very easy and well equipped to her money.

I had a ccm handel bars broke so I got a nakamera monster 4.2 witch is the best bike ever it has cytec shimono and other huge name compny components

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46 Kranked

Nice reliable bikes both on roads or off tracks and I've got 2 urban republic and the kranked factor both are great no complain! Ciao.2

Nice bike just very performance and fun on mountain all shimano pieces and very good suspensions good price for good quality

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47 Shimano

Shimano is the best bike... Every bike makers use Shimano parts... Like Disk breaks, HUBS, WHEELS, and Cranks, Chains,

I recommend Shimano for every person who looking for best quality brand super faster machine... (y)

The most reliable bike ever..

Shimano components almost present on every bike. Its either sram or shimano here in RP. Doere group set is the best

Shimano posistron

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48 Orbea

Got it 2 years ago to get fit. Ended up as my daily transport, 3 downhill events, various enduro events... No problem with it so far. Well happy with it, and I m sure my next one will be an Orbea

Great bike with good choice components

I have an orbea sate 2013! The battery of my car is about to go flat...

Good value for money, option to customize the bike and change the color when ordering in a local shop, lifetime warranty on the frame.

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49 Bulls

Great Bikes... Money for value!

Very lightweight and sturdy!

No nonsense bikes. Great quality for the price.

Great bike

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50 Silverback

Seriously this bike should have been in the top 10.

We had a Mountain bike tour of 350km through the Lesotho mountains in 6 days and there were some rich guys who had bikes over $4000, the standard bikes that most of us had were the silverback stride 10 which is about $500. when they revealed the top 10 fastest riders, the majority (including me) and the fastest guy who won the race tour used the silverback stride 10.

Top 10 for sure. Has everything the others have at half the price. Lightweight and sturdy. My first bike and still going. Don't always be fooled by extremely expensive stuff. This bike looks cooler than most as well. Been up the mountain as well as down - what a pleasure.

My favourite bike brand, they have a huge amount of soul and really do care about their consumers. They believe in supplying more bike for your buck. That works for me in a world where brands frequently focus on seeing just how much they can charge for inferior products

Cool mountain bike. Have the sola4 and really enjoy this.

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51 Voodoo

This bike is very uncommon, this is why it ranks so low. If it were more popular, people would come to realise that it is a bike that belongs in the top ten due to its superior quality

Riding Voodoo bike for a year now. Never ridden a better bike! Amazing Quality! Has a really good Quality Breaks and Suspensions. I'm riding Voodoo Hoodoo right now no trouble with the bike at all! the only thing I had to change so far are just grips didn't like the feel of them. After all the bike is great quality, the price is too low but it might just be that it isn't really known! Loads more MTB riders should try it out! Amazing bike with an Amazing Quality!

Got a voodoo hoodoo, I've ridden carrera and boardman These bikes were problematic The voodoo is trouble free, halfords set it up crappie, got a bike expert to set it up proprietary and by go's she's good, love it

Got the voodoo hoodoo very light bike great to ride

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52 Radon

Fantastic bikes. Nicely priced.

Good price, awesome bikes

Great equipment for small prices

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53 Evil

Awesome carbon bikes

A good al round bike


54 Wimcycle

I think wimcycle better than polygon because I both of them.

Good Price, perfect bike to have. This bike is also tough and strong.

Good Specs and Price, I have Roadtech fot 2 years now, I ride it for road and Cross country (gravel and grass mostly), no complaint, all good, planning to get the AM series now.

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55 Titus

Had my Titus Super moto and its still great to use and the design is great. I will never lose my Super moto Titus

Absolutely great! El guapo is one of the Baddest AM bikes of all time!

Goog bicycle good price...

24 pound titus motolite 2, built from the ground up. Fast, stiff and much more fun than my 2007 kona hei hei supreme. Titus should at least be on the first page.

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56 Ryder

I love Ryder stride competition series as I ride confidently in the mountain trails. The Ryder design combination of colors is unique that tend to encourage the mountain bike riders to choose the same.

I have a ryder competition series 7001A aluminum. It's a very tough aluminum frame, I fitted a 160mm fork and used it for trail, and sometimes downhill. Rims got deformed, tires explode, but the frame is still intact. I think, it's the frame design that made it survive all the abuse. The design is very simple but very well balance.

I have a Ryder Friction... So far, it's so good.. I encourage you to buy also.!

I love my ryder mtb...

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57 Lion

One of the best brands in Bangladesh
Really great quality and reasonable price

58 Vision

This bike has a decent look, durable and fits the budget of most young people.

Nice build frame. It has a great group set for an entry level biker like me. It has good details when it comes to decals. It a very affordable good performance mountain bike! More power to Vision MTBs!

I love vision perfect geometry and quality

Great frame made of d bomb the best price and quality tnx vision chase

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59 XDS

Most perfect frame ever. Very good handling and cornering. Downhill expert and all the high end parts given

I have an xds bike. The bike is quite good but it also depends on the size still all the bikes are the same well the only thing I voted for xds Is that I am using the bike. No matter what all the bikes are still the same so I'll vote for all of them

Awesome quality and price is a top winner

Best bikes price to quality

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60 Corratec

Best quality with German spirit of the quality control, in the world there is no one will so concentrate on the quality compare with German..

Best.. Two thumbs up.. Super bow good design, very fancy design... Same goes with x vert range..

Perfect bike with well design, high end Germany technology push the brand to the top

I have Raleigh, Scott, Cinzia, Torpado and Corratec and the latter is easily the best. I was quite disappointed with the quality of the Scott so I can't understand why it is so highly rated - maybe because so many people buy it. But the Corratec stands out in terms of quality and gearing ratios.

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