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61 Haibike

I've been riding a Haibike edition 7.50 for couple of years now. It's a value for money bike. Awesome performer and you get the best quality components for the lowest price as compared to other bikes. A very desirable bike.

Haibike is The Sports Brand of Winora, engineered and produced in Schweinfurt Germany.

I have haibike big curve se

29 er, and it is greate

I have a 2013 SL carbon light 29r hardtail. The frame is superbly engineered and components are top grade. Compared to other 29r's the handling is nimble and stable, I have used this bike every weekend and in several enduro Xc events and it has never let me down. Haibikes are hard to find, but make the effort to have a look and you will not regret it.


Really great bike, I had mine for a year now and it shows great quality

The best bikes in the planet!.

Very strong-made bicycles in general, and of course has mountain bikes.

Very good bike!

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63 Pinarello

Gorgeous bike for a superb biker. Most advanced technologies. Think asymmetric! - aldvs

Is one of the greatest bikes brand, I rank this in 3rd place best brand.

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64 Litespeed

I like it its good for long ride

Very food bike

65 Author

Reliable! Copes with dust, dirt, and gravel. Good in the climbs (I have a ''niner''). Confident on the bumps and rocks! Not so light, requires beefy legs, but very stable! - Alexey

Worth buying. Value for money.

66 Gitane

Although gitane does not have professional cross bikes but the bikes works better than giant and each other brands.

I think gitane is the best mark and it works better than giant
I have five mountain bikes in a same range of price, my gitane bike works better than my giant bike.

Gitane is the best

Its best
believe it or not but my Gitane Kwad-Zs sound like a turbo jet engine sound

67 GTS

I have 2 GTS M7 since 2005 & still using it both on road & trail. I made several high jumps & it works very good. Very sturdy, smooth & most of all reliable. I hope they make other design this year. Two thumbs up.

This is my first bike, I had a GTS bike bought in 2005, been using it in trail competitions and till today, it's still running great and the bike frame is very durable!

I started with GTS and still have this up to now. Just perfectly fit to my size and wonderful to go around and far away places.

Very gts m7

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68 Mondraker

Never seen such a poor list as this - mondrakers zero suspension + stealth alloy is by far the best I have ever ridden, along with forward geometry these three factors alone should have mondraker well into top ten!

Great mountain bike, should be much higher

Should be on top 10 best mountain bike, great geometry bikes and great handling

Best Chassis ever made.
It's the most advanced frame in the world

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69 CCM

They're, in my opinion, the best bikes out there. I don't know exactly what CCM stands for yet but when I do I'm fairly certain it will compliment the quality of the product. I hope other people feel the same about this amazing product that is CCM.

CCM Bikes are great I have one and besides the low price range it can work amazing with a very light frame, very durable, recommended should be higher on list!

Ccm static amazing just some little minor problems but easily fixable


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70 Kross

Very good value for the money.

Good range, Good quality, and all European bike.

Quality parts, nice ride. Excellent value for money!

Sports experts the best

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71 Motob├ęcane

I recently built up a Motobecane Fantom Pro DS from the frame up. Love this bike. The frame quality is superb, and it's built in the same factory as most high end bikes such as Trek and Specialized in Taiwan. The frame is constructed from 7005 grade aluminum and weighs under 5 lbs.

Not only that, but the value of a brand new Motobecane Fantom Pro can't be beat! Full XTR component set, Avid Elixir brakes, and Rockshox Reba Race fork and Monarch RT3 out back, plus super smooth cartridge bearing wheels, all for under 2k, what a deal! I only wish I had bought mine new, but building it up has been a blast!

I ride as much as possible and can shred trails on this bike. It's never let me down. Sure it doesn't have fancy shaped tubes or a super complex suspension system, but it works! While their lower end bikes might be lumped with wal-mart quality bikes, their higher end stuff is on par with most name brand bikes, without hurting the wallet too much. I've even read about people ...more

Awesome bike and hands down the best buy for the money.

Love my Fly Ti 29er!

the bomb

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72 Ibis

Ibis can't win in this, they don't make enough bikes and they aren't in every corner bike shop. They are, however, the best there is.

Ibis make remarkable mountain bikes, they have won many awards and come top of many comparison reviews in the popular MTB magazines and press. The reason they don't feature highly here is because they are more of a "boutique" brand, and are out of the reach of many riders.

It's an Ibis. Need I say more? Kona is #10?

Ibis Mojo HDR is the best enduro mtb ever!

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73 YT Industries

Most amazing bike ever. I own a notion 20 pro edition for about a year and a half and there has been no problems. Durable frame, light, and beautiful. Expensive but amazing. I also had to travel to Switzerland to buy it since I live in Canada. Amazing

I love YT industries best looking and best value bikes ever.

Best bike for the money out there for sure

Use to ride Yt Tues 2.0 DH World Cup Edition...and its still one of the best bikes I ever had...

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74 Saracen

Great bike, have had it for 4 years and no problem it light, not that expensive and still feels like I could ride it throught a warzone and it would still be fine. I think that they are a good bike and should be considered.

I have owed many mountain bikes over the years but have to say Saracen is one of the best I have had. So much so I have just ordered a new one.

I have a Saracen and I can honestly say that it is one of the very best mountain bike makes ever.

Best bike in the world quality stuff

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75 Voyager

My bike is voyager it is good nice to ride smooth and confident

I did some jumps and trailing, yet it never let me down.

This is my first bike, and still in good condition.

My bike is voyager as well. XRX

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76 Totem

I am using Totem Freedom for a couple of weeks now, it feels great. Since I am new to this MTB world so will give you guys a full feedback after a couple of months or so :D

Great stability and solid frame

Great sturdy frame.. Well welded joints

Cool Frame

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77 Rockrider

Good quality bike & cheap! Go to decathlon and try one of those! You can try it for free inside the shop. What is bad: they have few colors, but maybe thiefs will also not like those colors and will go for another bikes.

Good starter bikes. I've put 4, 500km in the last year. It's hung in there quite well. Not the best but a good place to start.

Average bike, cheap = top choice for beginners, softcore riders. It also has some pro-models (reasonable price)...

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78 Laux

I'm from Bangladesh... And owner of a Laux Combat... I think it's a nice bike with a reasonable price...

Great bikes... Especially Zohan

I own one and it's quite good actually!

I own a laux and so far so good..

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79 Look

I have just built myself a LOOK 927 CARBONE MTB. Fantastic to ride a light for the up hill sections. awesome bit of kit.

80 Avanti

Greatest Hard tails, such great components :) just feels like it glides wherever you ride and whatever you ride on... The ride is so smooth it makes you feel lazy

Why is this 61? The only thing wrong with mine is that the mudguards keep falling off. And they didn't come with it, they were installed. I have a Black Thunder and it gets me from point A to point B in style. - Travisty99

Best bike I have ever ridden, the best Australian / New Zealand built bike, defiantly built for the rough terrain

Why is Avanti rank 99. Avanti is by far the highest quality bike out there, also avanti bikes are half the price of Santacruz and Specialized but doesn't mean there quality is half of its competitors in my opinion there bikes are just as good and even better then those highly overpriced brands, if you want a bike that will perform and last the test of time and not emptying your wallet I highly surgest buying a Avanti MTB

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