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101 Totem

I am using Totem Freedom for a couple of weeks now, it feels great. Since I am new to this MTB world so will give you guys a full feedback after a couple of months or so :D

Great stability and solid frame

Great sturdy frame.. Well welded joints

Cool Frame

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102 Look

I have just built myself a LOOK 927 CARBONE MTB. Fantastic to ride a light for the up hill sections. awesome bit of kit.

103 Laux

I'm from Bangladesh... And owner of a Laux Combat... I think it's a nice bike with a reasonable price...

Great bikes... Especially Zohan

I own one and it's quite good actually!

I own a laux and so far so good..

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104 Gravity

I got one and it sucks.. Go with a yeti downhiller...

Just an amazing bike!

It's a good bike. Don't compare it with yeti for 5 grand unless you're a doushe

105 BH

I have my BH Topline for almost eight years at this stage and it's been through some rough terrain in that time. Apart from expected wear and tear my bike has stood up to everything I've asked of it. Exceptional bike and one of the lightest frames in its class.

I bought a BH a95k frame and put all my dream parts on it to make it complete. It cost me over £3300 and it is fantastically light. Good Northern Spanish make that isn't really big in the U. K which is what I was looking for, something different.

I have a BH overX. It is a excellent bike

Veryy goood bike

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106 Rock Machine

Reliable bike. I have one for 5 years now, and it's working great despite the fact that I forced it a lot in the mountains.

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107 Avanti

Greatest Hard tails, such great components :) just feels like it glides wherever you ride and whatever you ride on... The ride is so smooth it makes you feel lazy

Why is this 61? The only thing wrong with mine is that the mudguards keep falling off. And they didn't come with it, they were installed. I have a Black Thunder and it gets me from point A to point B in style. - Travisty99

Best bike I have ever ridden, the best Australian / New Zealand built bike, defiantly built for the rough terrain

Why is Avanti rank 99. Avanti is by far the highest quality bike out there, also avanti bikes are half the price of Santacruz and Specialized but doesn't mean there quality is half of its competitors in my opinion there bikes are just as good and even better then those highly overpriced brands, if you want a bike that will perform and last the test of time and not emptying your wallet I highly surgest buying a Avanti MTB

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108 Venzo

For me no one will beat venzo

I have a Venzo wing, it's a lightweight bike, and tough, I recommend it for its price and convenience

Its amazingly light. I love the design especially the black and white venzo wing it's so cool.


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109 Rog Ljubljana

15 years of active driving without major problems. If you want solid bike without spending big money, buy Rog.

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110 Olympia Cicli

Italian elegance. A very pleasant ride. Turn heads when passing by.

Very efficient and good design

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111 Upland

Best Bike. Reasonable price

Upland are simply at the best price and are good for rocky terrain. Awesome and good quality bike

Awesome great brakes and body crashed many times still in good shape

Best one

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112 Capriolo

Surprisingly good value for money. If they keep making these kind of bikes, they might get more expensive over time. If you want to have fun with your bike check out new big nine model, I tried one owned by my friend, and it is quite good entry level MTB.

I have been following this brand for 10 years - they keep getting better.

Great values bikes using good components and very well made.

I have Capriolo Monitor. Great bike for the money!

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113 Exitway

I owned a XCR EX, is tough and nice to ride bike. It handles very well and very reliable. The frame design is strong and having high tech look. Not those plain round tube frame. Price is reasonable with good parts. I have no regret own one.

My first mountain bike. Reliable and easy to handle.

Cheap price to own a good accessories bike

My first price with good quality

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114 Kellys

This is the best cycle for racing, I have defeated all my friends and have won all the time thanks to this bike

The race ready concept really awesome than others

Awesome bike with awesome geometry.
I've ridden many bikes like trek merida raleigh.
But believe me kellys geometry is superb.

Kellys SWAG 50 is bike which uses slovakian Štefan Svitko, you can trust to choice of one of the best Dakar motorcycle riders

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115 Meghna

It's a nice bike... Made by Bangladesh... Just awesome

Meghna is the one of the best bike in Bangladesh and it is too good for begginners!

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116 Sobim

I own a SOBIM Bike. IT is the best ratio value for money.

I have sobim bike it's chip and whit very good quality

117 On One

On one inbred and inbred 456... Solid fun bombproof, enough said

Riding on one is the worst choice to make you can poop

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118 Dunlop

Okay bike I had it for 7-8 months and it's all rusty a bit of a waste

Load of rubbish, poor quality, cheaply made.

Jks Jamie likes them so I honk are okay even though are on 110 on the list lol

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119 United

Great performance, and reliable

Nowadays with new type of Patrol, they progressing very well both the design and market penetration.

Good spec with low price

Be to

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120 Proton Bikes

I have one T-Bolt & it is all factory stock! I only changed to 2.35 tyres and take it to the trails often. Amazing bike with lots of fun riding it! Love it!

A Malaysian brand. My father has one, an it looks and feels so good

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