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121 Reebok

Great value. Great design. Solid frame.

122 Bottecchia

Got an entry level bike and love it so far, excellent price - quality performance.

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123 Blackcomb

The best and much cheaper

Remarkable light and fast... Nice ever

I like it because its not hard


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124 Java

Its not about the bike its about the rider

Refined and delicate...

Looking for MTB is brand is one of the best.. You can compare to Giant or Trek!

Nice terra x1 user...good and cheaper...

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125 Zeronine

My uncle has a bike frame like this I think it is durable

126 Forme
127 Airborne
128 RAM

A brand that is focused only on MTB. Great value for money.

Expensive (for me) but good! I like HT1

129 Knolly V 4 Comments
130 Salsa

Should be on here... One of the best upcoming brands!

I've been to many bike manufactureing facility's and salsa builds bikes better that any one I've seen. The only brand who's building process is better would be giant in my opinion

Awesome bikes

Great bikes, great brand with 'adventure' in its DNA. Riding Salsa bike means being outdoor not for 2-3hours but rather a days. For me the best fatbikes out there.

131 Atomic

Its just a months since I bought an all new atomic mtb with mag wheels on it. it may be cheaper than the others but tell you performance? Great! It really works well in long distances as if your in a racer bike of course considering the smaller tires and first class shimano parts. hope the mag wheels last...

Cheap but Extremely good performance and design.

Simple and great performance

Great MTB Designs and Performance. Good for beginners. Cheap. Just upgrade parts for optimize bike performance.

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132 Sava

Not very well known but their bikes are pretty durable, particularly their carbon and titanium frames. Great bang for your buck.

Just like any other bike

Hi I'm wilson sava aries is mine its great

Hi,third..i have a sava a1,its great so comfortable..i like it...

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133 Aventon
134 Kuota
135 Sars

Some stores or distributors couldn't help but elicit derogatory remarks against this brand of bikes, simply because they are ignorant enough as they are thinking that Sars Bikes are from mainland China. However, they would have stood corrected, if they were to search this brand on the net, hence they will surely find out Sars is from Taiwan.
With regards to the quality and the design of this bike, I have been all praises for it. It's like, as the saying goes, you pay less and you get more. I believe that some stores are just apprehensive the moment they ink a deal with this brand of bikes and display alongside giant, trek, among others and no more customers will patronize the latter brands. Quality-wise sars is at par with the best brands, but the former solely leads the way in terms affordability. That's the truth.

Just got a SARS Inferno frame and set. I am just wondering for the little amount that I paid for this bike, when looking into the quality and how it appears, this bike is durable and elegant. Is it because the brand is just new to the bicycle world?

I bought sars frame set at only PhP 4, 350.00. Twas so amazing, a pay-less-get-more indeed! Its weight (very light) really was a great advantage for me. I proved it when I together with my biking chums took on a very challenging uphill ordeal, they gave up while yours truly was slowly and easily capturing the top.

I love its price.

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136 UCC
137 Format

I have bought format meteor, it feels awesome when ride so fast (obviously wearing protective gears)! At first I gave a test ride on a format pro, felt amazing, and decided to buy one. But unfortunately poor I went for meteor. What I have spent for meteor I found its worthy. By the way... I am from Bangladesh.

Great Value for money that's all I have to say.

The geometry is just tooo good

Specially the 'ter' series

138 Sintesi

I owned this sintesi hardatil frame as my first mountain bike which was given to me by my brother in law for almost 2 years now. Nice Geometry, very tough frame and it never failed me on the trail. It is a European brand made in Italy. Maybe some experts here try this brand.

139 Louis Garneau

Best to buy, road bikes from louis garneau

I had it when I was a kid and it was really good

140 Bridgestone V 2 Comments
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