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121 Mob

Lightweight and durable... I've been using it for fifth year in a row... Nothing compares for it still runs smoothly on and off the road... Truly, a mountain bike. I only changed its tires once and the rest still working well.

For more than 5 yrs. , still very good, frame is great and I used it almost every time, travel 60km during weekends and it's a beautiful ride.

My 1st bike... It served me well light weight and durable...
Can be for cross country set up and for all mountain... Just swap of the travel from 80-100(xc) to 130-140(am) and still looks good either way

122 Simplon

Excellent workmanship. Affordable and durable

Good quality. A good option for new bikers.

Nice bike, good quality, and affordable

I'm a newbie and simplon is my first mtb... been using it for almost a year and I've got no issues since...

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123 Lerun

I've been using lerun about 2 years and join several jamboree and the bike in good condition

Very strong I have been using it fo 10 years and not even a single crack on its body.

Its was my first MTB, I buy it since 1996 and its still good, now I use Lerun evo and revo zeta

I've been using lerun since 1997 until 2013~ no problem at all~ the body frame still solid and smooth ride~ I really love it~ look forward on it.

124 Whyte

Won trail bike of the year 2013 what else needs to be said

Geometry is up there with the best. Ride is superb. Handling unparalleled. Try and find a bad review for a Whyte. Bikes made to be ridden hard and for maximum enjoyment.

Just bought one, rides like a dream. Very impressed. All very subjective to conditions and riding style but would have no reservations about recommending.

Just traded in my excellent, trusty 2016 901 for a 2017 T-130 RS and I'm in love. Hugely capable bike, crazy fun and comfortable. Rough technical decents are dreamy.

Whyte consistantly make some of the best trail bikes with superb geometry and good spec at a reasonable price. Now serving the USA so growing fast, too.

Definitely a top 10 brand!

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125 Cross

Great bike deserves to be at least in first 50 brands

Great value for money!

Its very good bike for me and my sister

I have a Cross model 927 2017...I think it is perfect bike with perfect price..this brand should be in top 10...2 years ago I had GT karakoram not bad but nothing in comparing with cross

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126 DHS V 1 Comment
127 Ferrari

Great for those technical sections; eats up roots like nothing

Amazing Cars I once drove a 458 Spyder with my dad!

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128 Dartmoor

By far the best bike brand... All about dirtjump and freeride. Affordable yet extremely light and durable frames!

Design by riders with passion for bikes, great value, great designs and great range.

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129 Dawes

Proper solid bikes had it four years nothing gone wrong except tyres and brakes, ride it day in day out very very reliable so much fun proper bike for serious riders.

My Dawes bike is tasty. The pedals go round, the brakes work, and it gets me to the places I want to go to (nearby).

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130 Centurion

Very steady bike I have a backfire 40 very comfortable to ride

Best ride ever for 1 decade, still in good shape, a Germany made chromolly frame.

Very good bikes cross Country or road or...

I have a centurion backfire 40 and it is very comfortable

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131 Banshee

Best good dam bike should be on the first page

Banshees are the best bikes ever they have solid frame and bars and will take a lifetime beating it should be top 3!

Should be much higher, also don't deserve (in good sense) 2nd page, bikes like Ibis, Intense, Mondraker. VOTE for them!

I am on the NZ banshee/raceface team and I love the bike. I am 12 years old and I ride the spitfire.

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132 Lombardo

Good value fot money. Use shimano components. Not a single problem

Just got Sestriere 700, great value for money, nice craftsmanship, welding of the frame looks perfect, equipment much better then from competition for that amount.

Got Lombardo Erice 300. Simple, rides fine, a bit heavy. Good bike all in all.

133 Cronus

I have two cronus bikes holts 270 and holts 310 it's a lightweight mountain back while the speed is also amazing with stock parts.. components and parts is just a substitute for bikes performance. Ride or Die.

Cronus Future 410 owner here. Great bike

Light cheaper and easy to use

Amazing bike,very fast and smooth

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134 Cole

My very first bike very light, good design and very affordable... Happy to to have it...

Best of all budget meal frames, lightness and durability

Good geometry for aerodynamics


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135 Zoom
136 Urata

Reasonable price with balance of functionality.

137 Amoeba

I have an Amoeba Hussar it is really, really, really tough from mountain to slopes/ rugged terrains all thumbs up. Durable and strong.

Wow my 2nd bike was amoeba 9708, its been a year and I am still using it. For me it's my best companion in trails.

Great brand, stylish and ready to rock!

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139 Hummer

The best bike in the world

It's known to make vehicles not bikes

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140 Breezer

Breezer is the first and oldest mountain bike company, started in 1977 when Joe Breeze hand-built the first ten modern mountain bikes.

Joe Breeze is one of my oldest and dearest friends. I own the second mountain bike that he built.

Joe designs the frames himself, from decades of riding experience. He is a true perfectionist and brilliant creative mind. When you ride one of his bikes, you will enjoy the world's greatest ride! Check out his new M-Link!

I love my Supercell!

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