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161 Xyclone

Best yet affordable. For new beginners.

Awesome Frame Design!

Lightweight Alloy frame! love the design! Good for beginners

Good for beginners! love the frame design!

162 La Bici

La bici ventinove frame is cool, semi-carbonized frame made from Italy. Bike frame is expensive but very good quality!

163 FBP Partizan
164 Fluid

Seems to be a solid (middle of the road) performer. Doesn't accelerate like my giant Talon 27.5 1 and its brakes aren't as good and it's heavier but then for $300 AUS (usual price $500) compared to $1,400 it holds up well.

Amazing bike and low maintenance. A good descent bike for a teenager to go to school and back and for a person to practice and make his legs stronger in a heavy bike.

A great disappointment for what they charged me ($1200) for a bike when it was jumped it cracked

It really go my brother has one of those bikes

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165 Dyno
166 Montra

It's the best for mountain ride ride like a wind

I simply love it, best bike I've ever bought & good looks for an MTB.


I have montra rock 1... ! Very fashionate... ! And creepy lookz

167 Lynskey

Great bike with lifetime warranty

168 Viva Bikes

Best bike for me

Good quality and great pleasure to ride it!
We wave 3 VIVA bikes at our family and we enjoy every day the cycling!

Nicosia Cyprus

169 Dorcus
170 Caloi

Love my Caloi. Super light and I've put it through hell and back. Most dependable bike I've ever had.

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171 Panasonic Panasonic

Best and Fastest Bike On the planet! Rather than its fast and best it is the strongest bike, that's right Giant is good too but it is seriously expensive, that's why many people prefer Panasonic!

172 Northrock
173 Peugeot

Peugeot makes some classic mid-80s hard tail bikes that are built to last and perfom.

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174 Alukibe

I have two bikes of this brand and I said that the quality of the framesets and general devices are very very good. The frameset have a lifetime warranty. The relation between price-quality-satisfaction it is incredible and excelent. Totally recomended.

175 Fort

Best bike ever Nice and Sturdy I got One since Birth and its still look brand new by the way I'm 48.

176 Tunturi
177 Ventana

Ventana mountain bikes are a high quality bike that I believe is manufactured in Rancho Cordova CA. Ventana bikes come in various sizes and colors. They price range also varies from around $1, 500 being entry level. To $?. Well how much you got? Laugh out loud. Although they are without a doubt on the highend as far as price goes but, you get what you pay for. I honestly have'nt kept up on ventana bikes to see how they have been doing in these econimic times of disaster? Any way ifthey have managed to stay above ground I highly recomend Ventana mtb. They are a custom built, super strong, ultra-light mountain bike manufactured using the highest technology complemented with American craftsmanship.

178 Mar Xix

Very good quality of bikes

Very good bike and affordable

Folding Bikes (VELOCITY, SKYWALKER 1&2)

cheap bike

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179 Oxea Bicycle

Very good bike for beginners and reasonable price. Beautiful design as well. Highly recommended to people.

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180 Malvern Star

Just completed a total rebuild of a Malvern Star. The frame is a tight as the day it was made. Pleasure to ride. Many years ago I rode a Malvern Star road bike into the ground. The frame cracked about 20 miles from home (around 50,0000 mile old frame) but still managed to get home. Many people in Australia would have fond memories of their childhood Malvern Stars. Very much an under rated and unappreciated brand.
I have now started rebuilding a Graecross to use as a junker.

Mine's a piece of crap to be honest. You can hear the bike shaking, squaking and moaning from miles away.

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