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1 Almost Doesn't Count

I think this is the best love song. I wish now a days young people had song lik these and not about sex, drugs, money and what they rep. I'm 16 but this is the best so far.

2 Afrodisiac

This song is nice I like it because she dose not have to curse or say gross words.

3 Right Here (Departed)
4 Have You Ever

Brandy's unique voice is at its best in this ballad. She didn't over sing it and her ad lib's were well place. Amazing song

I love this song it makes me shed a tear almost all the time.

5 I Wanna Be Down
6 Full Moon
7 Baby
8 Long Distance
9 Piano Man
10 What About Us?

Nice Song. - mood333

The Contenders

11 The Boy is Mine

Brandy and Monica make a great team... I like this song it's catchy and amusing! : )

12 True

This is the best song I have ever heard in my entire life, brandy really went crazy in this song... Couldn't stop myself from listening until my battery went flat

13 Fall
14 1st & Love
15 Shattered Heart
16 Put It Down

This music it's the best of her. People vote her.

17 Truthfully
18 Best Friend
19 Sittin' Up In My Room
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