Top Ten Best Brazilian Singers

Top Ten list of the best Brazilian singers of all time.

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1 Elis Regina

One of the strongest vocalists in history. Her range, both vocally and stylistically, positively consumes what most vocalists possess. While she had the skill of a veteran though, even as a young adult, she approached her work as a prodigy (which she was) does naturally. While her reputation tells varied tales of what she was like to work with, the product itself shows us a singer who is frequently playful on tracks, often to the point of outright laughter, and who tried not to take herself too seriously.

Her talent commanded the respect of the best composers of her era, and so she has not only recorded some of the most creative and memorable versions of classics that came before her, but has also left a trail of classic recordings behind her that artists today still tribute. Her record speaks for itself.

Elis is the greatest.

I think, when listening her singing, that she give as hundred percent of her beautiful soul. she hasn t tehnique, she has immortal way to tell as what is the rooth of harmony. I have 57 years and heard many nice voice s, but her... that s enyoin in each way.

Roberto Carlos is the most famous Brazilian singer of all time, period. He has sold more records than any other Brazilian artist and his shows around the globe sell out all the time, he has more hit songs than anyone. These people that make up these stupid lists don't know a damn thing and many folks are jealous of Roberto's success. He is and will be Brazil's most famous artist for many, many years if not forever!

Elis Regina Carvalho Costa, known simply as Elis Regina (March 17, 1945 � January 19, 1982) was a singer of Brazilian popular music who achieved great success and recognition during her lifetime. She remains one of the most popular and beloved stars in Brazil.

2 Milton Nascimento

He is The best out of Brazil!

I have listened to Milton since 1973. I have all his albums and have recorded Beijo Partido with strings arrange by Onaje Gumbs. On the Norman Connors recording. There no better singer. I saw Milton in La when Miles Davis opened for him. I took my son named Moacir, yes after Maestro Moacir Santos. I saw Milton in November in Atlanta. I come to Rio in the summer to teach and inspire the young aspiring students in the program Arts and Social Transformation. I wish Milton could come to meet them. Obrigado, Milton

"If God sang, he would do it with Milton's voice” - Elis Regina

3 Clara Nunes
4 Renato Russo

He was and even having him left us alone, he still the best singer in Brazil, way far from the others... We all missed of that rich time, plenty of good taste on music...

Renato Russo is the king of rock in Brazil! He is the best composer that Brazil already had their music portrayed the sufferings and joys of all teenagers of Brazil.
Summarizing the great poet of Brazilian music
He died over his cry is still alive! He will always be in our hearts! Hear the maximum volume

Renato Russo is a poet, a genius from Brasilia and he made history in the country.

This amazing singer could reach more than 3 octaves of vocal extension. He could sing softly or powerfully, according to the song. Besides that he was a poet. He wrtoe beautiful songs. The best of all!

5 Gilberto Gil

Gilberto Gil is a Brazilian singer, guitarist, and songwriter, known for both his musical innovation and his political commitment. Since 2003, he has been serving as his country's Minister of Culture in the administration of President Luiz In�cio LULA the Silva.

I don't understand Portuguese, but I like the beat

6 Maria Bethânia

Very powerful voice.
she is more than a singer, seems like the lyrics and the instruments sincronize with Her soul. She captured the attention from the beginning to the end.

This woman is the best of all Brazilian female singers by far!

She so talented and she has a unique voice.

Michael Telo precediendo a María Bethania? Algo no va bien en este conteo.

7 Adriana Calcanhotto

She is the best out of all

Beloved Brazil
The rare sound
Inexhaustibly ringing.

8 Tom Jobim

Tom Jobim was a master. I was a great composer, arranger, conductor, comparable Mozart. How come somebody can list together Jobim and Michael Telo. For the Lord sake...

I am splitting hairs. Tom Jobim or Chico Buarque? One or the other, hard to make a decision. Both of them define many traits of contemporary Brazilian music.

He's so cool like oh my G

Just incomparable. His songs have nice sophisticated chords. He knew what he was doing. After all he is a conductor.

9 Elza Soares

She is 80-years-old and still rocking... her albums are great, her presence and mind are sharp and powerful

Hey you! Aren't you forgetting someone very important. An black woman with an incredible voice? Are you kidding when you mention Anitta and other trashes? Elza Soares Ever. Try: "A Carne" and "Malandro". Doing so, she will be held to the ten top!

10 Marisa Monte

Marisa monte is a huge star in Brazil known as a very sophisticated singer and song writer. Her voice, songs and stage presence is something beyond the ordinary... She is amazing brilliant! She was elected by the French Newspaper Le Monde as top 10 best singer in the world.

Marisa Monte is considered best singer in Brazil!


Marisa always inspires me! She is a great woman and artist. Her voice is extremely beautiful, it touches our souls and her songs are always very well chosen.

She definitively represents a great Brazilian music... How could someone in good mental shape compare Marisa Monte with Michael Telo?

The Contenders

11 Michel Telo

Man...I don't Understand That Songs Because I don't Understand The Language...But I Love His Songs...

Bcouse Neymar love his songs

I love him and he is very good.

His the best singer I have every heard... I love the song he sing the one ai se eu te pego. I play that song over and over and never get bored. I the way he dance to when he is also single I love all the song he sing because I can feel them in my heart when I heard him sing them. Telo you're the best

12 Caetano Veloso

Caetano Emanuel Viana Teles Veloso (born August 7, 1942), better known as Caetano Veloso, is a composer, singer, guitarist, writer, and political activist. He has been called "one of the greatest songwriters of the century" and is sometimes considered to be the Bob Dylan of Brazil. Veloso is most known for his participation in the Brazilian musical movement Tropicalismo which encompassed theatre, poetry and music in the 1960s, at the beginning of the Brazilian military dictatorship.

Caetano was very important to compile the African and indigenous heritage of the Brazilian music, and he was also important for the fight for democracy during the Brazilian dictatorship.


I am from central america and like Caetano like no other Brazilian singer, he put his emotions to song, great composer and magnificient singer

13 Ivete Sangalo

Awesome singer, the true Brasil icon, you know what it fells like a sold out Madison Square Garden... So unforgettable 2011 turner! Love you Ivete*****

Shes a great singer, Very funny and have a strong voice. IVETE ROCKS!

She is the QUEEN of Brazil, incredible voice!

The best one! Queen of Brazil!

14 Chico Buarque

Takes me where no other music can...

Chico Buarque is the best..!

15 Andre Matos André Coelho Matos is a Brazilian vocalist, pianist and composer. He was involved in the heavy metal bands Viper, Angra and Shaaman.

Make the name of power metal in brazil
crating a label with angra and shaman inscripting
brazil's rock's

He is the best in the world! We did everything possible and impossible for the Brazilian Heavy Metal!

Used to sing for Angra, great range, great power, deserves to be here.

simply the best

16 Roberto Carlos

I guess who ever wrote this does not know anything about Brazilian music. if you place Roberto Carlos in the number 12 slot. Please correct your self just consider how many records he has sold, how many songs he has written and last all his concerts are sold out wherever he goes. This year (2014) alone he sold out all his concerts in the US and Mexico including Las Vegas MGM Grand. In Brazil he holds the record also of filling up the largest stadium for a concert. On top of all this he has sold more records than the Beatles or Elvis in Latin America. How dare you place him in the 12 position. He is by far the number one singer in Brazil since the sixties, with a hit records in every decade since then.

Roberto Carlos is still my favorite. He captures such emotion and I love the fact that his songs honor family, long lasting love, and tells fun little stories.

His voice is amazing! He and Julio Inglesias are my favourite singers of all time! All of his songs are really beautiful!

The best! Reaches your soul with his silky smooth voice. So romantic!

17 Tim Maia

A great Brazilian singer, who is considered one of the best singers for being himself. He used and abused the talent.

Tim is just epic. Greatest Brazilian voice of all time. And a rebel soul.

Are you kidding me? Nobody can sing like Tim Maia

Just discovered him, lovely stuff!

18 Joao Gilberto

Fantastic, that how samba is done

Classic Brazilian bossa nova!

A clasic one.

19 Paula Fernandes

No she she don't

Attractive voice

She is so nice!

Very beautifull voice and girl

20 Gusttavo Lima

He's awesome and good looking as well as a great singer I love him and all of his songs

Balada boa! He's totally awesome

Arrocha Arrocha :) from jordan

I love this guy.
Don’t speak the language but definitely going to sing this

21 Cazuza

Cazuza (April 4, 1958 � July 7, 1990) was a Brazilian composer, singer and poet, born Agenor Miranda Ara�jo Neto in Rio de Janeiro. Along with Raul Seixas, Renato Russo and Os Mutantes, Cazuza is considered one of the best exponents of Brazilian rock music. In 1989, he admitted publicly for the first time that he had AIDS and released his last album: Burguesia. Cazuza was openly bisexual but was not active in the gay movement. However his openness about being a person with AIDS helped to change public perceptions and attitudes about HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

Good de mais

22 Simone

As a woman, I see her as beautiful in her being.

Great voice, fantastic attractive appearence and wonderful songs

Wonderful voice, beutuful as a woman

23 Cássia Eller

Cassia Eller simply genius

C�ssia Rejane Eller (December 10, 1962 - December 29, 2001) was a Brazilian musician. She was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1962, but spent most of her adolescence in Bras�lia. In 1990 she returned to Rio and her recording career took off. Her most popular album is the live recording Ac�stico that she did for MTV Brasil (essentially the Brazilian version of an MTV Unplugged album), and her best-known hit songs are her cover of Malandragem, originally written by Cazuza and "Segundo Sol". Eller is known for her fusion of rock and MPB, and for her extremely deep and husky singing voice. She is also notable as one of Brazil's most prominent lesbian artists. Her sexuality, along with her musical style, has caused some to draw comparisons with Ani DiFranco and the Indigo Girls as well as Melissa Etheridge.

24 Anitta

She's the best pop singer nowadays and their producers are really good.

She sings really good I speak Portuguese too.

She is diva, and represents the girl power!

The best of the time

25 Zizi Possi

I love the sound of her voice, it's unique, and she sings perfectly in tune, she is lyrical, and she is a superb interpreter, with an original interpretation of each song she records. Simply the best!

Her voice is calming and sweet I wish I could see her in a live concert

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