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21 Zizi Possi

I love the sound of her voice, it's unique, and she sings perfectly in tune, she is lyrical, and she is a superb interpreter, with an original interpretation of each song she records. Simply the best!

Her voice is calming and sweet I wish I could see her in a live concert

22 Maria Bethânia

This woman is the best of all Brazilian female singers by far!

She so talented and she has a unique voice.

23 Lisa Ono

~ Known as the Queen of Boosa Nova in Asia, presently one of the words best ambassador's of Boosa and Brazilian Sound.

24 Astrud Gilberto
25 Adriana Calcanhotto

She is the best out of all

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26 Luan Santana

Amazing singer... He can carry a note and his lyrics are wonderful!

He should be the number 10! Not "Michael Telo"! Luan is better than him!

Sweet voice and beautiful songs!

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27 Bebel Gilberto
28 Max Cavalera Max Cavalera Massimiliano Antonio "Max" Cavalera is a Brazillian singer, guitarist, and songwriter who currently plays in heavy metal bands Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, and Killer Be Killed.

What comes to mind when you think about Brazilian Metal. Sepultura was great with him and he have the most intersting projects in metal like Killer be Killed.

29 Gal Costa

A great tone and always in tune, a great singer!

Gal Costa is a most versatile Singer with an incredible passionate interpretation of many Styles. Her Tone is Impeccable!

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30 Raul Seixas
31 Djavan

Awesome singer and songwriter. Beautiful tone and guitar playing abilities. I've seen him live and he is t h en truth!

32 Ivan Lins
33 Martinho da Vila
34 Ana Carolina

Ana Carolina is incredible, her voice is very strong and unique. I really love her songs, the mensages behind the musics about love and liberty.

Poweful voice, confident
And melodious. I love her power singing and She is unique and beautiful. And I Love Her.

35 Claudia Leitte

She's amazing! And the most beautiful singer and dancer in the world! Really Nice vocal! She Rocks because she knows how to make a hot concert! I LOVE HER VOICE!

Only Brazilian singer to sing in major global awards

Lead singer of the Miss Universe 2011

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36 Daniela Mercury V 2 Comments
37 Seu Jorge

One of the truly raw voices of Brasil. He is addictive.

38 Anitta

She's the best pop singer nowadays and their producers are really good.

She is diva, and represents the girl power!

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39 Samuel Rosa
40 Zezé Di Camargo

He's a very good singer, wish I could participate in a concert one day. Carry on doing the excellent work you have been doing since long.

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