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41 Jorge Ben Jor

Maybe the best Brazilian singer! Mas Que Nada, Pais Tropical and Taj Mahal are maybe the most famous Brazilian songs!

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42 Roberta Sá

I like the clarity and smoothness of her voice. very soothing and her pitch is excellent. She has a young sounding voice and yet has body to it. Overall, her voice suits both classic and modern bossa and samba songs

43 Sergio Mendes
44 Dinho
45 Jessé
46 Vanessa da Mata

Her voice is very beaultiful and has what Brazilian songs have the best: rithm and joy of life!

47 Daniel
48 Moraes Moreira
49 Joanna
50 Oswaldo Montenegro
51 Edu Falaschi
52 Carlinhos Brown
53 Nara Leao
54 Junior E Leonardo

The greatest ever Brazilian singers/rappers

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55 Pele Pele Edson Arantes do Nascimento, known as Pelé, is a retired Brazilian professional footballer who played as a forward. V 1 Comment
56 MC Guimè V 1 Comment
57 Clara Nunes
58 Pitty

The best Brazilian rocker. She writes letters very well, is beautiful.. It's like the Brazilian Amy Lee (but not voice). The Pitty has a voice a little hoarse, but it's great. The pace of their songs are excellent. One of the world's best rock singers.. Listen her

59 Monique Kessous
60 Geraldo Vandré

One of the more importants singers Brazil ever has. Big important to the story of the country, when the military forces take the control of the citys, and the teenagers do quiet protests. The more important of then was Geraldo Vandré.

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