Top Ten Best Brazilian Singers

Top Ten list of the best Brazilian singers of all time.

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61 Mano Brown
62 Tom Zé

It is considered one of the most original figures in Brazilian popular music, having actively participated in the musical movement known as Tropicália in the 1960s and become an influential voice in the alternative music scene in Brazil.

Live also a truly great performer!

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63 Jorge Aragao
64 Dick Farney

He sang something similar to bossa nova before the existence of bossa nova. His voice was fantastic and he was considered our Bing Crosby. If you can, hear "UMA LOURA"-(A Blonde Woman).

65 Elza Soares

Hey you! Aren�'t you forgetting someone very important. An black woman with an incredible voice? Are you kidding when you mention Anitta and other trashes? Elza Soares Ever. Try: "A Carne" and "Malandro". Doing so, she will be held to the ten top!

66 Saulo Fernandes

Uma nice voz com emoçaõ e ritmo
A nice voice that transmit a lot of emotions.
Very good musicians too, lot of rhythm.
With this kind of artist the future of brasilan music is already here.

67 Gretchen

The Brazilian Madonna, the shimmy queen. She revolucioned the whole music in Brazil since the 70's and made greatly really hot performances on T.V. in the middle of dictatorship. Her musics crossed the country and went to Argentina, Mexico and other countries. Actually, She sold more than 15 million albums just in Brazil. She is recognized by her lil shoouts on her songs and a sweet voice.

68 Ines Brasil

The Brazilian Lady Gaga

69 Lenine

A singer and songwriter northeastern who represents Brazil very well. His songs touch the soul!

70 Paulinho Moska
71 Pedro Quevedo
72 Jorge Vercilo
73 Wanessa Camargo

She is the Queen of Brazilian Pop, and one of the greatest singers of the country, their songs are in the style pop rock, pop and dance... she is like Katy Parry or Sia from Brazil!

74 Lorena Simpson

Princess of Brazilian Pop and Dance music...

75 Manu Gavassi

Princess of Brazilian Pop teen

Queen of Brazilian Pop Teen

76 Belchior
77 Alice Caymmi
78 Andre Valadao
79 Tania Marie
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