Top Ten Best Brazilian Soccer Players

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61 Diego Alves

Diego alves is just op

62 Felipe Anderson
63 Raul Plassmann
64 Lucas Leiva

He will captain Liverpool and he will captain Brazil at the next world cup in 2014

He good. Go liverpool. (dani luiz better)

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65 Luís Fabiano

Fabiano for the win

He's my favourite football player! He is so good, his technique is flawless, he's quick on his feet and scores like a boss! #fabuloso

66 Rafael

Very strong right back. He took over Ronaldo Portugal.

67 Alexsandro de Souza

The player who actually play only with his brain

He is a Fenerbahce SK's legend. Amazing maestro!

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68 Paulinho

He is very active and skilfull midfielder.

69 Nick Foster


70 Camilo Sanvezzo
71 Fernandinho

Gonna be great player for Brazil

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72 Frederico Chaves Guedes

Fred proved to be a great player after his 2 goals against Spain in the 2013 confederations cup final match.

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73 Steve Jones
74 Ademir da Guia
75 Francisco Marinho Chagas
76 Paulo Cezar
77 Djalma Santos
78 Clodoaldo

One of the most skillful attacking midfielders. They don't make this kind
Of players anymore. One of the stars of Brazil's 1970 World Cup squad.

79 Zito
80 Luis Pereira
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