Top 10 Best Breakfast Foods

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1 Pancakes

It's very good. You can add ingredients to it like honey, syrup, and even that slice or piece pf butter or cheese or anything like that on the top of your pancake! Yum!

Gotta love pancakes (more especially homemade or at least from a good mix) and topped with classic maple syrup. A great weekend tradition. Breakfast for supper, anyone?

Pancakes are so sweet and yummy! They taste like heaven! Choco chip, blueberry, maple syrup, m&ms, and even plain are so delicious and there is so many toppings to choose!

Pancakes are King of breakfast foods. They are so delicious, you'll want to ask for more! Chocolate Chip pancakes are the best.

2 Bacon

I really love Bacon so very much , and I even love Canadian Bacon too , especially on pizza ! Bacon is so good even my dog Lilly likes the smell

Awsomest food ever! I love when it's all greasy and hot. I like it crispy, but also fatty. I don't think that Turkey bacon is as great as regular bacon though.

Bacon should be #1, It goes with any other breakfast food. If you are a meat eater how can you not love bacon

Bacon rocks. Not only is it great with egss and other stuff on this list, it's addicting, crunchy, and overall great. I like BACON!

3 Waffles

The best breakfast ever delicous potato waffles with syrup on them rock! Trust me this should be number 1 plus I live in america which makes them famous

I like waffles better than pancakes. Waffles should be number one, bacon should stay number 2, and pancakes should be number 3 or 4

I love WAFFLES! Probaly (in my opinion) The best thing EVER FOR BREAKFEST OR ANY KIND OF MEAL. I also love Eggs, toast, donuts, and pancakes, But waffles are simply the best close to the others. Cause I love breckfast for me it's the best meal of the day!

Waffles waffles waffles. The name just sounds cool. While I love pancakes, waffles are crunchy and just plain better

4 Eggs

Eggs down at 4 ? Depends on how you make them. Mix 2-3 eggs with REAL butter (not with margarine or milk) in a bowl. Stir. It creates a whole new difference in the taste when you mix eggs with butter. Then, put some butter or some oil in your pan to make sure the eggs don't stick to it and become all rough and crispy. Stir until the scrambled eggs are well formed and creamy. Add pieces of ham, salt, pepper and/or vegetables of your choice. Definitely the best breakfast. They are incredibly nutritious, full of proteins and vitamins and will fill your belly well for the rest of your morning.

Eggs are ultimate breakfast dish, it is one of the best foods in the world and it is good for you, the order should be, eggs followed by creps than pancakes and bacon and then cereal.

Voting for eggs third since omelette is 1 and scambled eggs are 2 for me-- just makes sense for eggs in general. Plus, as long as you don't fry them or add to many fattening ingredients, they are extremely healthy. Of course, sometimes it's good to be a little naughty... lol... deviled eggs, egg salad, egg custard, etc.

I have eggs every day for breakfast, they are so good! Scrambled, fried, hard boiled... so good! Eggs with toast are good to.

5 Donuts

The one thing that is a snack but a breakfast food at the same time. Nice! Any kind of donut is good as long as you go to Dunkin Donuts.

This is yummy but how can this be a breakfast food? It should be a dessert!

Sounds delicious! I've have never had one for breakfast though

Yum yum in my tum I love these donuts I had a blue one today

6 Cereal

Again, so many varieties. You can go as healthy or as sweet and yummy as you dare here. Also, super quick breakfast on the go. This is my number 8 for that reason.

Cereal is very good if you need breakfast quickly. I recommend cap'n crunch and honey comb cereal.

Cereal is really classic and there is a huge variety. It's really good as well.

Put cereal higher on the list or batman will come for you.

7 Toast

Believe it or not, I simply love plain brown toast. Just gotta have the crunch. Of course, I also love cheese toast (if it's melted) and with jam, too. Quick, easy breakfast on the go.

Toast yet again is a fantastic breakfast choice. It is so yum yum with jam and butter... delicious! Toast even goes great with egg yolk. Put toast in the top ten!

I have peanut butter banana toast almost every morning should be at least #10

Delicious. A tasty thing to eat on the go that is classic

8 Fruit

This is so good! And it's not just breakfast food, either. It's a must have for every occasion! Mangos, kiwi, and strawberries are my favorite combo of fruit.

Fruit is five for me of the top ten on this list. Fruit is a must at every meal! So many color, textures, and flavors!

You ever thought of eating something nutrious for breakfast. Tons of nutrition and yummy. The best fruit by far is the apple.

Fruit is sweet and healthy! It deserves a spot higher on this list. At least Top 5!

9 Sausage

Sausage is so good for breakfast especially with Scrambled Eggs or with Oatmeal . I really love Sausage , especially on pizza too .

Great to eat. It is like a hamburger but more spicy and for breakfast. Delicious.

Smoked Sausages are the BOMB!

10 Muffins

One of the greatest things America has created, and that's saying a lot

Muffins are just plain great.

It's muffin time!

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11 Pop Tarts

So flavorful and in any flavor you want. I like hot chocolate, chocolate chip, and fudge brownie. Yum!

To be honest Misfire your correct it's so yuck

I don't like pop tarts to be honest.

Its like a dessert, for breakfast

12 Hashbrowns

Hashbrowns are one of my guilty pleasures, but I'm watching the carbs now...

Yum hash browns they are the best at Denny's

13 Crepes

Crepes are pancakes to me...

Sweet pancakes more like.

OMg this should be number 1

They're sweet pancakes.

14 Bagels

I like blueberry bagels that are cold from the fridge without heating them up with nothing on them. Yum!

I do enjoy a sesame bagel with taylor ham, egg, and cheese in the morning. breakfast of champions hands down

Yummy. If you never tasted a bagel, listen from me, poppy is the best. TRY IT.


15 French Toast

At number ten: French toast! Because as the bottom-most comment attests: "a combination of toast, eggs, and pancakes." Who wouldn't love that?

If you don't think this is on par or above pancakes or waffles you obviously don't have a life

Think about it. French toast is a combination of toast, eggs, and pancakes.

How this not number 1 is better then pancakes

16 Croissant

I'm living in France for a month and we have practically had a croissant for ever breakfast! Best breakfast food ever!

Here is a meme man meme I have on phone:
Choose your class
Economy: Stonks
Healthcare: Helth
Cooking: Shef
Philosophy: Thonks
French: Crossoints

17 Toaster Strudel

This is so good that it should at least be number 3

18 Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls rly need more love. In my opinion, these, donuts, pancakes, waffles, and bacon should be top five. But that’s just my opinion

These are amazing I love them at jojos

19 Croissant Sandwich

Should be number one isso good!

20 Grilled Cheese
21 Potatoes

I am a big fan of yummy potatoes for breakfast too especially roasted potatoes and home fries. potatoes are so good with Ketchup or mustard . I really love potatoes so much .

22 Scrambled Eggs

Next to the delectable omelette, scrambled eggs are my fave.

23 Omelette

Omelettes are so awesome for breakfast along with home fries and bacon and Coffee. I really love Omelettes especially when My mom makes them my three favorite omelette is Apple cheddar, fresh herb , pepper , onion and mushroom.

Can be customized virtually anyway you choose. Combines some of my favorite ingredients eggs and cheese. I also like to add tons of veggies, black olives, avocado, and hash browns.

Yummy with peppers, hot sauce, and much more. You can even create your own omelet

24 Steak Sandwich

If you like meat and bread this is the ultimate breakfast food for you.

25 Ham
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