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1 Ozymandias


This is, by far, the greatest episode we will ever see in the history of television. This is the episode where all the things Walt had ever done, all the lies he told finally crashed down on him. While this led to an incredible ending where the world's best liar stopped lying to himself, this was the ending of Breaking Bad. This was an extremely cruel and twisted episode, but it was appropriately cruel and twisted. What makes it satisfying at the same time is that we all know this had to happen. This series built up to Walt losing his entire family, and eventually having nothing left, leaving him to finally face the truth in the finale. While it broke our hearts to see Hank go, we all saw this coming. Hank had to die in order for Walt to see that his actions lead to this. Hank had to die in order for Walt to recieve the brutal consequences that he deserved. It satisfied and broke our hearts. It was merciless in its wrath. But that's what made it oh so powerful.

Maybe the best T.V. Episode of All Time

Everyone copes with radically changed circumstances

2 Face Off

The very ending of this episode left me speechless. I am amazed of how Walt's character has changed from the beginning until now. - Bman23

The way Gus went out I was not expecting. This left me and shocking. One of and not if, the best Breaking Bad episode of all time. Bryan Cranston is one of the best actors of all time.

Totally awesome and unexpected. Very sorry to see this consummate actor go, but perfect exit for him.

Gus died like a boss, and this is where Walt turns into one mean dude

3 Felina

So sad when Walt turns back into the good guy right when it's too late, and we lose the greatest television character of all time.

Such the perfect ending! Walter setting things right with Jesse. Perfect song to end also "I guess I got what I deserved" "the special love I had for you, my baby blue"

A perfect ending to a perfect show, every loose end left is tied up masterfully. Beautiful telivision.

That final scene with Jesse Pinkman and Walter White really got to me.

Walter: (slides gun over to Jesse) "do it you want this."
Jesse: "no you say it! Say that you want this! "
Walter: "I want this"

Every time Jesse asked Walter to admit the truth like in this scene he had found a loop hole to avoid answering but when Walter knows that he is about to die know matter what happens, he is willing to admit the truth. This episode was so filled with heart and emotion to the best T.V. show of all time. - ChickenKing

4 Crawl Space

Never before have I seen a scene in any type of media that is as good as the last scene. It's just so chilling! Face off is a close second, but I just thought that it was so perfect.P. S BREAKING BAD IS AMAZING :D

The ending of that episode with Walt yelling and screaming like a maniac was so terrifying it just makes your hair turn white. Bryan Cranston is the greatest actor ever.

That ending is just the single most terrifying and discomforting scene I've ever watched.

Just completely unnerving. Amazing episode.

5 Crazy Handful of Nothin'

This... Is not Meth

6 Full Measures

Rip gale... most intense final moments of any episode

Perfect ending to a perfect season. - BenFerris

7 To'hajiilee

When this amazing episode ends I counting hours for next one!

8 One Minute

One of the best action scenes in the entire series. "You have one minute." - DosParkers

Awesome scene at the end of the episode

9 Half Measures

Full of awesome moments. Unforgettable ending when Walter says, "run! " Also the ironic montage of wendy at the opening is a great way to start such a dark show. This shoulod be #1.

Just a personal favorite.

10 Salud

Out of any episode I've seen, this one certainly resonates the most. The scene where mike comes up behind the main cartel enforcer with razor wire is as terrifying as it is badass. You feel as though Jesse is a catalyst for the audience. He's as caught off guard as we are.

The cartel attack scene was amazing. I lovef to see Gus finally get his revenge. This is also probably the only episode where Jesse isn't acting like a brat.

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11 Pilot

The ending just EPIC

12 4 Days Out
13 Phoenix


14 ABQ

I loved this episodes ties together all the cold scenes from season 2 - famsquad

15 Confessions

Though it isn't my favourite it NEEDS to be higher. It has by far in my opinion the best cliffhanger and had me shocked and angry about the reveal of how Walt gave Brock the risen. It was just reveal after reveal and the speech Jesse gives when he's pointing the gun had Saul had me screaming. This needs to be in the top ten with Felina being number 1.

16 Peekaboo

This is the episode where people finally began to take Jesse seriously.

I cry every single time watching this episode.. The ending and the whole jesse's story with that little boy is so touching man...

That "pull at the heartstrings" episode. - rmaneesh

Best episode

17 Granite State

The ending scene was too good

A brilliant piece of television, a perfect set up for the masterpiece that is felina

Walt's little chat with Flyn was damn heart breaking. And the final seconds prepare you amazingly for Felina.

18 Fly


The fact that they can make an entire show about killing a fly interesting really goes to show the talent of the writers.

Not my favorite but should be higher. A simple yet enticing episode about killing a fly. Need to make an episode with a small budget? Here ya go

Best thing I've ever seen

19 Grilled
20 Say My Name

My second fave episode, great beginning and ending. You're damn right this one should be higher.

Why you are so stupid yeah even dora couldn't exploer you

21 Dead Freight

The heist scene is one of the best in the show, if not the single best.

The turning point

22 Gliding Over All
23 Hermanos

Most underrated episode from the show, jesus guys those last 10 minutes are just as intense as Ozymandias, really deserves the top 3 - Pato_cargo

24 Live Free or Die
25 ...And the Bag's in the River

Scene in the basement... Top 10 scenes in the series history.

26 Box Cutter
27 Negro Y Azul

How is Negro y Azul not on here already?!?!?! Tortuga and "Hola DEA", Jesse meets Jane, the song from los Cuates de Sinaloa... ? One of my favorite episodes...

28 Better Call Saul

The ending of that episode was pretty epic

Underrated early episode

29 End Times

Not my favourite but voted as I can't understand why this isn't at least in the top 20. The scene where Jesse is about to kill Walt because he believes he poisoned Brock is some of the best acting I have ever seen. Gives me chills every time and the last scene is very intense

30 Bullet Points
31 Sunset

Underrated. The cat & mouse game with Hank and Walt/Jesse in the R.V. Great stuff.

32 A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal
33 Over
34 No Mas
35 Buried
36 Rabid Dog
37 Thirty-Eight Snub
38 Madrigal
39 Seven Thirty-Seven
40 Cornered


41 Problem Dog
42 Blood Money


43 I.F.T.
44 Cat's In The Bag
45 Cancer Man
46 Gray Matter
47 Bit By A Dead Bee
48 Fifty-One
49 Down
50 Breakage
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