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1 Phobia Phobia Product Image

The best album by them yet. Their best songs are in this album, such as Dance with the Devil, Diary of Jane, and breath. And, of course, Unknown Soldier is my favorite Breaking Benjamin song and my second favorite song overrall! (Sorry, B.B. fans, but Three Days Grace overpowers this guy by a mile tenfold.

Yeah, Dear Agony is deeply personal and also quite aggressive at times, but Phobia for me has the upper hand. Favourite tracks include The Diary Of Jane, Breath, Dance With The Devil, Topless and Unknown Soldier. I think the other tracks are 'meh' at best but Phobia is still a great album.

Such a strong message comes through in all of the songs on this album. There are so many underrated songs, so much power, so many raw emotions... This is Breaking Benjamin at their best.

Beautiful lyrics. I love how there is power and meaning to every song. Breaking Benjamin definitely delivers with a variety of different songs that should appeal to everyone!

2 Dear Agony Dear Agony Product Image

The Only Reason Phobia is Higher is Because of Diary of Jane! (And maybe Breath). This is That album from
Breaking Benjamin In Which all the Songs are Good. Give me a Sign, I Will Not Bow, Dear Agony, Anthem of the Angels etc. This Album was an Absolute Turn away from their earlier work, and I'd say this "mellower" tone is something breaking benjamin should of been using since the beggining. As a Newfound BB fan, This album has definitely impressed me the most.

Phobia and Dear Agony are both two of my favourite albums ever, and while Phobia is still absolutely amazing, I've gotta say Dear Agony is my favourite. All eleven songs on Dear Agony are incredible and work together brilliantly to make a huge album atmosphere. The bass on Dear Agony is particularly powerful and awesome, and the whole album is incredible.

Phobia is good, but dear agony means the entire world to me. whenever my family would go somewhere, we would listen to one of two albums, this and awake by skillet. we listened to those albums for ages. I could listen to this entire album for hours upon hours and I don't think I would get bored of it.

As good as Phobia is, the tracks on Dear Agony have such cohesion in atmosphere that it creates a unique feeling on its own. This is the only album of theirs in which I have no problem with the entire list. It's easy to get lost in this sound.

3 We Are Not Alone We Are Not Alone Product Image

I don't know, maybe my mind just doesn't work effectively, nor rank BB albums effectively. each time I run a BB marathon, opinions about what their best album changes, every single time. maybe BB is simply flawless.

While some of the other albums may have certain songs that really stand out and are extremely powerful, this album is captivating from start to finish. It opens with "So Cold" which sets the bar pretty high, and then it never drops. Not many albums can say they are great from start to finish, this one does and does it beautifully. I would have to say as far as albums, this is my absolute favorite. I have SONGS on the other albums that I love more than any of the ones on We Are Not Alone, but this album is the most balanced and over all enjoyable. To me THIS IS Braking Benjamin at their best! If some one had never listened to them before this is where I would tell them to start!

This album got the band to where they are today, as one of alt. Metal/hard rock's most popular artists. 'So Cold' set the modern rock/metal radio template for a hit song, 'Sooner or Later' cemented their place as a dominant rock act, and 'Rain', the 2005 single and album version, showed their ability to slow down and sing a beautiful, calming song. The 2005 single version (also released on some copies of "Phobia", another great album by the band, and as a hidden track on the re-release of "We Are Not Alone" when it was certified platinum by the RIAA) also shows how experienced Ben is in the vocals department. Let's not forget the powerful, harsh, and masterful drumming of Jeremy Hummel, crushing and melodic playing of guitarist Aaron Fink, and the outstanding, driving force of bass player Mark Klepaski. This album, after going Platinum, quickly caught the attention of their record label 'Hollywood', thus giving them more attention, and earning them the status that got "Phobia" and ...more

In my mind this essentially shares join #1 with Phobia and Dear Agony, but there are are so many underrated songs on this album. I don't understand what Firefly is all about, I wasn't able to get into that song. I never really liked Sooner or Later either, but So Cold, Simple Design, Away, Follow, and Break My Fall are all simply amazing. Again, I think this album shares the #1 spot with Phobia and Dear Agony, but this one isn't shown enough love, so my vote goes to We Are Not Alone.

4 Dark Before Dawn

Just heard it. SO. DAMN. GOOD. Actually quite a heavy album, I thought it was going to be lighter. Awesome harmonies on these songs. Even some nice guitar solos, this albums been a huge suprise. Screams actually play a huge part in these songs, wasn't expecting that. Just Amazing, simply amazing. Their best album yet, to say the least.

Been a Breaking Benjamin fan since Saturate. I believe this album really brought Breaking Benjamin back to their roots of what made them so great with We Are Not Alone and the previous mentioned album. Glad the restructure of the band didn't ruin any of this.

Definitely their best album! It's heavy, the drums are awesome, and it's definitely Ben's best album vocally and lyrically. And the fact that it's their first album in six years makes it even better.

I love it. All songs are well chosen, it suits perfectly the idea I made about them. That's pretty cool to hear and you can listen all the album almost without seeing the transition between songs.

5 Saturate Saturate Product Image

to be honest, I have always overlooked the quality of this album because of the later albums, but eventually I've turned back to appreciate how BB have always been a true modern rock/ post-grunge act since their very debut. pure class.

When judging an album, I say, which album has the MOST songs that I enjoy. Not necessarily my favorite song by the band. IN this case it is both! Every song is a gem on this album. Every song has five stars for me!

This is probably my favorite album along with dear agony the only song I didn't really like was natural life. This album is way to underrated

Easily better than Phobia and any of the rest, definitely their best album and I can't believe it isn't rated higher.

6 Ember Ember Product Image

What an amazing, breath-taking record. Absolutely stunning. I was expecting a good album from this legendary band, but I wasn't expecting to be blown away or mesmerized by it. Breaking Benjamin did just that with Ember, proving they still have a lot of quality to show!

This is what we get when every album in a discography is spot on master class. I guarantee you if this album was released by someone else rather than Breaking Benjamin, it would be among the top 3.

The only BB albums better than Ember are Dear Agony and Phobia... This is yet another memorable album by BB, and its heavy. Thank you BB

Ember was fantastic!

7 Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin Product Image

This is one of their best greatest hits album! All of the rarities and hits!

8 Live (2004)
9 So Cold (Dig) So Cold (Dig) Product Image
10 Breaking Benjamin (EP)
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11 Aurora Aurora Product Image
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