Album Reviews # 2: We Are Not Alone By Breaking Benjamin

It has been a while since my last album review, 7 months to be exact. But I finally have new material to review. I actually wanted to review this album for a few months. So here we go!

1. So Cold- 10/10 Amazing track, and possibly my favorite Breaking Benjamin song. The lyrics are great, and Benjamin Burnley's vocal performance is down right awesome. The rest of this song is great, too.

2. Simple Design- 7/10 Okay song. This is actually one of the few songs to mention the dreaded f word. The instrumentation is decent, and the lyrics isn't too shabby either.

3. Follow- 10/10 Quite possibly the most underrated awesome BB song, ever. The vocal delivery is fantastic, and the guitar riffs are catchy as hell. This song is a must listen to.

4. Firefly- 8/10 This is another song with curses in it. Ironically, it's a very optimistic song until the end. The vocals are pretty good, and the instruments are good, too. Overall, a pretty good song.

5. Break My Fall- 7/10 Another okay song. The vocals are good, but the guitars are awesome. This is the last song to feature the f word. Am I the only one who thinks this song and Firefly is a little dramatic?

6. Forget It- 9/10 This is a bit of a surprise for those first time listeners. An anomaly of usual Breaking Benjamin songs, this song doesn't disappoint. Breathy vocals, soft instrumentation, and additional guitar work from BILLY CORGAN makes this one of the best tracks on the album.

7. Sooner or Later 8/10 Another great song. The beginning has a distorted guitar that sounds like it came out of a Rush album. The best part is right before the chorus. The vocals on this is freaking sweet, but then the chorus hits and it's all cheesy. Oh well. But it's still a great song.

8. Breakdown- 8/10 This song starts with a piano riff, and a few seconds later goes into total heavy metal. This is one of those songs that the vocals are good, but the instrumentation are even better. Overall, good song. This song feels like it could be the theme song of a WWE wrestler.

9. Away- 10/10 If you manage to listen through the entire album, you'll find this hidden gem. Everything in this song is awesome, including the opening guitar riff. Even the chorus is kick-ass. Another awesome but underrated BB song.

10. Believe- 6/10 This is a decent song. It begins with a distorted guitar riff, and most of the song is Benjamin Burnley growling at the top of his lungs. If you like Benjamin Burnley screaming, then this is the song for you.

11. Rain- 7/10 This is a break for the common Breaking Benjamin song. It is a VERY sappy song, so prepare to reach the tissue box. There are only two instruments- Aaron Fink's acoustic guitar and Benjamin Burnley's sad vocals. Pretty sad for a song about the weather!

Although most of the songs are 8/10, the most awesome songs are some of the best songs by Breaking Benjamin. This is notable as this is original drummer Jeremy Hummel's last album. This is their second album, and in my opinion, so far, this is the best BB album I have reviewed.

Final Verdict: AWESOME!