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21 Failure

I was happy when I first heard this song and was glad to know breaking benjamin didn't fall off after those 4 years

"The lead single from their new album 'Dark Before Dawn' is absolutely amazing. The sound of this band has matured without radically departing from the original one"

Their newest song, rocks my brain out! I hope the new album will be good like this.

Fantastic song

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22 You Fight Me

what!.31?. you have got to be kidding me. is there any song better than this. I don't think so.

This song really gets me amped up. Its easily one of their top ten songs.

This song should be in top 10. My top 10 is 1. So cold 2. Give me a sign 3. Dance with the devil 4. I will not bow 5. Breath 6. You fight me 7. Crawl 8. Had enough 9. In to the nothing 10. Evil angel

This is a very underrated song. And it's the best Breaking Benjamin song. Come on! Put this at #1!

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23 Break My Fall

How is this song rated so low? It's obvious a lot of people have never heard it... Give it a chance people!

This should really be at least in the top 20, if not the top 10. The lyrics are meaningful, emotional, the riffs are great, the melodies are beautiful, and frankly, it sends shivers down my spine. Listen to this before you vote.

A Breaking Benjamin song that conveys an almost positive message however it is still awesome and super melodic. It's not my favorite but it's definitely in my top10

Me and my girl been fighting a while. I sang her this song to forgive me and we are the happies we ever been

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24 Fade Away

I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! Should be #1 not #5. The chorus is unmatchable and it just touches you in an amazing way! And it is so catchy! And the singer really put his all into this song to make it even better to listen to. Trust me, you'll be listening to this one day in and day out. Just download it and see for yourself. - bbiah

What the hell this song must have really faded to end up all the way down here. This song Blows the roof!

Lmao, what the heck! How is this not in the top 10!? This is the first track from the brilliant Dear Agony and what a way to begin an album! This song frickin ROCKS! The riff is awesome!

Clearly top 10 quality... Loved it

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25 Follow

That's awesome...! I've heard this once and I just wanted to get to know what's the title. Just then I've looked for their albums and they're really good.

How the flip is this song #20?!?! The guitar + bass riff is legendary! Any song that has a great start and great chorus is a great song, no matter what.

Best one and the first I heard from them! Can't understand how this song is not first in the list... My vote go for this!

Love this song

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26 Lights Out

Breaking Benjamin have heaps of great songs, but this is the best. Great riff, lyrics, and Ben's voice is just amazing! He can sing like an angel but then shout like a demon. Excellent stuff!


Dedicated to all of the people who treat you bad. Awesome song! Great heavy rifts and awesome vocals! Perfect for when working out!

It's a great song. And 14th is very disappointing come on guys! Really!?

I would say this is the best song after dairy jane,breath

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27 Angels Fall

One of their new comeback songs. I feel that it is like the Give me a Sign song of this album whereas Failure is like I Will Not Bow.

This song best of 4.greatest hits 2015

Cool, better than Failure.

Very underrated song, probably because it’s more recent. I would say it’s the best song on Dark Before Dawn personally but the whole album is great.

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28 Sooner or Later

This is easily my favorite song by them. Suprised it isn't more popular. Easily gets me going. Very well written.

If you were ever in this situation, what this song describes, you will love it.

"Sooner or later
You're gonna hate it
Go ahead and throw your life away
Driving me under
Leaving me out there
Go ahead and throw your life away"

I think this song is about to live with a person who is an alcoholic or a drug - addicted. Many people say that this song might be about a unhappy realationship, but

#27? Wow... Surprised its rated so low because its a guaranteed top 5 song by Breaking Benjamin.
My top 5:
5. Dear Agony
4. Sooner or Later
3. I Will Not Bow
2. The Diary of Jane
1. Anthem of the Angels

I can't believe this isn't top 10. It's my favorite overall.

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29 Here We Are

love this song. The solo is amazing and the whole song is a perfect mix of "fast-paced" rock and slow, calm bits in the middle. And the solo, again. I love it. Maybe not number 1, but number 37 is just ridiculous.

No words...
Absolutely amazing and totally underrated

This song being at number 33 is a joke, the guitar solo and the meaning of the song is brilliant and I can't believe how underrated it is.
That solo sounds absolutely beautiful.

My favorite breaking benjamon song!

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30 Simple Design

My favorite breaking benjamin song to play on guitar. So much variety in this song, from the head banging pre chorus to the beautiful breakdown/bridge, this song has it all. My second favorite breaking benjamin song, only behind "until the end".

First half of the song is fantastic


This song is so raw and phenomenal. 2nd best song in this album in my opinion (can't beat So Cold). - BillyBobJoe

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31 You

Are you serious?! This should definitely be in the top 10. The vocals are amazing and there are no words to describe the lyrics. The ending of this song will just take your breath away! - bbiah

Should be in the top 20. Very underrated along with Unknown Soldier.

The lyrics, the vocals, and the music is spot on. You don't know Breaking Benjamin if you haven't listened to this song. - bbiah

1 simple word hits you where it hurts especially towards the end hearing the screams from the background

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32 Forever

This deserves to be in the top 10. My personal favorite

Can I live forever!
These words shake me...

Your stupid... It even days forever. Beautiful song, really emotional and mellow with an awesome and powerful outro with guitar solo... A must listen for breaking benjamin fans

What The.. ? Who added this to the list? There's not such song named Saturate, it's the name of their first album... Oh God

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33 Rain

I didn't felt before that breaking benjamin can sing a calm song.. Without any loud guitar.. I heard this one.. And I was like WOW.. EPIC

Love the song! It has an awesome meaning! This is one of my favorite songs from them, along with I will not bow and Diary of Jane.

Awesome song. Shows the peaceful side of Breaking Benjamin with very emotional lyrics. This song deserves to be at least in the top ten and is very underrated.

Amazing song!

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34 Ashes of Eden

An easy and simple, but an amazing song. Touching, and one of my favorites as of right now. Best song.

Why is this so low? Thi song takes my heart out every time

This is the song that got me head over heels for them.

This song is very important to me as this song played in the first ever christmas I had in my entire life. It is all thanks to my lovely girlfriend and the band we both love most that made that day special and I have no regrets doing so.

This song should be much higher up.

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35 Into the Nothing

This one is way too low on the list... But then of course, ALL Breaking Benjamin songs deserve to be in the top ten. - michealjosephkennard

One of the best songs ever made. You have to listen to it to understand how good it is. You'll find yourself listening to it over ad over again. - bbiah

Are you serious? This song MUST be on top 10. One of the best with Diary of Jane, Breath, Give Me a Sign and I Will Not Bow.

Somewhat underrated!
Completely agree with-michealjosephkennard

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36 Who Wants to Live Forever

I live this song! It was first written by queen, another one of my favorite bands, which makes this song sound so much better!

Originally created by Queen, Breaking Benjamin perfects it! Very passionate lyrics and melody that just gives you the chills and a mix of sorrow, hope, and peace! It isn't as moved as other BB songs but nevertheless, awesome!

37 Forget It

This is a very slow song of theirs but its absolutely amazing I really feel this should be much higher up and the way Ben's vocals are in this song changing scales it deserves a LOT more. Come on Vote guys. I bet you'll haven't heard it yet.

Guys just listen to this song once, you'd want to vote it a little higher after hearing the song

This song, simply put, is poetic genius. Everything from the vocals to the lyrics to the instrumentations make this song one of my favorites, not only by the band, but in general. It is, without a doubt, their most underrated song without the recognition it deserves!

The song isn't their normal style but it is absolutely beautiful to listen to.

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38 Topless

LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. Not sure why it's so low down!

Alright, sure it isn't top 5 great, but Topless is such a good song, and the lyrics show how much the alcohol was affecting Ben. This should be at least somewhere close to the top ten, not number 22

I don't understand. This song cannot be on no.28. Because have so so many other songs that are better than this one. This song only exist because of Ben's alcoholism.

BB? Go home, you're drunk.

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39 Home

I'm sorry but the first 2 albums really need a lot more recognition than what they're getting. I hate to sound like the old school guy, but I honestly think the first 2 albums are by far the best!

I second that! The first album is the defining one. Every song is awesome. The top ten on here is really not a good representation. Yeah some of them are good, but nothing like the first album. And this song, is just my favorite off of the album, but it's a difficult choice. - jMag220

Home represents everything that growing up is: half the time wanting to be allowed more freedom ("Can you let me go"), the other half just wanting to return to when things were easy and stories like the Wizard of Oz were believable ("There's no place like home"). Unforgettable.

My favorite song from Breaking Benjamin

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40 Hollow

Absolutely the best. Solo, chorus, double guitars. Vocals and the put together gives it an amazing song quality

The best song of the new album

This is the best song they have ever made,I guarantee you that within a year this will be number 1 song on this list!

Why isn't this awesome song in top ten?

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