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1 Blackout

This song, From the very first I heard it play on the radio I feel in love with the song

Last Night is probably my favorite, but this one is a close second.

This song should be in the top 10s

its amazing

Yes! I love this song so much

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2 Savages

The best song ever the chorus gives me chills every time I hear it

3 Hit and Run

This is the best song EVER! I love breathe carolina! Go hit and run!

4 Hello Fascination
5 Chasing Hearts
6 I.D.G.A.F
7 Diamonds
8 Reaching for the Floor
9 Sellouts

THIS is their best song. Perfect balance of scream styled vocals and electronics.

Never really liked Breathe Carolina but Danny made this song sound good.

Without a doubt their best song. No contest.

10 Sweat It Out

This is personally my favorite and I seriously don't know why it isn't number 1

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11 Billie Jean

Breathe Carolina did such an AWESOME cover of this song for Punk Goes Pop 5. The chorus has a bit of dubstep influence and it was so subtly changed to reflect Breathe's musical style. Really great, displays their talent. Go Breathe Carolina!

12 Velvet
13 Wooly
14 The Dressing Room
15 Anywhere But Home
16 Bang It Out

THis is one of the best breathe carolina songs and I love the beat

17 Gossip
18 Last Night (Vegas)
19 Welcome to Savannah
20 The Birds and The Bees
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1. Blackout
2. Hello Fascination
3. I.D.G.A.F
1. Reaching for the Floor
2. Velvet
3. Anywhere But Home
1. Savages
2. Blackout
3. Chasing Hearts



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