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1 Hurricane Hurricane Cover Art

I have a lot of favorite songs and I mean a lot of favorits songs but this song is my absolute FAVORITE SONG OF ALL TIME! It's so beautiful so different from any other song. When I first got it I listend too it for over ten hours in a row no joke! Still listen too it all the time and I'm STILL not sick of it never will be love it! Beautiful accoustic too! I wish the accoustic version was available too buy!

This is the first Bridgit song I heard.. Since that day, I became her follower... It is unique, lovely.. I never get bored on hearing it.. "He takes me up like, he's got the way of the hurricane.. Here comes the sun, here comes the rain.. I'm standing in the eye of the hurricane.."

Hurricane reminds me off my relationship with my ex-boyfriend. Eventually I broke up with him and kept listening to this AWOSOOME song! Also, Forgot To Laugh by Bridgit Mendler is another amazing song by her. I love you Bridgit!

This is the best song I've ever heard I listen to it everyday, I never get bored of it, it should be the 1st because it's the BEST! It's different from all her other songs, it's unique, & I love the video too!

2 Ready or Not

I love this song it should to be first. I love her and all her songs and vote even for one of them. I love her very much so I wish her happy birthday today on 18 december. Bridgit is amazing girl, great singer, awesome dancer and actor and so cool.

I love bridgit mendlers song ready or not it's so catchy and I just love her. The other day when I was watching Lemonade mouth I just forwaded all of lemonade mouth to listen to ready or not and bridgit is my best singer in the world but I love her song ready or not.

I love this song bridgit is so amazballs I am following her on instagram she is a great singer, acyor but best of all a great person if you are on instagram follower her and see how she helps the children who are in lots of need.

I love bridgit mendlers song ready or not it's so catchy and I just love her.

She is an amazing person great dancer good actress fantastic songwriter

3 The Fall Song The Fall Song Cover Art

Beautiful song... Its got that sort of addictive groove that makes you addicted to it. It should be a single as it displays the beautiful quality of her voice and bridgit is so pretty!

The best song in Bridget mendlers songs

4 You're Something Beautiful

Beautiful Song that SO sould be released. I love this song and wish she would release it or at least have put it on her album. Please Bridgit!

5 Somebody Somebody Cover Art

I love her songs I between this song and this is my paradise both are from movies I love lemonade mouth and bevery hills chawawas2 (i don't know how to spell chawawas I'm only 9 so) and if you watch Disney Channel you can see how sad I will be to see that good luck charlie will be close to the grand fanale and be done FOREVER! :( and ps if you like briget you will love selena gomes on the top seach her 10 best songs listen to samples if you haven't heard her and vote

I really really love this song! I also love seeing Bridgit and Adam (or in the movie, Olivia and when) together. They're so cute together.

This is a very inspiring song. The lyrics are just so good. It even made me try to write a song. (Which came out really bad)

I have this movie and I have watched it a million times and it never gets old. Sometimes when I alone I sing this song

6 Hang In There Baby Hang In There Baby Cover Art

This is very inspirational to me

Good luck Charlie teddy

It is a great inspirationl song and has got a rythym and melody.

7 We Can Change the World We Can Change the World Cover Art

We can change the world is a amazing song. Because the song is about helping to make the world a better place and that's what I love about this song. Encouraging others to help make the world a better place.

Best ever #1 by her. Best vocal-saurabh

8 Top of the World Top of the World Cover Art

I first heard the acoustic version and fell in love with the song. But then I heard the original version and I could not control my tears. I haven't heard a fantastic song like this for a long time. When the chorus started, I felt like an electric shock all over me. It just blew me away. It should have been a single. Love you Bridgit... Nabeel

This is one of my favourite songs

9 Forgot to Laugh Forgot to Laugh Cover Art

It's age appropriate tongue in cheek and I think it's wonderfully and intelligently done.

10 When She Loved Me When She Loved Me Cover Art

Her voice is remarkably rich in being able to portray so many moods.

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11 Determinate Determinate Cover Art

You are my favorite singer you are the best my name is Carsyn please text me back

I really love you Bridgit.

I like it becuse of the beat.

12 5:15 5:15 Cover Art

Okay literally 5:15 needs to be in the top ten. probably even #1 this is her best song by far!

Love this its awesome

13 This Is My Paradise This Is My Paradise Cover Art

Ready or not would be my favorite but I like this is my paradise because it isn't too upbeat and not too slow either.

This is my favorite song. Bridgit Mendler's songs rock!

Yeah this is my paradise.

14 Blonde Blonde Cover Art

I love this song

15 Atlantis (Feat. Kaiydo) Atlantis (Feat. Kaiydo) Cover Art

Great song, really deep...

16 Turn Up the Music Turn Up the Music Cover Art
17 Do You Miss Me at All Do You Miss Me at All Cover Art
18 Breakthrough Breakthrough Cover Art
19 Snap My Fingers Snap My Fingers Cover Art
20 I'm Gonna Run to You I'm Gonna Run to You Cover Art
21 Ready or Not - Bridgit Mendler Ready or Not - Bridgit Mendler Cover Art
22 Postcard Postcard Cover Art

I love this song it's so inspirational and she sings it so beautiful

I love the lyrics

Great! I love it!

23 Temperamental Love Temperamental Love Cover Art
24 Can't Bring This Down Can't Bring This Down Cover Art
25 Here We Go Here We Go Cover Art

Bridget I love your music I think this song rocks

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