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21 Drown

Okay let's not lie to ourselves. It IS a really good song but the way they kill the song at its climax for that useless jazzy part is just painful. The rest of the song is brilliant though. I'm just worried that they've transformed into whatever drown and don't look down are supposed to be..

I have no idea why this is so low on the list! I mean, yeah, it came out late 2014 and stuff, but that shouldn't affect it's rating! I love Drown SO MUCH. The lyrics are beautiful, Oli sounds amazing (as usual) and it's catchy as hell. I also liked the little saxophone part that they added in, but it seems like other people didn't like it as much as I did. It makes sense though, me being a saxophonist myself, but it's still a really nice addition to the song. In my opinion, this is one of BMTH's best songs.

Let me say something real quick. I hate Bring Me The Horizon, everything about them bugs me, hell the music they produce is mediocre at best... Except for this song. This song is good, not Iron Maiden good, but it's good. And this is coming from someone who loathes the band with a passion.

This song should be in the top tens.. Amazing lyrics.. Awesome music...
Totally deserve in top five...

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22 Throne Throne

This was the first track I heard from this band. Man, where have these guys been the last few years for me? Or maybe I just got out of touch with Rock in general. Granted, this is an amazing song and swear I heard 10 times in a row after hearing it. Still in my favorite tracks.

What- Why is it so low? Probably because it's so new. Throne and Happy Song are the best songs they ever did! I'm really looking for "That's the spirit"

New song its NEW NEW NEW AND EPIC they finally got good uses for their keyboardist listen to it NOW if you read this VOTE FOR #1

My first song from this band, it was really moving.

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23 Deathbeds

This song should be way higher on the list. I mean come on guys! It's literally such a beautiful song especially with Oli's girlfriend singing in it. Their vocals fused together are perfect. This song is a lullaby to me and it should be in at least the top 10!

No ways this song should be higher! Its amazing. It actually expressed how I felt about this guy "that little kiss you stole it held my heart and soul" ♡ I liked this guy but I was depressed and he made me feel better, he kissed my cheeks and all x so yeah this song is meaningful

This song is depressing but so wonderful at the same time! It should be in top ten...

This is such an amazing song, I don't know why it's 22nd it should be higher. It has such an amazing meaning, emotions, and the way it was sung with Olivers girlfriend is amazing. It should at least be in the top 3.

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24 Chasing Rainbows

This song has become my most recent favorite, I love the way Oliver is singing in a way that reminds me of Sleeping With Sirens. The guitar isn't as intense as some of there other songs (not calling them bad, just saying how well this is put together) the lyrics have a great meaning. The song overall is one of my highest, but "It Never Ends" has a rightful spot at number 1

This song truly deserves a better position, Actually their every other song is so good that it's very hard to decide

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25 Follow You Follow You

This song is different than most of their music, but it's art :3

This should be higher up the list!

Best love ballad from the perspective of a broken mind

I'm in love with this song. It's so seductive!

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26 True Friends True Friends

Why is it so late on the list it's there only recent song with screaming

I love this song so much and how could it be so far on the list?!?!

This song is one of their bests so far.

The riff is just catchy.

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27 Visions Visions

Should be number 1

Best song by bmth...

Great lyrics and all together music to go with it...

It pretty much sounds different then all of their songs and I would love a whole album like this cause it seems like BMTH is very VERY experimental these days. Oh and the lyrics made me cry the first time I herd it yeah I'll admit as a 14 year old boy I shed a tear.

This is such an amazing song, it's melodic and has meaningful lyrics. Their most underrated song by far.

Best song, some of the best breakdowns ever in a song.

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28 Doomed Doomed

This song is powerful, It's lyrics represent a lot of struggle. My favorite from "That's the Spirit" this and Hospital For Souls are my emotional escapes

This song should without a doubt be AT LEAST in the top ten. It's awe inspiring, and it's impossible for me to listen to it just once.

This is below Pray for Plagues? IT"S BLASPHEME-EH-AY

65? how? It's the best song ever!

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29 (I Used to Make Out With) Medusa (I Used to Make Out With) Medusa

Best song by far, always has been always will be. There is a hell is their worst album and is somehow dominating this list

My aunt bought me bullets album for my 15th birthday, this was the first song I listened to on it and its by far one of the best metal songs I've heard, how this is number 15 I can't comprehend?

BEST BMTH SONG a MUST listen for anyone

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30 Seen It All Before

I love this song so much I have no idea why its not in the top ten because it definitely should be

FRIICK I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. The lyrics are amazing, the story/meaning behind it is epic and the song is generally just catchy as hell. It truly makes me sad that this is so low on the list.

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31 Avalanche

I think it is the best song from That's The Spirit

This song deserve a better palace

BMTH have come a long way, this song is awesome and shows they have a bright future

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32 It Was Written In Blood It Was Written In Blood

Really? I hate the new stuff its pop. And this is pure Awesomeness!

This is my favorite one! I don't like their deathcore mindless crap. I woulda thought this would be #1 or 2. Amazing song with great lyrics. You gotta listen to the whole thing

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33 Crooked Youngs

Yeah good song real good song. Good music. Terrible lyrics. Violins yeah violins.

Meh, I didn't really like the lyrics or the message in this song, but I loved the violins. I just really like violins. So... Yeah. Violins.

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34 Sleep With One Eye Open Sleep With One Eye Open

This song is probably my favorite by Bring Me The Horizon. It is quite brutal, and if you're ever wanting to mess up someone's face, I recommend it.

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35 Blacklist Blacklist

Really underrated song. Their best in my opinion. - AB3N3RGY

Good song for someone you hate!

Such an epic tune

36 The Comedown The Comedown

For sheer listening quality this song tops my list. It has punchy riffs, a lot of use of the China symbol, epic bass dropped breakdown, and of course predator in the video clip

Why is this so low! How is Go to Hell for Heaven's Sake (the worst song ever by the best metalcore band ever) ahead of this one!

I love how all the actual musicians find their favorite songs at the ass end of every list. Lee Malia's Style is very defined in this song. Very strong and sweepy breakdown strums, characteristic of thick strings are what make this bands rhythmic breakdowns so jaw dropping.

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37 Death Breath Death Breath

One of the songs I really like from this band a lot kickass riffs and chorus!

38 The Fox and the Wolf The Fox and the Wolf V 1 Comment
39 No Need For Introductions, I've Read About Girls Like You on the Backs of Toilet Doors No Need For Introductions, I've Read About Girls Like You on the Backs of Toilet Doors

I don't like this song much but the name is great!

I love how it starts all classical and bam deathcore

40 A Lot Like Vegas A Lot Like Vegas

A lot like vegas should be in the top 10! The lyrics are fantastic!

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