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41 The Comedown

For sheer listening quality this song tops my list. It has punchy riffs, a lot of use of the China symbol, epic bass dropped breakdown, and of course predator in the video clip

Why is this so low! How is Go to Hell for Heaven's Sake (the worst song ever by the best metalcore band ever) ahead of this one!

I love how all the actual musicians find their favorite songs at the ass end of every list. Lee Malia's Style is very defined in this song. Very strong and sweepy breakdown strums, characteristic of thick strings are what make this bands rhythmic breakdowns so jaw dropping.

My favorite pumps me up

42 Death Breath

One of the songs I really like from this band a lot kickass riffs and chorus!

43 The Fox and the Wolf

A short, straight to the point, headbanger. It's great.

44 Blasphemy

Amazing song, I love it

45 No Need for Introductions, I've Read About Girls Like You on the Backs of Toilet Doors

I don't like this song much but the name is great!

I love how it starts all classical and bam deathcore

46 Oh No

Beautiful song about addiction

47 A Lot Like Vegas

A lot like vegas should be in the top 10! The lyrics are fantastic!

48 Football Season is Over

Quick heavy song with a great hook at the end that everyone can chant to and party with. It is intense when it starts and it can lead off to any song in a concert and probably finish off by itself. I love it!

It's a good song. I love the bit at the end when someone says there so drunk they can't even see! Laugh out loud!

49 Traitors Never Play Hang-Man

Come on! This needs to be at least in the top 10! Best guitar, best drums and the only song where his screams are real!

50 Eyeless

Best song ever better than the slipknot version

51 Home Sweet Hole

I think that this is such an underrated song! It is one of the best songs on there is a hell believe me I've seen it, there is a heaven let's keep it a secret. This is somehow my sisters least favorite bmth song!

You wear your lies like a noose around your neck so kick the chair and lets be done with it

52 Black & Blue

This the nice instrumental I have heard.. It should be no 6

Such a brutal underrated song. Love vocals and instrumentals. Especially Oli's three second scream

Just listen to the lyrics... Beautiful stuff.

Its amazing its into is also great and the scream is also awesome

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53 Off the Heezay

Underrated song. Better than Pray for Plagues in my opinion...

One of the greatest deathcore song ever. - tiagocowboy11

54 Tell Slater Not to Wash His D***

A really good song off of their first album!

Definitely their best song. MOVE!

This is the best!


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55 Rawwwrr!

My favorite.
An old skool track by BMTH.
This EP was a very alternative/hardcore album(IMO) :P

Definitely there best song for sure it's a lot heavier (in a punk sorta way) which is what makes it my favourite

56 Don't Look Down

I don't adore this song, but it's certainly not their worst. It's pretty underrated and I think it deserves a bit more love.

Rap and Oli, Nice combination, and it's amazing but not super amazing

57 Who Wants Flowers When You're Dead? Nobody
58 Summer 2005
59 Shed Light
60 Slow Dance
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