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1 Monty Python

My brother and dad keep on watching it. I am not quite sure what the big deal but now that I have seen this, and it's above mighty boosh and red dwarf, I can't say that I am not curios as to why it is at the top of this list

The best Brits around! The troupe Monty Python are surely the greatest comedy act of all time, without a doubt. Their jokes are clever, witty, and just silly! (I agree. Silly, silly, silly! ) - MontyPython

Glad to see these talented blokes take the top spot. They deserve it too!

Where is mrs browns boys & little britain?

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2 The Inbetweeners

This and Only Fools And Horses should be at the top. Inbetweeners is just so hilarious and rude it's amazing. Will, Jay and Neil are so funny. Loads of new words have been invented from this show and is the funniest show this century.

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3 Red Dwarf

The only show which ever managed to get sci-fi plus comedy right! Plots were equally brilliant and hilarious. Not to mention an amazing cast with perfect chemistry!

Wi-Fi and comedy to best genres and they made red dwarf. I am gonna watch it tonight as well.

4 Fawlty Towers

Way better than BlackAdder. John Cleese is amazing and every episode is very funny

One of the funniest shows of all time. Everyone in the cast is outstanding.

Brilliant but where is it ain't half hot mum, dad's army, allo allo and are you being served?

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5 Peep Show

Mark and Jeremy are the funniest comedy characters ever, and Johnson and Super Hans are great too.

6 The IT Crowd

Ah yes this is great! Lost to Friday night dinner in the end but this is still a very hilarious show. Maurice Moss just makes this show. - Zazeeqo

Anyone who calls this show unfunny should be turned off, then back on again

7 Blackadder

Best comedy ever. "As cunning as a fox who's just been appointed professor of cunning at Oxford university" gives it away!

I just love every instance where Baldrick gets up and says 'I have a cunning plan! '

8 Only Fools and Horses

Greatest Britcom of all time! David Jason gave us one of tv's greatest characters in Delboy! "You blonker Rodney"... LMAO. Good Times... To bad BBC America doesn't play it.

9 Porridge
10 Mr Bean

Rowan Akitson as Mr Bean is one of the funniest things in the world. He is such an amazing actor, and this show of only 13 episodes has been named iften as ine if the greatest sitcoms of all time. It's my seventh favourite show, and my favourite British show. I also like Fawlty Towers (#9) and Monty Python's Flying Circus (#13)

I once was introduced Mr Bean on VHS when I was a kid. Now it’s 2017 and I have started to rewatch it again on YouTube. I couldn’t believe seeing Mr Bean again, I was so excited! Some of the episodes made me laugh so hard, some of them left me dreaming about them, some of them left me speechless, especially when he used Teddy as a paintbrush. But overall what a hilarious man-child he is! Highly intelligent but sometimes arrogant and mean! But hey, hands down, he is the best T.V. character and best show from the UK!

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11 Last of the Summer Wine
12 The Mighty Boosh

Should be number one or two in my opinion

Absolutely the best British comedy of all time! I have watched every episode over 20 times and still find new jokes, puns and gags. The 60s, 70s and 80s music references make me go ultimate fan mode.

The Mighty Boosh is the best ever. Here are my opinions as to why it should be first.
1. 100% funny
2. Bob Fossil is crazy
3. Noel Fielding is in it
4. THE POWERS OF THE CRIMP episode is making me Lol!
5. You learn how to killeroo, how to calm a lama down, how to get out of monkey hell, how to escape from the artic tundra, how to Dodge nannys evil throbbing needle's, how to get Old Gregg at of your face, how to give the Hitcher some elbow patches, (that's pretty simple! ) how to win a crimp of and how to party till you die +literally die, the head shamanis coming to get ya! )

13 Open All Hours
14 My Family
15 Mind Your Language

The jokes of this series are very simple and can make people of all ages laugh their heads off.

16 Friday Night Dinner

If you don't know this show, you HAVE to see it! The characters, humour, scenarios, EVERYTHING is just done so brilliantly! Definitely one of the best comedies on T.V. today!

Every single character in this is hilarious (apart from Jackie) more people need to watch this

Funniest show on T.V.. Characters are great and the casting is perfect. Martin is just hilarious as too is Jim. The humour is sooo funny and will get you in hysterics every episode guarantee. - Zazeeqo

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17 The Office

Brent is the most awkward character ever! (I love the show) - gemcloben

18 Outnumbered
19 Dad's Army

This should be first because it is a great comedy. My dad showed me and my brother it and we loved it more than fawlty towers mr. Been and GO godfrey... Jones... Manerwing... Wilson... Pike... Fraser.. Walker your actors make this the greatest comedy of all time go dads army

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20 Thin Blue Line
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