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41 Kate Nash

Beautiful music great voice.

I like her lyrics, and her accent

42 Petula Clark

A super voice that is one of the very best for clear diction, even my foreign friends can understand her words

The enduring backbone of Brit female entertainers

She is the standard that all others are measured.

She is one for the one else even comes close...sweet but powerful voice...and a presence that is truly mesmerising

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43 Sandy Denny Sandy Denny Alexandra Elene MacLean Denny, later known as Sandy Denny, was an English singer-songwriter who was lead singer for the folk rock band Fairport Convention.

Wow what a voice... So many years since she died. "Who knows where the time goes"

Like no other - been listening for over 45 years and her voice still moves me.

Absolute all - time great! God wanted her for himself - who could blame him. Think of all the wonderful music we've missed out on since her premature death. So missed (understatement! )

#43 is a joke especially when you consider some of the tosh above.

44 Ella Henderson

She is a breath of fresh air, and has a very mature and strong voice for someone her age. Even-though she only placed 6th on the X-factor she got a record deal and took a year to write and produce the kind of music she wanted to make and boy was it worth it. Ella possess a strong voice and can even reach the whistle register. I love her and she has been compared to the amazing Adele even-though her they sound a little different but nevertheless< I still adore and can't wait to have my hands on her second studio album.

A voice stronger than Adele with a personality that will make you think you've known her for years as well as being able to write songs herself that can make anyone cry

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45 Rebecca Ferguson

This lady is fantastic and is a brilliant singer.

More than just X-factor!

Amazing voice and up there with the best.

Underrated. Would do better in singles charts with more commercial songs. Still lacks a little stage presence.stunning voice and looks.

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46 Melanie C

The best female singer out of spice girls and she writes her own songs where most singers don't

47 Tulisa V 1 Comment
48 Clare Maguire
49 Corinne Bailey Rae

The girl can sing ( better than most) this talent will be remembered far beyond pop culture.

I love her heart and soul jazz singer

The Best!

50 Alma Cogan V 1 Comment
51 Laura Marling
52 Sheena Easton

Her pop singles are not indicative of what a talented vocalist Easton is. She is versatile, has amazing control of her vibrato and breathtaking range. One should investigate her catalogue to hear a truly exceptional vocalist.

Probably the best singer the uk has ever produced. Very Under-rated in the uk but still appears regularly in the US where she was massively successful.

Love her song telephone love it

She is the best... Forever

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53 Jamelia V 1 Comment
54 Tracey Thorn

She has the same name as me and I might be famous because I am on xfactor

55 Lyn Paul

An amazingly powerful singer, who has enchanted us for several decades.
An international pop-star with The New Seekers, an accomplished West End performer, headlining Blood Brothers for years, and continuing on the UK tour right now! From Blood Brothers, to Taboo, to Footloose, to Cabaret. Lyn Paul has a voice to die for, every word is heard, every emotion felt.

Awesome voice, beautiful singer, a gem!
Her last album was in 2006, Late Night,
which includes Dance with my father
and Late night grand hotel.
About time, we had another recording!

Absolute Class!
No other British female Singer
has Lyn Paul's gift.
Stunning singer, beautiful lady.
Thank you Lyn for giving me
nearly 50 years of happiness.
Every day I hear your voice
and no one can ever match you.

Bill Kenwright you know you have a real gem in LYN PAUL.
She is the definitive, the ultimate MRS JOHNSTONE in
BLOOD BROTHERS, currently starring in the UK Tour
The last official recording was 1995, Lyn has performed
since 1997, and more than proved her worth. Reward
Lyn and all of us with a Cast recording, before it is too late.
No one sings these songs like LYN PAUL, you know it,
Willy Russell knows it, we all know it. RECORD IT NOW

56 Diana Vickers
57 Julia Fordham V 1 Comment
58 Denise Pearson

An amazing vocalist. I have always been a fan of Denise from her Five Star years when I was growing up as a child in the early 80's. To finally have her first solo record was well worthy of the wait. Imprint is the album of the year 2014 for me. May I add her take on the Five Star classic Slightest Touch with 7th Heaven remixing it is truly super. Denise shows every amateur and upcoming teeny boppers how it really should be done. This woman still has it all. And she is such a beautiful person and is doing something she loves for her passion of music not because she wants the fame like some of today's artists.

That Voice of hers says it all really ;-) Denise surly knows how to do it the right way and really should be up there with the best of them. That voice will always deserve a number one hit in my opinion. Awesome talent and a beautiful woman :-)

For 30 years Denise has been singing. She has a voice that has an amazing range. A very understated singer. See her live if you get the opportunity because this woman can SING!

She is the best singer in the world.

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59 Kelly Marie

Can actually sing live! Uk number one with utterly camp "Feels Like I'm In Love"

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60 Kiki Dee

Should be #1. The most underrated female singer-songwriter of all-time.

Kiki is so much better than all the X factor imposters that populate this list. None of whom would survive in the 70's when singers had to sing live without auto tune or miming.

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