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41 The xx

I love the xx, ever since I heard their first album I was sad, because they didn't have any others, and it totally rocked. Makes me sad to see them this low on the list.

I really like the xx's music and their style, the lyrics are beautiful and melodies are great, you know, simple but nice. I like the itchy feelings when I hear them sing!

No way they xx is this low they should be up there. Can't think of one song I don't repeat over and over.

When the Script are higher than the XX...

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42 Florence + the Machine

Should be number one. Love her hauntingly soulful voice that is always pitch perfect. Their music is also so deep.

BEST. BAND. EVER. How is it not claiming the #1 spot on this list? Come on, y'all. Never heard of them? Listen. To. It. Now. It's AMAZING.

These should be number 1. Best band of all time, they are just pure perfection.

Has the voice of an angel

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43 The Jam The Jam

Should be at least in the top ten

44 House of Love

No wonder that this band has nearly no votes; these lists are made by Americans.

45 The 1975

Brilliant; love all their songs! Chocolate is a firm favourite

Most incredible band I know, not only do the songs sound incredible the lyrics also mean so much and Matty is such and intelligent person

Why isn't this band at the top? Seriously, you guys voted radiohead into the top 10!? This band blows all of these other bands it of the water.
Deep lyrics and awesome beats, love yah the 1975!

These guys are the definition of British alt pop/rock. My favorite band!

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46 Noah and the Whale

Specially their first album: peaceful, the world lays me down, is amazing all the way through, puts a smile on my face every time.
Should definitely be in the top 10

Very very underrated, last night on earth is one of my favourite albums and first days of spring is really good as well.

Slowly bought one album after another, growing more and more amazed each time. You hear a transformation in the sound. This group is in my top 5 all time.
They should be higher up, way higher up.

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47 Alt-J

Ridiculous that they're so low down. Please just stop what you're doing and listen to their music, it will change your life. In love with their unique sound, Taro is mindblowing. Can't wait to see them live! All their music just makes you want to move. Only Alt-J can get me out of a funk.

I can't believe they're so low. Innovative, original, a sound all their own. Bloody brilliant band with only exponential room to grow.

How can they be 43? Cause they have one album? (Which they spent 7 years on) Even so that one album, An Awesome Wave, is ridiculously good and has a variety of songs.

Great band, my all time favourite band. Great live band as well!

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48 Crass
49 The Hoosiers

Who can forget "The Trick To Life"? Great album, shame about the 2nd though... They had a bright future.

The best music for british indie. After mgmt of course

AMAZING My New favorite! Best Band Ever!

Love this band, deserves more credit!

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50 Foals

Foals is one of my favourite bands right now, they are horribly underrated. A completely different and original style, always interesting lyrics and just awesome.

Everyone should hear at least five of their songs, because I don't know how you could not like their sound. The guitar work is phenomenal, great vocals, song variety. Absolutely top notch. Should be number three after Arctic Monkeys

Unbelievable band, sensational live! Has to be one of the most underrated group at the moment. Love Total Life Forever, especially Spanish Sahara. Motivational.

Deserve a much higher position since they're one of few decent bands on this list that involve creative and refreshing music

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51 Mumford & Sons Mumford & Sons Mumford & Sons are a British rock band from London, formed in 2007. The band consists of Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall and Ted Dwane.

An amazing band with so much talent. Marcus, Ted, Ben, and Winston are so down to earth and they care so much about making good music.

Mumford and Sons are so amazing! They write like no one else and marcus' voice is heartbreaking

There is so much feeling and power in every word of their songs. Love this band!

Deserves to be higher and so does foals

52 The Courteeners

Liam Fray for Prime Minister. Absolutely quality band - even better live. Liam is a brilliant songwriter and has a great singing voice.

The Courteeners are an amazing band! Well put together and great sound.

St jude is a masterpiece and they're unbelievably good live

The courteneers gave my life a meaning.

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53 You Me At Six

You Me At Six are definitively the best indie band of the 21st century. Unlike other bands, You Me At Six haven't started turning into pop. They stay true to their fans and music.

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54 Catfish & The Bottlemen

These guys are absolutely amazing, my current obsession. Best lyrics and all together perfect songs. Cannot fault a song from The Balcony.

How are they not in the top 10, let alone the top 100...

The ride and balcony is really good

Simply fantastic

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55 One Night Only

Say you don't want it is the most brilliant song I have ever heard so far. Everyone into indie rock should absolutely check them out, they are way to underrated over here.

They are such a good band. And hardly anybody even knows about them which is honestly sad. So, if you don't know about them, look them up! Please

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56 The Enemy

They are a quality British band who need to be in the top 10 their music is amazing

Don't have a clue how half these bands are above The Enemy, really should be in the top 10

Totally underrated should be in top 5!

Such a good band, should be top 10

57 Travis

Should be higher on the list! Great band

58 Pigeon Detectives

I think that I found out is the bet song ever because whether you're a boy or a girl you can sing along an really understand the lyrics. It has helped me through some tough times with crushes, and I hope it's helped others too x

59 The Subways

Just listen to "rock'n'roll queen", "Oh Yeah" and to " I want to hear what you have got to say" and vote this band. I am not saying that they are the best indie band of the uk, but on the stages they are fantastic, and they should be at least in the top 15.

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60 Bombay Bicycle Club

These guys are the best band I have heard in a long time. Not only do they bring something new to the world with their eclectic sounds and awesome guitar music, they are also some of the most humble guys on the scene. These men are truly one of the best out there now, and Jack Steadman is one heck of a genius. They are all marvelous at what they do, and not one of their songs has disappointed me!

I love your songs guys, its make my mind traveling everywhere

Great band with loads of energy live. Deep talent.

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