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61 The View

This is the real indie wow, just listen and feel the music to make you feel happy

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62 Pigeon Detectives

I think that I found out is the bet song ever because whether you're a boy or a girl you can sing along an really understand the lyrics. It has helped me through some tough times with crushes, and I hope it's helped others too x

63 Shed Seven

One of the most underrated bands of the indie boom era. Chasing Rainbows is one of my favourite songs.

64 Interpol

They are from New York, not British

65 Daughter

Daughter is sooo amazing! I can't believe is this low on this list. There's just so much feelings and emotions on their lyrics. It's one of my favourite bands. If you never heard them you should do your self a favor and cry your heart out listening to her wonderful voice.

They brought theme and stories in every unique sound in their album, it's soft but burn you Inside

66 Blood Red Shoes
67 The Rifles

The Rifles are awesome! If you've never heard any of their stuff then start listening to them now.

68 Cage the Elephant

Cage the elephant 70th?! Are you kidding?! Their music is the definition of indie. I'm baffled

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69 Babyshambles

Should be so much higher than half of these wannabe bands

Lyrics, Music, everything. Pete's a genius.

Because of Pete Doherty. Down In Albion and Shotter's Nation are fantastic albums.

70 Maximo Park

As far they count under this segment-absolutely awesome!

A severely underrated and incredible band

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71 Wild Beasts

The Wildbeasts have this unique wicked sound to them. None that you'll hear from another.

72 The Twang

Phillip etheridge you are one sex mofo your an amazing songwriter/singer and your from brum but you support villa bo I saw you live in leeds you was awesome quality night thanks lads? :)
Even bought a 10:20 twang shirt

73 Milburn

Absolutely awesome, the artic monkeys use to support them in Sheffield. Get their albums you will not be disappointed!

74 Klaxons
75 Kodaline Kodaline Kodaline is an Irish rock band. Originally known as 21 Demands, in 2012 the band changed its name to Kodaline.
76 The Rascals V 1 Comment
77 The Wonder Stuff

This low down, seen them and they were the dogs

Oh come on FFS! I'm still this far down and there is no sight of the DOVES & ELBOW? who is ranking this stuff? (kids probably! )

78 Friendly Fires
79 Lush
80 Arcade Fire Arcade Fire Arcade Fire are a Canadian indie rock band based in Montreal, Quebec consisting of husband and wife Win Butler and RĂ©gine Chassagne, along with Win's younger brother Will Butler, Richard Reed Parry, Tim Kingsbury and Jeremy Gara. V 1 Comment
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