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121 The Starkins
122 The Fall

Mark E. Smith is a wordsmith genius.

123 London Grammar

Truly stunning work from LG with the "If you wait" Album but it is early days for LG and have yet to prove themselves a continuous band rather than a young one hit wonder band, I sincerely hope not!

There is an underlying triphop feel to the only Album but far enough to stay within the realm of indie, thankfully far enough from pop, don't expect reverb and distortion from overdriven guitar if you have never heard of them, the "if you wait" album if simply melodic and makes for an easy listening album.

Wait London grammer is 110?!?! Crazy they should be like 80 something I love Londongrammer they are one of my favorite bands

Their musics are amazing. I knew them from Masterchef Australia Judge, Gary Mehigan. This band is so "Masa Kini"

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124 The Sound
125 And Also The Trees
126 Lower Than Atlantis

Their music is about the heartache that comes with being a twenty-something living in the UK. Songs such as 'Something Better Came Along', 'Another Sad Song', and 'Emily' are easily their best. They delve into heavier territory with their latest, self titled EP.

127 Max Raptor
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