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121 The Sound
122 And Also The Trees
123 Lower Than Atlantis

Their music is about the heartache that comes with being a twenty-something living in the UK. Songs such as 'Something Better Came Along', 'Another Sad Song', and 'Emily' are easily their best. They delve into heavier territory with their latest, self titled EP.

124 Max Raptor
125 Suede V 2 Comments
126 The Charlatans

Should be a lot higher on the list and in the top 10 and unlike most of the list they are still going strong and I will be seeing them live in March 2015.

This placement makes a mockery of this entire list. Top 5 at least

Seriously these boys should be top 10 at very least. Just released their 12th album. Their first Some Friendly released in 89 is a real Indie classic with Only one I know, Then and Sproston Green. - Timo17

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127 The La's

Amazing band, overshadowed by other bands of the time. There one and only album is one of the best I own. Noel Gallagher lists them as one of his favourite bands, so Oasis fans should trt them out. Lets get them up the rankings, I mean, how are thet below bands like the script!

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