Best British Rappers Lyrically

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21 Wretch 32

How the feck is Wretch 32 ranked 21 go listen to his fire in the booth's. He's pure genius him and Akala are on a complete different level to everyone else.

Should be at very least top ten, good confidence and lyrics

This list is a joke, wretch is easily top 5 if not top 3, his wordplay is unrivalled

Honestly the best Rapper... IN THE WORLD!
Lyrical genius!

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22 Stormzy Stormzy

Should be top 10

Should be up there with devlin no doubt

He's just the best I don't care

Stormzy should number 1 even won a mobo award best grimme 2015 so you man are mad

23 Shotty Horroh

He's a beast battle rap but his songs arnt near some other guys onhere

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24 Jehst

Embarrassing the people who above him, sad state of affairs, fact he is a proper rapper and not a manufactured creation obviously goes against him. Some of us know. Also rhyme asylum, phi life and a lot more

The dragon of an ordinary family.

22? Who are we becoming as a people if Jehst is not regarded number 1? UK or world wide, this man holds water at ANY LEVEL

25 Mike Skinner

He created two of the best conceptual albums ever made

Brought UK hip hop to the forefront! 5 incredible albums under his belt, plus he also launched the careers of many well known artists inc, example, pro green

26 Dr Syntax

One of the best British rappers in my opinion. His lyrics are artfully crafted, and it just proves the point of "Don't judge a book by it's cover"

Get all this grime off the list

27 Ard Adz

Ard adz is sick he deserve to be first or seconde

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28 Scroobius Pip
29 Jam Baxter

Easily the best rapper on this list, should definitely be the number one with his tight flow and intelligent lyrics, no idea why chipmunk, dappy, tinie tempah, devlin and example are even on here

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30 London Posse

Bionic, when rap was still fresh and new and way before this generation were born into it, I'm talking late 80's/early 90's, he was lyrically and technically superior to everybody in this country.

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31 Antix
32 Durrty Goodz
33 Fliptrix

Fliptrix spits real bars: he's intellectual, with catchy beats and smart bars really. It's sad to see the kind of people that are above good rappers that just aren't so mainstream really.

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34 Depzman V 1 Comment

Most underrated lyricist, doesn't have a single bad tune.

36 Ghostpoet V 1 Comment
37 Example

He doesn't even do as much rapping as most of these do and yet Example is still loads better than a lot of these rappers! Should easily be in the top 10!

How did you leave him out of this list. Great rapper with lyrics and has so many other talents!

38 Outlandish
39 Political Peak
40 JME

Check Him Out He Is Is Hard And Funny Cussing The Hatters

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