Best British Rappers Lyrically

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41 Geko
42 Sway DaSafo

This is my Demo is the height of UK hip hop

43 Dan Bull Dan Bull Daniel G. L. "Dan" Bull is an English rapper and songwriter known best for his raps about video games, which he publishes on his YouTube channel, DBGames.

Dan Bull, homegrown talent - originating from a forum called UKHHF where rappers would share music and help to improve eachother.

44 Hyperaptive
45 Nines

Nines is a boss my favourite about. Feel this guy believe everything that comes out his mouth. Lyrically is amazing too hope he blows proper soon. Better than most only few compare. BOSS

Nines' worldplay are unmatched in the UK scene. Easily in the top 3 lyricists without a doubt. Bar for bar nobody can match.

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46 Life MC

Life Mc is easily number 1. His flow and lyricism are unmatched!

47 Krept & Konan
48 Roots Manuva
49 Tempa T
50 DVS

London boy American dreaming - all I gotta say

51 Ricky C
52 Cristian MJC
53 Frisco
54 Scrufizzer
55 Skinnyman
56 Tenchoo

Best rapper n best freestyler easy

57 No Mannerz

Came across one artist today by the name of 'No Mannerz' quality lyricist

Look him up
One of the most maddest artist about
This kid is gonna go massive
I think every one is gonna try sign him trust me MAADTING

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58 Footsie

I'm an American and I love his sound its grime and a bit of that hard hitting 808 and trap sound here with a bit of grime. He has a unique sort of voice like Sean Paul it's interesting regardless if you understand every word...

59 Jammer
60 Griminal
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