Best British Youtubers

The Top Ten Best British Youtubers

1 Danisnotonfire

Dan is so funny and he makes me smile every time I watch his videos. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I personally prefer Dan's videos over Charlie's, although they are both great.

I love Dan he is so funny and down to earth. He is so amusing to watch. I love the videos with Phil too! Phan! Plus he isn't hard on the eyes!

Dan just make me smile every time! I love him, and he is so down to earth! His sense of humour is awesome. GO DAN!

He has helped me through so much, and so has Phil. They both deserve to be number 1. Yes, I know they're 'not a double act' but, they honestly both deserve the world. They are so kind and lovely and funny. They help so many people and they have accomplished so much. They deserve this. In my eyes, they're both at number 1.

2 AmazingPhil Philip Michael "Phil" Lester is an English YouTuber and former radio personality from Rawtenstall in the valley of Rossendale, Lancashire. He is best known for his YouTube channel AmazingPhil.

Absolutely love Phil he's very clever with the quality of his videos and never fails to put a smile on my face. I highly recommend.

Phil is so amazing and inspiring. He has brought so many good things to this world; 7 second challenge, the whole danisnotonfire YouTube channel, Tumblr tag, Toilet tag, - and what does he get? Barely any credit AT ALL. And what does he do? Nothing. He has done so many nice things for so many people. So underrated. He is such a good person. I love him and his videos so much. There's nothing to not love about him. He is so sweet and precious and hilarious. He never fails to make me smile, even on the darkest of days. He loves us- his fans -so much. I want him to know how much brighter, happier, and better he has made my life. I love Dan as well. Remember when Dan was always so sad? Look how much happier he is now. Why? He has Phil Lester. Phil has changed the world in ways I could not believe. He has made my life so much more enjoyable. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone. He is Phil Lester and I wouldn't want him any other way

I love phil, he cares so much about his fans, his videos are so funny and original and he makes me feel confident when I don't think it's possible. He also has inspired so many people to become youtubers.

Who wants to see a YouTuber like Phil shaking his camera and talking really fast. It's hard to watch his vlogs particularly and catch up with what he's saying.
He's hyper and psycho though I get why many find him funny.
He does have great gaming, but not so great hands or vlogging.

3 Zoella Zoe Elizabeth Sugg is an English YouTuber, vlogger, businesswoman and author. She is also known by her YouTube username, Zoella.

When I started watching Zoella I was very immature and childish, after getting to know her I watched her videos 24/7, my mum will always say to me, COME ON OFF THE COMPUTER NOW, she wouldn't get a reply. Before I started watching her videos I had lot of my baby toys and didn't want to get rid of them all. a few days ago I watched a video, made by zoella, about her dressing table and make up collection, of course I loved and when I love something so much I will watch it and watch it over and over. I could now do that video myself and repeat exactly what Zoella said! I do suffer from anxiety of being away from my family, home or my puppy, watching Zoella has helped me loads more and they are NEARLY gone. what I am trying to say is, Zoella has made big impacts of loads and loads of girls from all of the world to 2 doors down from her. I hope that she continues her videos and continues to write her blogs. Another thing she helps me with is bullying. I get bullied a lot at school because I ...more

Zoella is gorgeous and very genuine. Her hauls are fantastic and she has a great sense of fashion. Her vlogs with her friends are guaranteed to make you smile. I definitely think she deserves to be in the top ten for sure.

Zoe's 'Panic attack and anxiety' video really helped me through a lot of things. I suffer from anxiety too and her video made me say yes to a lot more things!

I watch her videos on her main account and have been for a year. Over this time, I have learned that she is inspiring, friendly, beautiful, funny, gorgeous, helpful and so so sweet! I love watching her collaboration videos. She gets a long with her friends so well and the videos are great to watch!

On her blog channel, she shows what she gets up to in everyday life. She always keeps the viewer interested and entertained. She's often with her friends and family and you can tell that she is such a sweet, kind person by the way she treats them!

In her beauty videos, she is accurate and soar the looks amazingly and she is self taught! She lets you know what products were used and where you can get them

On Zoe's social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr), she interacts with her fans ...more

Shes just perfect, she doesn't buy the most expensive things in the world. Also she has been through A LOT. But still can always have a smile on her life, she keeps some parts of her life private which is very fair, and lots of her fans do and should respect that about her! I love Zoella

4 ThatcherJoe

This guy is hilarious he will make ya laugh easily! His girlfriend diane... I just love her she is cute and they make the best yt content! Maybe better then pewdiepie!

I found him through his sister zoe (zoella) and fell in love with his videos and himself. He is hilarious and you should most definitely watch his videos!

Joe is so silly and crazy and I just love him to pieces! Why is he all the way down here? His videos are great and he deserves way more credit and subscribers!

Joe is hilarious and I always die laughing from his videos! He does amazing impressions and accents, plus he's super cute!

5 EmmaBlackery

She is so funny and I adore her

Emma is awesome! Shes an amazing musician with and amazing voice! Shes funny and sarcastic. Shes like a female danisnotonfire!

I love her so much she is so funny

I just love Emma

6 JacksGap

Jacks video are the funniest. They always make me smile. I've never been interested in watching someone. Not to mention he is very attractive and so is Finn. These boys will surely make your day.

Jack is always so funny, and his accent is so adorable that I smile at everything he says <3
He's definitely the best YouTuber ever :
And the fact that he has an identical twin! UGH DIE OVARIES DIE

Jack and Finn are just so cute. I love there videos so much I've been watching them from the very start and I just love them more and more after every video. They've really inspired me to do so much more traveling when I'm older and honestly I just idolise them. but my favourite twin is definitely definitely definitely Finn

Jacksgap is amazing. Most people think that his fanbase is only teenage girls but boys like me are included as his pranks appeal to guys. He has many guest stars and he has a great sense of humor that appeals to most with a variety of things to watch.

7 Marcus Butler

He's very funny and really cute! I love his intro in his videos! I just love how he talks about anything that relates to other people and life. And he just seems like a really sweet guy. Personally, he's my only favorite English Youtuber. All of my other favorite YouTubers aren't really from Europe. Anyways, I love his face.

Marcus butler is very funny and sweet! I would recommend all of his videos to my friends.

Marcus, overall, is such a funny guys. He's also incredibly sweet. He genuinely loves his viewers. He loves interacting with them also. His INTRO, I thing, is the best. I don't think anyone compares to Marcus's intro. It's simple and great. It's adorable, like him. His videos always put a smile on my face. (: <3 His laugh is super contagious. He's always happy and he's such a cutie.

Marcus has such a great personality and who doesn't want to date him. He loves his viewers and he is such a great guy and his smile I can't even describe it and he seems like a great guy that you can hang around with and tell some jokes to each other. Besides he is gorgeous like come on how can you say no to a face like that and he just makes me laugh.

8 Pointlessblog

Alfie is so cute. He's got great sense of humor and his laugh is adorable! I love him so incredibly much and I really recommend you guys to watch his videos, cause he's amazing.

Where to start? He's really funny and has a range of video types from dares to simple blogs.

Alfie is the best youtuber! He's so funny, nice and not to mention very cute! I recommend his videos to all of my friends!

Alfie is just WOW! Seriously I love watching his videos he's adorable, funny and just seems so sweet! I definitely recommend that you watch his videos! Plus his gaming channel is insane too!

9 Caspar Lee (DiCasp)

Casapar is the funniest youtuber EVER! He continues week after week to create entertaining and funny videos! And his accent is adorable! I LOVE CASPAR LEE!

Caspar is so funny and I really love his videos and South African accent!

He is so funny and cute. I adore him.

Caspar is such a funny, genuine guy who devotes his life to YouTube just to make his fans happy! I think he's such an inspiration and people should respect the effort he puts into making his channel the best it could be. He 100% deserves to be at the top of this list!

10 kickthepj

Pj is incredible and his videos are beautiful and captivating. I believe the reason he doesn't have as many subscribers as other people is because people say they don't understand him. What they don't realise is that you aren't meant to understand everything and you should just simply appreciate incredible creativity
Pj had the incredible power to make videos that make you feel great without even talking an awful lot
I'm sorry I can't make this any better but what he is and does can't be put into good enough words

He's very artistic, both when making videos and when illustrating them. There are two sides to PJ and both are extremely entertaining. There's an intriguing dark side to his work but he's also a very charming nerdy guy.

Pj is an inspirational person to most people.
He has a wide variety of video from ones that are so meaningful and make you think to others that are unusual but put a smile to our faces. He's really down to earth and just wants to show his viewers what he enjoys doing whilst at the same time, inspiring others to have a turn too.

I love PJ's videos. He's creative and an inspiration. He puts so much effort into his work. He's an amazing song writer. And has beautiful eyes

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11 OfficialNerdCubed‎

The queen will send him a telegraph, when he hits 100000 subscribers

Incredibly funny gameplay, coming from a guy from Essex, what more could you want?

Yes. He got me out of my depression with the War Truck Simulator video. - NobodyFamous

Best on YouTube

12 KSIOlajidebt

He is the best YouTuber in my opinion. Also he is an of on the website

More than 20 mil subs. Broke internet records with his two fights. Numerous number 1s for his albums. Hilarious. One of the only British youtubers still going strong. The GOAT of YouTube.

He deserves number 1 he can rap he is the funniest British youtuber and is himself

How on earth is he so far down on this list? Should definitely be Top 3. Almost 10 million subs and is one of the funniest guys out there.

13 charlieissocoollike

I crack up every time I watch him! I loved the "Bieber Fever" one.

Charlie just has such a sincere personality. As Hank Green says, "he has the ability to convey really complex ideas and thoughts, but make them accessible for many. " Although I like other youtubers (like Dan), often I feel that they are lacking Charlie's humble and gentle spirit.

Great person who is genuine... He is just doing his "thing" while making it fun for everybody who watches

I think charlie is amazing in all aspects! He can sing, direct AND make tea. What else would you need?

14 Sprinkleofglitter

Lovely, zoella's best friend and I love baby glitter too!

She has such a positive outlook on life and is also so funny! I love to watch her videos, they always brighten up my day

She brings out the positive of every thing! I haven't seen that in a while, I love her

She is so funny and baby glitter is the cutest little thing EVER!

15 Jim Chapman

Funny, handsome and smart Jim Chapman! All his videos are witty and makes your stomach hurt because they are so funny!

This man is adorable and has a beautiful nature.

Jim is the funniest out of all of all of them and he and Tanya are the cutest couple!

Jim is SO bae. How can you not love him. He's makes interesting content.

16 Ashens


He is one of the most varied reviewers out there, from expired food to mystery blind bags to crappy video games, this Brit gets his giant hands on anything. Tell me another YouTuber who has made a full length feature film and put it up FREE to watch. Notice the word "Free" - Cazaam

This guy makes me proud of being British!
I love his poundland, gadget and blind bag reviews!

Somehow makes looking at pound/dollar store crap interesting and funny. Pokes fun at the shoddy quality of the items.

Should be number one I'm Ashens's biggest fan. He still makes videos and and they are good

17 itswaypastmybedtime

She is like a big sister and has a lot of advice that really helps! She is really lovely and her videos are awesome! She has an amazing personality and is really warm and it feels like you've known her for ages!

I love this girl! She is funny and down to earth and I always enjoy watching her videos! I can't believe she's become so popular in so little time but she deserves all the attention she gets!

She somehow, mixes advice, comedy, thoughts and knowledge into a single channel. She deserves to be in the top ten. Very sweet, very funny, very helpful, and she doesn't prefer to swear on camera, so its good for younger viewers.

Carrie is amazing! Her personality is just great, and it feels like she is really talking to U.She's so down to earth, and very lovable! I adore her!

18 I Hate Everything

Now it might just be my personal taste, but I love a bit of cynical humour, and that's exactly what this channel gives. Whether he's responding to idiot comments or looking for the worst movie out there, IHE will always be my channel to go to if I'm in a good mood.

He's Horrible! He Won't make I hate Mars Bars!

But in all seriousness, He should be number 1.

Please make I hate mars bars

I enjoy his style of humor, so I find him very funny.

19 Musicalbethan

I love this girl. She deserves to be on the board for sure

MusicalBethan is 3 things:
1) Pretty
2) Talented
3) Funny
She's just amazing to watch and is good at singing too. You guys should check her out.

She's great! She is amazingly funny and has a great gift with music. She has a ton of qualities thatd make great youtubers. She deserves a lot more subscribers for sure. She's not afraid to be herself. She'll make it big one day.


20 GradeAUnderA

I love grade so much! When I have had a bull day he always makes me feel better!

Please WATCH GradeAUnderA, he is SUPER funny!

Things I Found Stupid About School it probably the most funny

He is so funny I couldn't even breathe

21 Mrweebl

Badger Badger Badger Badger...

He has cool songs - Roguy

Weebl is a YouTube legend. He's amazing, creative, epic and awesome and he was the first youtuber I wanted to meet, he's really random in reality too with makes him even more great to me!

His videos always make me laugh and my favourite song is Narwhals and my favourite series is Weebl and Bob!
Awese British guy right here!

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing. but of course that does not beat NARWALS NARWALS SWIMMING IN THE OCEAN, CAUSING A CAMOTION, 'CAUSE THEY ARE SO AWESOME! - DragonHarrier


I have loved watching The Midnight Beasts fan-base grow since their first video and I'm so happy for them! I've seen them many times in live shows and I will always be a fan

23 StampyLongNose

I watch him sometimes he's ok and I like what he doing never cursing for kidz

While I do like him, it's very strange how he's high on the best british youtubers, yet also high on the worst tubers. I feel someone screwed up somewhere

You are the cutest kitty ever! I love cake as much as you! I subs you and squid and you are making me more confident talking really loud and not be afraid in front of my class. You guys encouraged me by making me think my own way and be origanal and... Can't forget, Weird. Stay weird both of you!

Awesome Videos! He has came so far in a short time. Worth subbing to!

24 Crabstickz

I love how Crabstickz impersonates everyone. And his accents! And his classic trick : vomiting. He still continues to make videos despite of having some breakdowns. And he gives his opinions straight.

I can't believe he isn't more popular! Chris is my absolute favourite YouTuber! His specialty his accents and he is amazing at them. Watch his videos if you are a Sherlock or Doctor Who fan. Would marry him in a heartbeat.

Chris is amazing and so are his videos! He is also a comedian who is working with the BBC which is amazing for someone who started on youtube!

Chris is adorabaly cute too! Oh abduction he started in Alex Day's video Good Morning Sunshine as the lead!

Overall Chris (Crabstickz) deserves to be in the top ten! :D

Why don't anyone like Chris. He is my fourth favourite out the fantastic foursome, but I watch his videos al the time. he impersonates anyone who watches and all over the internet for that matter!

25 SacconeJolys

They are the best. So genuine and humble. They are role models for young families and parents. Their kids are so cute and nice. They are great people. I watch them everyday.

I am just so in love with the Sacconejolys you are just sooo amazing! We just can't explain how much we love! We would love it if you could come to BELFAST! THANKS SO MUCH FOR BEING AMAZING PEOPLE WE LOVE YOU so MUCH X

They are always so happy and I want to be in the family because they are so fun

Amazing family, love watching their videos

26 Oli White

Oli is so funny and he is so good at pranks

121? 422? Oli White deserves to be in the top tens

145? Oli deserves way higher than this - pjo

He should be in top ten

27 The Syndicate Project

Why is Syndicate so far down the list. His commentating is the best out of most youtubers here and he is British and like all British things he is amazing. He also has got an amazing satisfaction rate of people who watch his video. Should be in the top 3. Preferably 1.

Syndicate he's awesome he's should be at the top if you saw this syndicate your amazing

Really why is Syndicate here. Number 1 spot definitely. He works hard for his videos and cares about viewers. Ksi used to be my favorite until all he doesn't care about are the viewers!

He is 1. Best Call of Duty player and Minecraft. Like really.

28 Miniminter

Miniminter... Just so funny, so amazing and so kind. I will admit I am a massive sidemen fan girl but that's only because every time I watch miniminter or any other sideman they bring a smile to my face.

Literally my entire life, I love this guy. One of the funniest YouTubers out there AND super consistent while having amazing content, he totally deserves to be way up on this list. Did I mention he was in the SIDEMEN?

How on earth is Simon not on the top of the list?! He is hilarious, very consistent, and posts around 3 funny videos a day, not to mention good content. - dinasaurus

He is the funniest, coolest and the best commentator on YouTube

29 My Virgin Kitchen
30 IISuperwomanII

She is so amazing and inspirational...she motivates you so much and she makes me laugh...she makes me smile when I'm having a bad day... she works so hard that I want to become as successful as her

LOVE Lilly. We need more people owning their ethnic culture like she does! Plus she's so funny!

YES! Hi any other fellow unicorns!

Canadian/indian or whatever - Opinionatedarsehole

31 IBallisticSquid

He is awesome! I love to watch him play with ash! He is really funny! He makes me laugh all the time! VOTE FOR SQUID!

He use to swear but he is the best now! Come from 35 to at least 15!

He's amazing (and cute )

He's the best you tuber I 've ever seen and I have seen lots of you tuber he is so funny and plays with lots of over YouTubers and he doesn't swear you have to watch him!

32 OMFGit'sJackandDean

Best sketches on YouTube - and some of the most underrated. They are so well directed and edited, and Jack and Dean are both hilarious as well as very good actors!

Halarius sketches and can keep me watching for hours. They can show you what if's and impossible things that we all would want to see. Makes me laugh!

Love Them!

I love these guys :D
Their radio show is amazing too.

33 DanTDM

So good! he is very enthusiastic and very child friendly he worked from a Tesco worker to a multi Billionaire

He is so good he is SOOO RICH THAT HE SPENDS MOST Of his money on charity and he is so good at makeup if u have not seen. His turning jemma into Alice angle he is so nice cool and (in my opinion) cute

The best! HOW IS HE 200? He spends so much of his money that he has earnt on charities, past 20 mill subs and tattooed it on his arm, one of the few youtubers who don't swear. Boom. My work is done. Hope I have convinced you!

This 20-million subscriber YouTube Channel is the best British Youtuber.

34 Maximbady

EXTREMELY underrated, and HYSTERICAL! Definitely worth searching him up. Try the "best movie scene in the world" for starters. - errrr

I follow dis guy because he likka ketchap

35 ComedyShortsGamer

He is one of the most popular youtubers. He should be #1. - hype

Why is he down here he has 5 million subs

Deji is amazing he's the best

He's in the shadows of KSI.

36 LDShadowLady Online as LDShadowLady or Lizzie, is an English YouTuber known for producing YouTube video content on her YouTube channel called LDShadowLady.

Good videos (even though its not been too much recently but not to bring hate when she does post videos its top notch quality)

She is so genuinely nice and is honestly I can without a doubt say is one of the best YouTubers I watch. She is really funny to me and is always entertaining. Her videos never seem repetitive because she makes them so unique. She's so pretty and cutee! I really can't think of any reason why she wouldn't be liked!

I love her so much you wont believe how much I do she is amazing. She is hilarious she is. I love you ldshadowlady!

I LOVE HER she should have the number one spot. She does not curse and she is solo FUNNY. Yes she posts 1 video a day but I can't wait for it every day. You should go check her out, and if you like her you totally subcribe.

37 Tomska Thomas James Ridgewell, known online as TomSka, is a British YouTube celebrity, actor, writer, producer, director, voice actor and filmmaker, as well as founder of the Turbopunch Ltd.

Tom's asdfmovies are some of the best, most creative, most crazy videos the internet has to offer. He made being random an art form. Plus he went to my brothers sixth form, so there might be some bias there. If you have never heard of asdfmovie, search it on YouTube ASAP and prepare to laugh your ass off.

he should be number one. there is nothing more funny than his work

His sketches are amazingly interesting, entertaining and original. Thomas himself is a lovely guy and is wonderful to listen to whenever he's doing a vlog.

Why is he so low? There's something wrong with all these people! This is the guy who did the asdfmovies! And many other hilarious videos!

38 Jack Maynard


39 TheGamingLemon‎

How is he not higher?!

He is funny and I like his survival island episodes good on ya lemon

He makes the best Grand Theft Auto 5 videos he's like a mini vannos gaming he's amazing LEMON OUT

Brad should be a lot more higher than stampy

40 TheMazziMaz

I love max, he's so funny and he seems like such a good guy.

I love Maz! I actually really think he is hilarious, and genuine. He is not a hater, and actually I think he is a good person.

He's cute funny and so real and he loves what he is doing it really shows

He is hilarious, amazing, and has the power to take your breath away

41 RabbidLuigi

Should be much higher than Sam Pepper

43 Theslowmoguys

The Slow Mo Guys are the most awesome YouTubers from the UK, without a doubt. Shall I watch them blow things up next, or watch them shoot each other, or watch them generally muck about. Any way, it's gonna be awesome and hilarious!

The Slow Mo Guys are pure comedy. Words cannot describe how cool they are. - PositronWildhawk

I watch them everyday

Dan and gav are great. There always pulling some fun and wacky stunt, plus I think Dan is quite appealing to look at.

44 Joey Graceffa

Because he is amazingly amazing

He's an adorable ball of sunshine and good hair!

Joey deserves to go in the top ten because he is so funny and extraordinary!

Pretty sure nor British but if he was he defiantly would deserve it

Amazing but not British

45 WhatCulture Wrestling

Yes these guys are great. They have hilarious members (AKA ADAM BLAMPED) - hugh201

46 InTheLittleWood

He's a great youtuber, funny, plays games and with the rest of the yogscast he helps raises money for charity

Martin is fine also I know I spelt his name wrong stupid autocorrect but what I don't understand is he's engaged to a pg YouTuber and he said the f word in one video am I the only one

47 LukeIsNotSexy

Luke is so cute! His videos are always very funny and entertaining. I always smile when I see a new video in my subscription box

Just so funny in a very original way, never afraid to be himself

Ahh, I just totally adore Luke, he never fails to make me laugh, he's really cute&stupid, in a good way<3 could seriously watch him all day

48 Josh Pieters

He's such an amazing youtuber and he makes really original content. He deserves to be way higher and he deserves so much more popularity, his channel is so good! - pjo

49 TwinCoconuts

They are so funny! Top 20 at least

50 Bertie Gilbert

I think Bertie is really funny and I love his sense of humor. Also. He's so Handsome and sexy. I know I am not the only one who thinks this. In a few years he is gonna be more famous.

So funny and has great effects when it comes to making a video

Such an interesting and different sense of humour! Love it!


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