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1 Danisnotonfire

Dan is honestly my favorite British youtuber I know besides Phil Lester/ AmazingPhil. He makes me smile & laugh every time I watch his videos. But Dan & Phil make videos together which is really special and it makes me want to know the backstory of how their friendship began. I don't know about other people but I don't want it to EVER end. Same with their channels and second channels and everything like that. Dan & Phil are also the cutest boy British youtubers I know. And Dan & Phil if you see this I want you to know that you are special like everyone in the world and you always will be. But everyone is special in their own way.
- Madison Hamp

Dan is funny, awkward, intelligent, understanding, kind, inspiring, deep, cute, lovable, sweet, true, loyal, beautiful, talented, passionate, imperfect, crazy, and on and on. His videos are hilarious and relatable. One small thing I like about him is his diction/vocabulary. I look up to him in a lot of ways! The difference between him and other youtubers is that he feels more like my friend, because he's so relatable. Whereas, everyone else feels like an ordinary associate. I feel valid and safe knowing that Dan is existing somewhere out there!

I wish I could vote for him and Phil, they are baciscally one channel. Have said that, I had to choose one, and I chose Dan. Believe me, it was hard. We have the same sense of humour and I could watch any one of his videos over and over and it would still make me laugh. Every time. Phil is also just such a genuine person, he never fails to make me smile and or craft. If I were to give there channels a rating, they would both get a 10/10. Basically what I'm trying to say is WATCH THEM RIGHT NOW YOU WON'T REGRET IT

He has a great sense of humour, he is very conscious towards his fans and how his opinion may affect them and their choices. His self-depreciation is unjustifiable but allows him to relate to his audience that suffer self-esteem issues and help them to overcome these through his humorous but inspiring approach to self acceptance.
He is most definitely not just one of the best BRITISH YouTubers, but one of the best YouTubers all round.

2 AmazingPhil Philip Michael "Phil" Lester is an English YouTuber and former radio personality from Rawtenstall in the valley of Rossendale, Lancashire. He is best known for his YouTube channel AmazingPhil.

Phil is so amazing and inspiring. He has brought so many good things to this world; 7 second challenge, the whole danisnotonfire YouTube channel, Tumblr tag, Toilet tag, - and what does he get? Barely any credit AT ALL. And what does he do? Nothing. He has done so many nice things for so many people. So underrated. He is such a good person. I love him and his videos so much. There's nothing to not love about him. He is so sweet and precious and hilarious. He never fails to make me smile, even on the darkest of days. He loves us- his fans -so much. I want him to know how much brighter, happier, and better he has made my life. I love Dan as well. Remember when Dan was always so sad? Look how much happier he is now. Why? He has Phil Lester. Phil has changed the world in ways I could not believe. He has made my life so much more enjoyable. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone. He is Phil Lester and I wouldn't want him any other way

Honestly. I;m just gonna say something first. I was feeling extremely depressed one day about a month ago. (I have depression). I was contemplating life, not in a good way I thought everyone hated me and I was told the world would be better off without me. Well, one night I was just going through YouTube when I found his channel. I was immediately greeted with a smile and laughter. I keeped watching videos until 4 in the morning. I felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders and felt so much better. Genuinely happy for once in months. I might not be here if it wasn't for Phil. He is the best YouTuber in the world!

He is incredibly sweet and under rated for his humour. He will never fail to place a smile on your face and he instills such care and compassion to his audience through his interactions with them, not only on YouTube but on twitter and his other social media accounts.
He is incredibly creative and works hard to produce quality content so as to let his audience know the complete respect and love he has for them, and for supporting the work he loves to do most.

Who wants to see a YouTuber like Phil shaking his camera and talking really fast. It's hard to watch his vlogs particularly and catch up with what he's saying.
He's hyper and psycho though I get why many find him funny.
He does have great gaming, but not so great hands or vlogging.

3 Zoella Zoe Elizabeth Sugg is an English YouTuber, vlogger, businesswoman and author. She is also known by her YouTube username, Zoella.

Zoe's 'Panic attack and anxiety' video really helped me through a lot of things. I suffer from anxiety too and her video made me say yes to a lot more things!

I watch her videos on her main account and have been for a year. Over this time, I have learned that she is inspiring, friendly, beautiful, funny, gorgeous, helpful and so so sweet! I love watching her collaboration videos. She gets a long with her friends so well and the videos are great to watch!

On her blog channel, she shows what she gets up to in everyday life. She always keeps the viewer interested and entertained. She's often with her friends and family and you can tell that she is such a sweet, kind person by the way she treats them!

In her beauty videos, she is accurate and soar the looks amazingly and she is self taught! She lets you know what products were used and where you can get them

On Zoe's social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr), she interacts with her fans ...more

When I started watching Zoella I was very immature and childish, after getting to know her I watched her videos 24/7, my mum will always say to me, COME ON OFF THE COMPUTER NOW, she wouldn't get a reply. Before I started watching her videos I had lot of my baby toys and didn't want to get rid of them all. a few days ago I watched a video, made by zoella, about her dressing table and make up collection, of course I loved and when I love something so much I will watch it and watch it over and over. I could now do that video myself and repeat exactly what Zoella said! I do suffer from anxiety of being away from my family, home or my puppy, watching Zoella has helped me loads more and they are NEARLY gone. what I am trying to say is, Zoella has made big impacts of loads and loads of girls from all of the world to 2 doors down from her. I hope that she continues her videos and continues to write her blogs. Another thing she helps me with is bullying. I get bullied a lot at school because I ...more

She is an inspiration to many including myself. I would do anything to meet her and I can't believe she isn't number 1! Before I watched her videos I thought there was strange because when I was up high or something I would start shaking and almost cry but now I know it's anxiety because of her! She's helped me in life and she hasn't even met me! She's one of the biggest inspirations in my life and will never be forgotten...

I loved zoella from the minute I watched one of her videos and now I am such a big fan and I am inspired by you. I have got anxiety because of someone bullying me and I didn't know what to do. I started watching your videos and learned that you had it and now I am getting more controlled with it. So thank you zoella I love you

4 ThatcherJoe

Joseph Graham Sugg is the so amazing! I love all the you tubers but Joe is special. He can make you laugh so hard when your sad, his impressions are amazing and his singing is great too! He is great at everything and he is so good looking! He is loyal to his viewers and is kind-hearted towards everyone! Joe, your so incredible, I can't put it into words! Thank you Joe and to whoever else is reading this make sure to subscribe and give lots of support to Joe! He makes you feel so happy about yourself and reminds us that you should always be yourself! So on behalf of everyone, thank you Joseph Graham Sugg!

I dare you not to laugh even just for a second watching him in his videos. I don't think anyone can compare to his witty personality. he has that special thing that always makes people laugh even when he's not in the middle of a joke. he makes people around him feel comfort. I don't know.. there's some thing special about you Joe! (hey, that rhymed! )
AND DON'T FORGET THOSE ABS...ugh I can't even I just can't even I have LOST the ability to even

This guy is hilarious he will make ya laugh easily! His girlfriend diane... I just love her she is cute and they make the best yt content! Maybe better then pewdiepie!

He's really funny with a thousand facial expressions. He has a great accent and knows how to make people smile in his videos I found him completely by accident a year ago and I've been following since. He does many videos ranging from dares to volgs (on his second channel) and video gaming (also on a different channel).

I definitely recommend him.

5 EmmaBlackery

Emma is the funniest and most relateable person on YouTube. All her videos just instantly put a smile on my face, also Luke and Emma's relationship is so cute!

Emma is great! Always love her hair colour <3 and she is hilarious and her Feel Good 101 videos are so inspiring! Just completely love her whole personality really! Xx

Emma is awesome! Shes an amazing musician with and amazing voice! Shes funny and sarcastic. Shes like a female danisnotonfire!

She is so funny and I adore her

6 JacksGap

Jack is hilarious, watching his videos always brings a smile to my face. Him and Finn give me endless laughter, they are also very good people and help with loads of different charities and travel around the world which shows they really care about others and I love that. The good thing about their videos is that they aren't stupid things they are quite normal but yet very very funny, they are also very good with interacting with there fans, answering fan mail and replying to people on twitter. Not to mention the boys are extremely attractive :). I love jacksgap❤

JacksGap has made such a big influence in my life. it's the first channel that led me to YouTube. after I watched their videos over and over and over...and over again it was like everything else didn't matter to me anymore I just love them that much! I live thousands of miles away from them so seeing them motivates me to study really hard so I can hopefully make it,tons of luck for myself
and Finn...will you please stop coming into my dreams and just simply be real?

Jack is so talented I was kinda shocked...he is cute and funny
Finn is so hot and awesome...the twins are so cool probably the most coolest people I have ever seen...I am a huge fan...specially jack's ;)
Jacksgap is awesome and it has so many subscribers with only a few videos...they became so famous in such less time...I'm only 13 I wont be allowed now but I hope to make videos like them once... JacksGap forever!

Jacksgap is amazing. Most people think that his fanbase is only teenage girls but boys like me are included as his pranks appeal to guys. He has many guest stars and he has a great sense of humor that appeals to most with a variety of things to watch.

7 Marcus Butler

Marcus has such a great personality and who doesn't want to date him. He loves his viewers and he is such a great guy and his smile I can't even describe it and he seems like a great guy that you can hang around with and tell some jokes to each other. Besides he is gorgeous like come on how can you say no to a face like that and he just makes me laugh.

He's very funny and really cute! I love his intro in his videos! I just love how he talks about anything that relates to other people and life. And he just seems like a really sweet guy. Personally, he's my only favorite English Youtuber. All of my other favorite YouTubers aren't really from Europe. Anyways, I love his face.

Marcus, overall, is such a funny guys. He's also incredibly sweet. He genuinely loves his viewers. He loves interacting with them also. His INTRO, I thing, is the best. I don't think anyone compares to Marcus's intro. It's simple and great. It's adorable, like him. His videos always put a smile on my face. (: <3 His laugh is super contagious. He's always happy and he's such a cutie.

I love Marcus Butler because he talks about the most relatable and true things in his videos. He is a great vlogger who has made me and my friends laugh numerous times because of his comedic timing and great jokes and phrases.

8 Pointlessblog

Alfie is so fun and energetic. all his videos are super exiting and he understands if something is wrong. He always shares his advice and is willing to help if in need. He is amazing and everyone needs to watch his videos!

Alfie is just WOW! Seriously I love watching his videos he's adorable, funny and just seems so sweet! I definitely recommend that you watch his videos! Plus his gaming channel is insane too!

I personally, just can't get enough of Alfie's videos! He always makes me laugh, no matter what video I'm watching of his, on his second or main channel! He is just my favourite, plain and simple!

Alfie is so cute. He's got great sense of humor and his laugh is adorable! I love him so incredibly much and I really recommend you guys to watch his videos, cause he's amazing.

9 Caspar Lee (DiCasp)

Caspar is such a funny, genuine guy who devotes his life to YouTube just to make his fans happy! I think he's such an inspiration and people should respect the effort he puts into making his channel the best it could be. He 100% deserves to be at the top of this list!

Caspar is honestly my favorite youtuber besides jack and finn! He is so funny and he genuinely loves his fans! He never ceases to amaze me! And his interviews are on point!

Caspar is so cute I laugh every time I watch one of his videos I really think everyone should watch him and subscribe because he is the best!

His videos are some of the most brilliant on YouTube. He can be so funny and silly, but so genuine also. Not only one of the best in the UK but one of the best in the world.

10 kickthepj

Pj is incredible and his videos are beautiful and captivating. I believe the reason he doesn't have as many subscribers as other people is because people say they don't understand him. What they don't realise is that you aren't meant to understand everything and you should just simply appreciate incredible creativity
Pj had the incredible power to make videos that make you feel great without even talking an awful lot
I'm sorry I can't make this any better but what he is and does can't be put into good enough words

"PJ is always creative and imaginative in his videos. He loves to bring magic into reality. Sometimes his videos are just silly and fun (there are still messages), but sometimes he does something really, truly deep (like Colour Bandits). His video quality is professional and his storytelling capabilities are unparalled compared to the other British YouTubers I've seen.

Pj is an inspirational person to most people.
He has a wide variety of video from ones that are so meaningful and make you think to others that are unusual but put a smile to our faces. He's really down to earth and just wants to show his viewers what he enjoys doing whilst at the same time, inspiring others to have a turn too.

PJ is not just a YouTuber, he is a film maker and actor, a comedian a singer, a drawer and animator. Watching his videos doesn't make you feel like you are eavesdropping on someone talking to theirselves. He opens a door into his world, giving you a tiny glimpse of that magical brain of his. He is an inspiration not just a YouTuber.

The Contenders

11 OfficialNerdCubed‎

Take, classic, British wit, slapstick comedy, comedy in cruelty, T.V. and movie references with video games... Plus a hint of geeky... That is Nerdcubed

Incredibly funny gameplay, coming from a guy from Essex, what more could you want?

Yes. He got me out of my depression with the War Truck Simulator video.

How is he just 15th, he is 1000 times better than Zoella, his videos actually take effort.

12 KSIOlajidebt

More than 20 mil subs. Broke internet records with his two fights. Numerous number 1s for his albums. Hilarious. One of the only British youtubers still going strong. The GOAT of YouTube.

My favorite youtuber since 2012. No one and I mean no one has made me laugh so hard throughout 2013-14 as much as he has on youtube although he uploads less these days and his new content isn't as good as the old videos but still KSI rocks!

How on earth is he so far down on this list? Should definitely be Top 3. Almost 10 million subs and is one of the funniest guys out there.

His old stuff is the best entertainment in the world wide web.
Because of him the sidemen exist and that's enough to be the number 1!

13 charlieissocoollike

Charlie just has such a sincere personality. As Hank Green says, "he has the ability to convey really complex ideas and thoughts, but make them accessible for many. " Although I like other youtubers (like Dan), often I feel that they are lacking Charlie's humble and gentle spirit.

He's just so brilliant! Not to mention he's objectively been the inspiration for so many other youtubers--like jacksgap and danisnotonfire. A true national treasure.

Charlie is so easy to relate to, cute and funny. He puts so much time and effort into his videos and maintains a consistently high quality. My favourite YouTuber worldwide.

I've been subscribed to Charlie for so many years, and he never fails to make me smile. He is the best british YouTuber out there, no doubt about it.

14 Sprinkleofglitter

I love Louise! She's so kind and genuine and puts a smile on your face. In Zoe's vlog where she has her first Q&A I couldn't stop laughing at her sarcasm and jokes! Such an amazing person and she deserves all the happiness she gets!

She has such a positive outlook on life and is also so funny! I love to watch her videos, they always brighten up my day

Sprinkle of Glitter has a beautiful heart and she is a very awesome person inside and out

She brings out the positive of every thing! I haven't seen that in a while, I love her

15 Jim Chapman

Funny, handsome and smart Jim Chapman! All his videos are witty and makes your stomach hurt because they are so funny!

Jim is the funniest out of all of all of them and he and Tanya are the cutest couple!

Jim is SO cute! I'm very happy for Tanya! Wish that I could be with him each day!

Jim is SO bae. How can you not love him. He's makes interesting content.

16 Ashens


He is one of the most varied reviewers out there, from expired food to mystery blind bags to crappy video games, this Brit gets his giant hands on anything. Tell me another YouTuber who has made a full length feature film and put it up FREE to watch. Notice the word "Free"

One of the longest going YouTubers, yet he only has around 1.5m subs, gotta give him credit for sticking with it. Also, his videos are awesome and entertaining.

Somehow makes looking at pound/dollar store crap interesting and funny. Pokes fun at the shoddy quality of the items.

Should be number one I'm Ashens's biggest fan. He still makes videos and and they are good

17 itswaypastmybedtime

She is so inspiring, lovely and down to earth! She is like a big sister who gives you advices for growing up. She literally changed me, made me more opener to a lot of things. I always enjoy watching her videos, because it feels like you've known her for ages and she's really talking to U. She's just amazing!

She somehow, mixes advice, comedy, thoughts and knowledge into a single channel. She deserves to be in the top ten. Very sweet, very funny, very helpful, and she doesn't prefer to swear on camera, so its good for younger viewers.

She is like a big sister and has a lot of advice that really helps! She is really lovely and her videos are awesome! She has an amazing personality and is really warm and it feels like you've known her for ages!

I love this girl! She is funny and down to earth and I always enjoy watching her videos! I can't believe she's become so popular in so little time but she deserves all the attention she gets!

18 I Hate Everything

Now it might just be my personal taste, but I love a bit of cynical humour, and that's exactly what this channel gives. Whether he's responding to idiot comments or looking for the worst movie out there, IHE will always be my channel to go to if I'm in a good mood.

He's Horrible! He Won't make I hate Mars Bars!

But in all seriousness, He should be number 1.

I enjoy his style of humor, so I find him very funny.

He's amazing, great cynical humour. Him and Ashens are way better thsn the other trash on this list

19 Musicalbethan

She's great! She is amazingly funny and has a great gift with music. She has a ton of qualities thatd make great youtubers. She deserves a lot more subscribers for sure. She's not afraid to be herself. She'll make it big one day.

MusicalBethan is 3 things:
1) Pretty
2) Talented
3) Funny
She's just amazing to watch and is good at singing too. You guys should check her out.

Bethan is so funny, beautiful and fun! Her videos always keep me interested, they also give you advice. She just has a lovely personality! Xx

I love this girl. She deserves to be on the board for sure

20 GradeAUnderA

I love grade so much! When I have had a bull day he always makes me feel better!

Things I Found Stupid About School it probably the most funny

He is so funny I couldn't even breathe

Once you chech this out... This will be your favourite

21 Mrweebl

Weebl is a YouTube legend. He's amazing, creative, epic and awesome and he was the first youtuber I wanted to meet, he's really random in reality too with makes him even more great to me!

His videos always make me laugh and my favourite song is Narwhals and my favourite series is Weebl and Bob!
Awese British guy right here!

He made a song called doge adventure and it's in roblox meepcity

He has cool songs

Badger Badger Badger...

22 StampyLongNose

Stampy cat! You're the best
You are better than the rest!
With Squid, Lee, and Amy,
You will be as happy as can be

You're a cat, one of a kind
Funny, you should keep that in mind
After a challenge, you went so far
In a cake hat, or a pickle jar

WHY NOT IN TOP 10? This is ridicules. He is one of the most funny, creative, nice, lovely, jolly, complimented, (as seen in his let's play of Doki- Doki universe) Youtubers in the universe. He is a cat. His puns are really not bad, to be fair. Also, Where's the Diamond Minecart, IBallisticSquid (nugget), and AmyLee33? Stampy and The Diamond Minecart (Dan) have 1,000,000 subs, Squid has Half a million and Amy has about 200,000 subs and she has like 150 videos or something. THEY ARE AMAZING!

You are the cutest kitty ever! I love cake as much as you! I subs you and squid and you are making me more confident talking really loud and not be afraid in front of my class. You guys encouraged me by making me think my own way and be origanal and... Can't forget, Weird. Stay weird both of you!

At first I thought that Stamps was just one of those you-tubers for younger children but when I started to watch some more of his videos I realised that he was actually really funny and now he is my third favourite you-tuber. Squid is 2nd
And LDShadowLady is 1st. I just knew he was going to be on this list! <3 u Stamps!

While I do like him, it's very strange how he's high on the best british youtubers, yet also high on the worst tubers. I feel someone screwed up somewhere


I have loved watching The Midnight Beasts fan-base grow since their first video and I'm so happy for them! I've seen them many times in live shows and I will always be a fan

24 Crabstickz

Chirs is one of my favorite YouTubers and I wish he had more subscribers. He was also amazing in "the chaos". He is creative in a dorky way he also expresses his feelings about YouTube and the pressure that comes with the job (also, in the fantastic foursome which automatically means you are a awesome human being)

Chris is amazing and so are his videos! He is also a comedian who is working with the BBC which is amazing for someone who started on youtube!

Chris is adorabaly cute too! Oh abduction he started in Alex Day's video Good Morning Sunshine as the lead!

Overall Chris (Crabstickz) deserves to be in the top ten! :D

I love how Crabstickz impersonates everyone. And his accents! And his classic trick : vomiting. He still continues to make videos despite of having some breakdowns. And he gives his opinions straight.

I can't believe he isn't more popular! Chris is my absolute favourite YouTuber! His specialty his accents and he is amazing at them. Watch his videos if you are a Sherlock or Doctor Who fan. Would marry him in a heartbeat.

25 SacconeJolys

We absolutely adore the sacconejolys and we don't understand why they are number 50 on this website! They have worked so hard to get were they are today! And their meet up sold out in 21 hours which means they deserve more than number 50 on the top ten chart! So we would apprepciate if this website would rethink their decision please! They should be in the top ten! We are chummys if you watch zoella you will understand and if you watch sacconejolys we are friendlistest friends you will understand

They are the best youtube family, Anna brings the beauty and sarcasm, Jonathan brings the positivity and love, Emilia brings the cutness and sassiness and lastly Eduardo brings the adorable and kindhearted nature. So basically they are the best

They are the best. So genuine and humble. They are role models for young families and parents. Their kids are so cute and nice. They are great people. I watch them everyday.

They are always so happy and I want to be in the family because they are so fun

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