Dan is funny, awkward, intelligent, understanding, kind, inspiring, deep, cute, lovable, sweet, true, loyal, beautiful, talented, passionate, imperfect, crazy, and on and on. His videos are hilarious and relatable. One small thing I like about him is his diction/vocabulary. I look up to him in a lot of ways! The difference between him and other youtubers is that he feels more like my friend, because he's so relatable. Whereas, everyone else feels like an ordinary associate. I feel valid and safe knowing that Dan is existing somewhere out there!

Yeah, that Dan, gosh that guy, haha...If you don't know him you should check him out, maybe you'll find every awkward situation or crazy thoughts of yours there. He's your evil twin, and for one moment you realize that you're not the only one who has weird things like state of existential crisis. and he's along with Amazingphil and phil is amazing too, check them out!

He's just hilarious! I love his sense of humor, it just couldn't get any better for me in my opinion. He's constantly apologizing say if he uploads a video late, he's open and he's not afraid to say what he feels. He's a good guy and really cares for his fans. GO DAN! (and his friendship with Phil is just adorable! )

Dan is brilliant and smart and funny and talented and awesome and beautiful. He makes my ovaries explode and I am so proud of him and his success and I will happily announce that I feel that I am the biggest fan of his there ever was or will be! Go forth and marry llamas (or Phil)

I wish I could vote for him and Phil, they are baciscally one channel. Have said that, I had to choose one, and I chose Dan. Believe me, it was hard. We have the same sense of humour and I could watch any one of his videos over and over and it would still make me laugh. Every time. Phil is also just such a genuine person, he never fails to make me smile and or craft. If I were to give there channels a rating, they would both get a 10/10. Basically what I'm trying to say is WATCH THEM RIGHT NOW YOU WON'T REGRET IT

I can relate to Dan so very well. He's very funny and clever, polite and kind. He has good points about this world and seems like a really nice person to have as a friend (or more). His videos are top quality. He can make anyone smile with his snarky and sarcastic remarks. Also, he's quite the attractive young man.

He's so funny! If I've had a bad day, Just watching his videos automatically makes it better and I can relate to him too! For example he's accident prone, which I am, and he had a psycho French teacher and so did I!

Dan is hilarious! Every video that I watch leaves me beaming from ear to ear! He is beautiful inside and out. Him and Phil are my favorite youtubers in the whole entire world, because they are so down to earth and extremely friendly. I would do anything to meet them!

I love dan! Not just how amazingly beautiful he is but his accent and everything about him just makes my day so much brighter------Finally just someone Normal on YouTube who is a person I could look up too thank you dan

He has a great sense of humour, he is very conscious towards his fans and how his opinion may affect them and their choices. His self-depreciation is unjustifiable but allows him to relate to his audience that suffer self-esteem issues and help them to overcome these through his humorous but inspiring approach to self acceptance.
He is most definitely not just one of the best BRITISH YouTubers, but one of the best YouTubers all round.

Dan is just so hilarious! He has such a rare sense of humor, that's hard to find anywhere else. I always laugh while watching his videos, and when I'm down he sure brings me back up! :) He's amazing and I think he should be #1

He's the ONLY PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD I can relate to and I wish there were more people like him in the world. so talented, funny and cute. PERFECTION. he's my life, my only reason to live. if you haven't yet, go check his channel out, you definitely will not regret it.

Dan has to be the youtuber I can identify with the most, he and I have so much in common that I hate, if you don't like dan you are wrong! (no joking) but seriously, dan is awesome. and strangely has an obsession with llamas and placentas. do watch him

I love Dan! Super funny! Everyday he makes me laugh super hard! No only is he really quite funny, he is rather attractive.. My mum even thinks so... Yeah I didn't say that.. Right? Haha

Dan is most certainly, one of my favorite YouTubers. His sarcastic personality makes him funny to watch and that fact that he is so relatable makes his videos even better.

Plus the fact that his accent makes him hot as eff adds to the enjoyment of watching his videos...

Dan is so hilarious and awkward, it's so adorable. He actually understands how to make people feel better about their lives, when they see his existential crisis. The internet support group is amazing and I will always watch his videos.

Dan changed my life drastically. He makes me feel hopeful in the world and now I have a new respect for him. I love him so much. Love you Dan :3

Dan never fails to make me smile, and he is so so lovely! If I'm having a bad day, I just watch one of his videos and it instantly cheers me up!

No words to explain. He is just adorable and funny especially when paired with his friend phil. He is super sweet and down to earth and makes amazing videos!

Dan is so funny, and his videos are amazing! I love him and I'm always looking forward to new videos 24/7. He's one of the best YouTubers out there! :D

I was so happy to see dan at the top of this list. I just sort of stumbled across his videos a few months ago and watched every single one in a space of two weeks because I love his videos so much! unlike other YouTubers who just look at their homepages to see what everyone else is doing so that they can copy them, he actually comes up with his own ideas and makes high quality videos that aren't all just repetitive vlogs and challenge videos. he also has an amazing sense of humour and makes me smile every time I watch his videos

How can you not love Dan Howell? Sarcastic, hilarious, awkward and amazing are a mere fraction of the words I'd use to describe him. He is honestly hilarious everywhere, on YouTube, BBC radio 1, doing collabs with other YouTubers (especially amazingphil)! He is just such a cool guy!

Damn it, when those sarcastic comments are coming out, I can't help but cry tears of laughter!

He is the funniest british you tuber out there. Charlie already has enough votes, dan - he deserves to be higher than 4

Dan is just amazing. He is relatable really smart and a really kind human being. He never fails to make me smile. I love you dan. But why is phil 4th? I think he should be 2nd

Dan is the most amazing person on this planet! Ever time I'm depressed or sad or just generally blue, I watch one of his videos and BOOM! I'm happy. Especially when Phi comes in. I love him.