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201 Laura Lejeune
202 Katie Snooks

Especially her videos with boyfriend Andrew! Their dynamic is too cute!

203 Enderwarp
204 Calvin McDonald

He only started YouTube over a year now and have over 7k subscribers with 50 uploads

205 Kiingtong
206 OrinsEyes

#1 for most beautiful videos #1 for funniest videos

207 SorcererDave

I was subscribed back when he was still Jingles. Awesome roleplayer. - Lasvegasxavier

208 Riley Salter

He's such a nerd and his videos are terrible but he is so HOT!

209 The Unusual Suspect

So funny and so down to earth.

210 Nerdcubed
211 Auntie Smallwood

Amazing and entertaining

212 LucyAndTheLighBox

I had an amazing conversation with this girl, her channel is barely up and running yet but I know she's going to be great

213 Escapist
214 Emily Canham

She is so amazing at makeup! Not to mention drop-dead gorgeous!

215 Necroscope86

He's a strong down to earth man who plays video games. His personality sparkles in a subtle way that quickly grows on you, and you'll wind up loving. After all the years, he's still a small channel, which is unfair due to how he has everything one might love. His most well known playthroughs are for Resident Evil. Man, he loves those classics. I recommend starting at the beginning of it all, if you start watching him.

216 Slimey Solomon
217 MrBenBrown
218 Tealxx2

Shes funny, stylish and can be quite sill amazing to watch

219 Dawko

I can't believe he's all the way down here! - LeiaSkywalker

220 Rev (Vinesauce)
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