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21 Crabstickz

I love how Crabstickz impersonates everyone. And his accents! And his classic trick : vomiting. He still continues to make videos despite of having some breakdowns. And he gives his opinions straight.

I can't believe he isn't more popular! Chris is my absolute favourite YouTuber! His specialty his accents and he is amazing at them. Watch his videos if you are a Sherlock or Doctor Who fan. Would marry him in a heartbeat.

Chris is amazing and so are his videos! He is also a comedian who is working with the BBC which is amazing for someone who started on youtube!

Chris is adorabaly cute too! Oh abduction he started in Alex Day's video Good Morning Sunshine as the lead!

Overall Chris (Crabstickz) deserves to be in the top ten! :D

Why is he so far down!? One of the best YouTubers by far!

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22 I Hate Everything

Now it might just be my personal taste, but I love a bit of cynical humour, and that's exactly what this channel gives. Whether he's responding to idiot comments or looking for the worst movie out there, IHE will always be my channel to go to if I'm in a good mood.

I enjoy his style of humor, so I find him very funny.

Please make I hate mars bars

IHE for the win - MagmaFox

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23 Tomska

Tom's asdfmovies are some of the best, most creative, most crazy videos the internet has to offer. He made being random an art form. Plus he went to my brothers sixth form, so there might be some bias there. If you have never heard of asdfmovie, search it on YouTube ASAP and prepare to laugh your ass off.

His sketches are amazingly interesting, entertaining and original. Thomas himself is a lovely guy and is wonderful to listen to whenever he's doing a vlog.

Why is he so low? There's something wrong with all these people! This is the guy who did the asdfmovies! And many other hilarious videos!

You guys think asdfmovie is his only good quality. Watch his live action skits. - naFrovivuS

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24 GradeAUnderA

I love grade so much! When I have had a bull day he always makes me feel better!

Things I Found Stupid About School it probably the most funny

Please WATCH GradeAUnderA, he is SUPER funny!

funny - Roguy

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25 StampyLongNose

You are the cutest kitty ever! I love cake as much as you! I subs you and squid and you are making me more confident talking really loud and not be afraid in front of my class. You guys encouraged me by making me think my own way and be origanal and... Can't forget, Weird. Stay weird both of you!

While I do like him, it's very strange how he's high on the best british youtubers, yet also high on the worst tubers. I feel someone screwed up somewhere

Awesome Videos! He has came so far in a short time. Worth subbing to!

Ok... I don't like this channel.

Stampy has the most annoying and obnoxious voice I've ever heard, and his laugh makes me want to kill myself. His videos bore me to death, build, build, build, obstacle, repeat = £££

He sometimes throws in other videos but other than that he's boring. I like iBallisticSquid a lot more than this guy. At least Squid is confident enough to show his face in ALL his videos and plays with other people that actually TALK a lot.

Stampy sounds like he's on helium. I can't bare this man, I don't know why he's higher than 100 on this thing.

Also, cats are literally what I believe to be that anti-Christ, even though I'm not even a Christian.

I'm sorry but it's true.

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I have loved watching The Midnight Beasts fan-base grow since their first video and I'm so happy for them! I've seen them many times in live shows and I will always be a fan

27 Tanya Burr

She used to be a make up artist at laura mercier and she does celebrity inspired make ups on YouTube now! Definitely a great subscribe!

She's very sweet, and her make up tutorials are very useful, she shows you all the steps she take. Love her

She is so sweet and genuine.. I love how she put all make up on her face. She made amazing looks, and she is pretty too without any makeup.
I love how her relationship with her fiancee and other youtubers..

The sweetest YouTuber great at applying makeup an amazing and beautiful girl she sees the good in everything and has faith even when there is none without a doubt the BEST YouTuber EVER
love her sooo much

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28 OMFGit'sJackandDean

Best sketches on YouTube - and some of the most underrated. They are so well directed and edited, and Jack and Dean are both hilarious as well as very good actors!

Halarius sketches and can keep me watching for hours. They can show you what if's and impossible things that we all would want to see. Makes me laugh!

Love Them!

I love these guys :D
Their radio show is amazing too.

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29 SacconeJolys

They are the best. So genuine and humble. They are role models for young families and parents. Their kids are so cute and nice. They are great people. I watch them everyday.

I am just so in love with the Sacconejolys you are just sooo amazing! We just can't explain how much we love! We would love it if you could come to BELFAST! THANKS SO MUCH FOR BEING AMAZING PEOPLE WE LOVE YOU so MUCH X

They are always so happy and I want to be in the family because they are so fun

They are the best youtube family, Anna brings the beauty and sarcasm, Jonathan brings the positivity and love, Emilia brings the cutness and sassiness and lastly Eduardo brings the adorable and kindhearted nature. So basically they are the best

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30 The Syndicate Project

Why is Syndicate so far down the list. His commentating is the best out of most youtubers here and he is British and like all British things he is amazing. He also has got an amazing satisfaction rate of people who watch his video. Should be in the top 3. Preferably 1.

Syndicate he's awesome he's should be at the top if you saw this syndicate your amazing

Really why is Syndicate here. Number 1 spot definitely. He works hard for his videos and cares about viewers. Ksi used to be my favorite until all he doesn't care about are the viewers!

... * the time where you see a YouTuber you used to watch but stopped watching because you got more into vlogging *

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31 Oli White

Oli is so funny and he is so good at pranks

121? 422? Oli White deserves to be in the top tens

145? Oli deserves way higher than this - pjo


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32 Maximbady

EXTREMELY underrated, and HYSTERICAL! Definitely worth searching him up. Try the "best movie scene in the world" for starters. - errrr

I follow dis guy because he likka ketchap

33 Chai (MyNameIsChai)

Oh my god every time I watch him my sides ache

34 Miniminter

Miniminter... Just so funny, so amazing and so kind. I will admit I am a massive sidemen fan girl but that's only because every time I watch miniminter or any other sideman they bring a smile to my face.

Literally my entire life, I love this guy. One of the funniest YouTubers out there AND super consistent while having amazing content, he totally deserves to be way up on this list. Did I mention he was in the SIDEMEN?

How on earth is Simon not on the top of the list?! He is hilarious, very consistent, and posts around 3 funny videos a day, not to mention good content. - dinasaurus

He's hot

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35 My Virgin Kitchen
36 IISuperwomanII

She is so amazing and inspirational...she motivates you so much and she makes me laugh...she makes me smile when I'm having a bad day... she works so hard that I want to become as successful as her

LOVE Lilly. We need more people owning their ethnic culture like she does! Plus she's so funny!

YES! Hi any other fellow unicorns!

Inspiration to all funny as hell and loves unicorns who doesn't like unicorns.i recommend her videos to all of my friends love herxx

37 IBallisticSquid

He is awesome! I love to watch him play with ash! He is really funny! He makes me laugh all the time! VOTE FOR SQUID!

He use to swear but he is the best now! Come from 35 to at least 15!

He's amazing (and cute )

Absolutely one of the best Minecraft YouTubers out there.

He adds a nice bit of humour to his videos, he plays with other people, he shows his face, he plays good games, he's got loads of things going for him.

Nothing's wrong with him.


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38 LukeIsNotSexy

Luke is so cute! His videos are always very funny and entertaining. I always smile when I see a new video in my subscription box

Just so funny in a very original way, never afraid to be himself

Ahh, I just totally adore Luke, he never fails to make me laugh, he's really cute&stupid, in a good way<3 could seriously watch him all day

39 ComedyShortsGamer

He is one of the most popular youtubers. He should be #1. - hype

Why is he down here he has 5 million subs

Deji is amazing he's the best

My boy

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40 TheGamingLemon‎

He is funny and I like his survival island episodes good on ya lemon

He makes the best Grand Theft Auto 5 videos he's like a mini vannos gaming he's amazing LEMON OUT

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